OMG: Un-Skeptical Scientist wins Eureka award

That would be John Cook of the alarmist website (un-) Skeptical Science. For, wait for it, “Advancement of Climate Change Knowledge” – no, really. Words cannot begin to express…

A quote:

“His unique efforts using web and social media tools come at a time when accurate information is essential in terms of understating and responding to climate change,” said Frank Howarth, director of the Australian Museum.

LINK – near the bottom

Where is the gin?


  1. Cook hasn’t advanced anything, other than propagating alarmist propaganda. No ideas on his site are his own, and he engages only in ad-hominem attacks on anyone who has views contrary to his own. He deserves nothing but derision.

  2. John Cook is employed by the University of Queensland’s Global Change Institute and one of the major sponsors of the Eureka Prize is the University of Queensland and 2 of the prizes judging panel also happen to be from the University of Queensland.

    Now I’m not casting aspersions on the Eureka Prize team but I wonder if the University of Queensland declared any conflict of interest?

  3. What were the particulars? How much money, so on, so forth?

    Because I want to get the amount right next time the opportunity comes up natural for to call him a whore.

    You know when he climbs up on the “Willie Soon is paid by Exxon” bandwagon.

    • The $10,0000 prize was open to individuals, groups or organisations. Entrants can either enter themselves or be nominated by others.

      And of course the event was tagged as ‘carbon neutral’ which will no doubt have a huge impact on world temperatures. Wonder if John offset his flight from Brisbane to Sydney?

  4. Have you ever noticed that institutionalized science (subtle pun intended) put much more emphasis on credentials than results? I wonder how Mr Cooks effectiveness would have looked if they had tracked peoples attitudes toward climate change and the amont of their own money they were willing to devote to it? I suspect they would have had to resort to a “save or created” number of alarmed citizens given the rough going of the proposed carbon taxes.

  5. Amazing where name-calling will get you these days isn’t it?

  6. Medusa Knows says:

    All Cook’s managed to do is flood the Twittersphere with unsolicited tweets via @Al_AGW and a host of franchised accounts. You tweet an article and tag it -#climate #AGW #globalwarming #carbon #CO2 #scam #hoax – and you’re rudely interrupted by this nutjob. If he wants people to read his views, he should tweet them under his name!

  7. C’mon guys. Credit where it’s due. Climate change is reeeeeeel.

    Climate change is not about tomorrow. It is lapping at our feet…

    Ban Ki-Loon? I’ll second that.


    Ban Ki-Loon Ban said the rising oceans were sending a signal that something was “seriously wrong with our current model of economic development”.

    But our Tim F said the other day we were safe…..or at least his water front mansion is safe from rising oceans. Obviously oceans are sloping away from OZ to the islands.

    climate change is a distinct threat to humanity, it is even a threat to international peace and stability.”

    Have to humbly say Ban Ki-Loon has a poin,t as there is a distinct chance of a threat to peace in and stability here in OZ, given Gillard wants to rush 13 carbon tax bills through this next sitting!


    Simon Can you replace last sentence

    should be ….

    Have to humbly say that Ban Ki-Loon has a point, as there is a distinct chance of a threat to peace and stability here in OZ, given Gillard wants to rush 13 carbon tax bills through this next sitting!

  10. Susan Higgins says:

    Climate Change Protest Song AUSTRALIA (Whore of the World)

    FYI – feel free to share the message

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