59-41: Newspoll disaster for Labor


Could we see Labor on sub-40%? Very possibly if they carry on like this. And Tony Abbott now leads Gillard by a clear margin as preferred PM:

JULIA Gillard’s personal support has plunged to a new low as Tony Abbott outstrips her as preferred prime minister and Kevin Rudd surges ahead as the best person to lead Labor.

The Prime Minister appears to have borne the brunt of public disapproval over the failure last week of the government’s plan to send 800 asylum-seekers to Malaysia. Voter satisfaction with Ms Gillard, who is now forced to deal with the Opposition Leader to keep alive the option of processing asylum-seekers overseas, fell six points to a record low of 23 per cent as dissatisfaction jumped seven points to 68 per cent. The only modern prime minister with worse personal support was Paul Keating, who had a satisfaction level of 17 per cent and dissatisfaction of 74 per cent in August 1993.

Ms Gillard’s net satisfaction rating – the difference between voter satisfaction and dissatisfaction – is now minus 45 per cent. As Ms Gillard’s personal standing fell, Mr Abbott jumped clear to a nine-point lead over her as the preferred prime minister, with a rise in support from 39 per cent to 43 per cent. Ms Gillard’s support fell four points to a new low of 34 per cent.

Based on preference flows at the last election, the Coalition has an all-time high two-party-preferred vote of 59 per cent compared with Labor’s 41 per cent. Such a result at an election would reduce Labor to a rump of a party, wiping out dozens of Labor MPs including many ministers. (source)

Treat the electorate with contempt, as Labor has done over and over again, and this is the result.

How do you feel now, Anthony Albanese, about your snide remarks to the Carbon Tax protesters? Labor is the Party of No Consequence, and the Government of Incompetence.


  1. So all the Labor zombies spew out the party line “Julia Gillard is the best person to lead the party” is socialist speak for nobody else wants these numbers around their neck. If she’s the best what would the numbers be like under … say … Combet – even worse then?

  2. Even as an old Labor voter, I look forward to a convoy of no consequence – the former Labor members and staffers leaving Canberra after the next election. (Torn though I am, between describing it as a convoy of no consequence, a convoy of incompetence or a convoy of arrogance- whatever, it will be a good feeling.)

    40 years wandering in the wilderness might bring the party to the promised land, I can’t see any other mechanism.

  3. These figures show that even Rudd would lose his seat up here in QLD. that means NOT ONE labor seat in all QLD, and the loss of 9 front bench ministers. Wooooo Hoooo,…Down the mine Gillard,…Down The Mine,…GONE!!!!!!

  4. The poll results for the Labor government are getting seriously ugly … but they’re just as bad for the Greens too. Bob Browns assertion that the Greens are the new political force to be reckoned with in Australian politics, hasn’t eventuated in the polls.

    Since the August 2010 election, Labor has lost over 10 points in the polls, on its primary vote, with all of that being directed to the Liberal/National’s, and a big fat zero directed to the Greens.

    Whatever one sows, that will he also reap.

  5. Peter Patrick says:

    Oh, I’m sure that the Labor Party will have be a party of consequence, whether you approve of the consequences or not. It is not as if they sit in a dark building in Canberra all the time.

  6. I could not help but laugh when I heard this result. They get what they deserve.

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