Ban Ki-moon: clueless on climate


Ban ki-Moon has been in Sydney – lucky old us. He gave a speech at Sydney University and was interviewed (worshipped) from various different positions by the ABC, naturally.

One of the key subjects was climate change, and as usual, there was spin and emotional blackmail from the UN chief, claiming on the one hand that “Australia could lead the way” in the fight against climate change [er, if reducing global emissions by 0.075% in a decade is “leading the way”, I’d hate to see the slackers at the back… – Ed] and on the other imploring us to “look into the eyes” of Pacific islanders forced out of their homes by climate change.

Of course, there is no evidence that sea levels are accelerating due to anthropogenic emissions (in fact they have plateaued and recently dropped), but that doesn’t stop the UN chief using it to push his organisation’s political agenda for a global governmental role.

You can’t blame him really, after all, he’s got the IPCC advising him, poor bloke. He had words of advice for “sceptics” (thanks in advance):

“I know, once again, there are the sceptics. Those who say climate change is not real,” he said. 

Wrong. We do not say climate change is not real, we say that climate change happens (duh) but man’s effect on it is small and taxing our economies out of existence won’t make any difference whatsoever. In fact, strong economies are needed to fund the costs of adaptation to climate change whether anthropogenic or natural, rather than pissing trillions of dollars up the wall trying, and failing, to mitigate.

“But the facts are clear: global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise, millions of people are suffering today from climate impacts. Climate change is very real.”

It’s that correlation and causation thing again.

He suggested the doubters take a trip to Kiribati.

“Look into the eyes of the young boy who told me: ‘I am afraid to sleep at night’ because of the rising water,” he said.

“Talk with the parents who told me how they stood guard fearing that their children might drown in their own homes when the tide came in.” (source)

Nothing but mawkish emotional blackmail. Sea levels have not accelerated due to industrialisation. They have risen at virtually the same rate for thousands of years. And anyway, Kiribati is growing – the BBC told us so it must be true.

Then there was the usual bull on China, an example to us all whilst at the same time building a new coal fired power station every couple of weeks:

To those who said there was no point in taking action, because other nations were not, Mr Ban pointed to big polluters including China and India.

China had pledged to reduce its carbon pollution by up to 45 per cent in the next decade, he said. (source)

Well, my friends, that is an outright lie. Because they have pledged to do nothing of the kind. I think the Sydney Morning Herald in its agenda-driven editorial haze forgot the most important phrase “carbon intensity”. Which means China’s emissions will continue to rise, but at a slower rate than before. Big deal – their increases will still outstrip Australia’s reductions many, many times over – that is, if they actually manage to achieve that target, which is far from certain.

Smoke and mirrors once again from the UN’s chief alarmist. The airport’s that way…


  1. Ian F Somerville via Facebook says:

    Empty Head!

  2. Why don’t you try it in an even smaller wealthier country first, and then let us know how it works for you,….there is no denying what isn’t there.

  3. Ban alright – get him the [snip] away from anything. Tool.

  4. Rob Greaves via Facebook says:

    The whole way this tax works is to sell it to the clueless majority, who will willingly pay and have the wool pulled over their eyes. The educated more rational element (such as us!) as seen as an inconvenience.

  5. Vermin Ratt via Facebook says:

    ban ki-moron

  6. “they stood guard fearing that their children might drown ” Pity these people do not know that they are probably higher in elevation than Tim Flannery’s sea side pad…

  7. Jilly Gillard via Facebook says:

    He’s just here to collect a cheque from Glabor’s PM Gillard on behalf of us ever grateful “big polluters”.

  8. Another clueless Global Servant running around trying to rule the world on our UN Contributions. What a scam. What a failure.

  9. Of course he’s clueless on climate. He has bachelor’s in international relations and a master’s in public administration. He’s even a bigger joke than Pachauri, the railway engineer who heads up the IPCC.

  10. @jilly Suggest Ban Ki delivered the confirmation letter that Rudd missed out and instead the UN seat is ready for Julia, who has more spectacularly put Australia in a greater downward red spin .

  11. Doug TheAustralianone Scott via Facebook says:

    The man is a fool!

  12. Betty Whiffin says:

    I wonder how much he is paid for all that rubbish? Anyone with any nous has read about a changing climate throughout the decades and how ancient civilizations ADAPTED. In fact since the 1930s I have seen how the cllimate has changed. To say that climate change skeptics do not think that climate change is real is a downright lie. He is the skeptic by believing that climate change has just happaned and it has never happened before. As for Australia leading the way – what absolute nonsense. And as for humans causing the climate to change, did it not change in pre-industrial times??? I just cannot understand the mentality of some. They haven’t read anything, relied on nitwits like Gore, amd raked in the money. Just look at Gore, Flannery, etc. who have bought mansions and seaside homes when the sea is supposed to be rising. Of course it rises and then it recedes. Have seen this over 79 years. Take Terrigal, the sea used to wash into the lake and we went fishing in the lake, now one has to walk over the sand to the sea some distance off and the lake is isolated. Same with Wamberal etc. I have seen it.

  13. if Rudd has missed out on a UN seat then he’ll cross the floor and vote against the crap-on tax IMO.

  14. Oh well, there goes the frickin mortgage again, I just got it under control and my electricity bill has replaced the mortgage repayments, NOW i see we are going to be paying more carbon trading taxes as a result of this buffoon, Go home and help your country rebuild you Idiot. And he’s also got his finger in the Palestinian pie…..

  15. Ban ki-Moon’s visit to the Pacific region and Australia, which no doubt had a tremendous impact on anyone who cared, will only add to the already increasing ‘carbon footprint’ of the United Nations, which in 2009 was estimated at 1.7 million tonnes of CO₂ equivalent, or 8.3 tonnes per capita, which includes 52 institutions, covering 200,000 employees.

    “Over 50 percent of UN’s emissions are from air travel (4.1 tonnes per capita) making this the biggest challenge for the organisation in reducing its overall carbon footprint. Around 37 percent of emissions are from buildings and 13 percent are from vehicles.”

    In 2008 the United Kingdom’s total carbon footprint per capita was 8.5 tonnes … and Ban wants to preach abstinence on carbon to save the planet!


      Do as I say not as I do mentality.
      I bet the UN discount the per capita method and say that their tonnage is a drop in the ocean. Exact opposite to how we were sold a pup!

  16. Yeah, someone please piss this UN Chief-Looney off out of this country for good. Persona Non Grata. Telling lies to pinch my tax money and give it to bludgers overseas. Go away, all of you.

  17. Does anyone know the real reason why he came to Australia? I can’t find anything….. or was it to tell Juliar to stick to her guns in regards to the carbon tax.

  18. Chris Keating via Facebook says:

    Get us out of the UN now!

  19. He actually met with the Milky bar kid first and then with Julia….I wonder what he and Rudd spoke about, as Rudd is now in the UN ??? I wonder if it was about the Palestinian vote coming up VEEEERRRRYYY shortly ??

  20. Chris Keating via Facebook says:

    Could well have been. They keep it from us and leave us guessing. We can’t tell what they say so when we speculate we look like kooks. They love it.

  21. Mike Jay via Facebook says:

    He came here to secure his $6 billion a year pipeline and make sure his red headed stooge isn’t balking now she’s looking down the gun of political assasination. He must be laughing at how dumb we are to shell out all our cash because of his sob stories. Go tell that to all the Australian’s losing their houses and their lifestyles due to your lies Ban

  22. Same problems here in the US,…All of us from all over the world, have to push against the New World Order,…same problems, same political intrusiveness into all of our lives. Abolish the UN! and let me apologise for the stupidity of our people for voting Obama in.

  23. I’ve said it before,and I’ll say it again…I HATE the UN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. what was his “50, 50, 50” plan…reduction of emissions by 50% by 2050…the reduction target date keeps getting further in to the future. when all these types will be long gone…

  25. Between the lines he is thinking. Must pass this carbon tax to help fund the UN and global governmence.. Our masters are bankrupt and there voodoo money making machines are broke.

  26. tell him he’s not welcome

  27. Josh AH via Facebook says:

    He’s clueless on a lot of thinks, except on how to stay chummy with human rights abusing countries that keep him in power.

  28. heres a trick question. in ANY climate related study and science what qualifications do the likes of jones, hansen, mann, briffa, trenberth, pachoury, wong, gore, garnout and ki-moon have? thats right, NONE!

  29. Latest data from the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project run at the BOM (to end of July 2011) which I’ve just graphed –

    Betio, Kiribati – trend from Jan 2002 to July 2011 -5.48 mm/yr. Note the sign.

  30. I love the way he kept juliar waiting while he talked to kevin krudd PRICELESS

  31. Ah poor ol’ “Bank” –iMoon,
    Only here to sell us a few UN products on the way through to that very important VOTING nation Kiribati –
    Shut down you industries and send them over to China
    Become vegetarians as animals create greenhouse gases.
    Send the UN lots of moola,
    In return you’ll get a “Whole New World Order”, a lot more Middle East immigrants without documents and we’ll turn the Big Climate Knob down a bit – in a thousand years or so.
    Oh, and we must turn our food productive land into tree farms, as well to qualify for this bounty.
    sarc off/

  32. This site is ridiculous. Of course climate change is real and IS due to human activity.

    You really don’t have to look far to see that particularly in the past 5 years this has become the overwhelming scientific view. In fact 97–98% of the most published climate researchers think humans are causing global warming.

    I’d advise you to stop living in a bubble and think about the bigger picture. Just because you won’t personally be effected doesn’t resolve you from responbility or an ethical duty to do the right thing.

  33. Jeez MostlyH,
    We can’t have FACTS such as sea level trends showing negatives.
    Next we’ll have the Goracle down on us on Sept 14th spraying around lots of Bovine waste product words, like he did at the Aspen forum recently.

    I wonder what Bank – iMoon’s carbon footprint is at present.
    2009’s UN stats are 4.1 tonnes CO2 per capita on air travel, with worldwide 200,000 employees over 52 institutions.
    Now do all of them fly the same amount ? Or is it only 20% of these employees travel on aircraft, resulting in 20.5 tonnes CO2 per (flying) capita?
    Questions, questions.


  35. Wait! There is an island? With space for guests? We will have a coupla hundred we can direct toward his island over the next few weeks!

  36. Simon,
    The lady who is pictured under the article on Ban ki-Moon is Christiana Figueres, the new Head of the UNFCCC, as a previous article has stated.
    But a very relevant piece of information missing is that she is also an Al Gore, The Climate Project connector (from her profile in Wikipedia).
    This may explain the push from her at Cancun and many other climate conferences.

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