Early snow in Switzerland. Alarmists blame "global warming" in 3, 2, 1…

Six inches of global warming…

I didn’t know Al Gore was in Switzerland at the moment… From the Weather Isn’t Climate Department. 


Snow fell in the Swiss Alps overnight Sunday to levels unseen for the month of September, Swiss weather agency Meteosuisse reported on Monday.

In the ski resort of St Moritz, in the southeast canton of Grison, a total of 45 centimetres (nearly 18 inches) of snow was recorded on Monday morning, it said.

The weather agency said the high levels of precipitation were due to a cold front which lowered the snow line to 800 metres (2,600 feet).

Rainfall was also higher than usual, with around 100 liters per square meter measured in the town of Santa Maria, also in Grison, the highest level since records began in 1901, Meteosuisse said.

The snowfall also provoked traffic disturbances in the mountains, with the St Bernard, Flueela and Nufenen passes closed, according to ViaSuisse, which reports on the condition of Swiss roads.

The Gothard, Lukmanier and Oberalp passes are also covered in snow, it added. (source)

Dang, that global warming sure is tricky ain’t it?


  1. Mike Bromley via Facebook says:

    The whole dang thing is unravelling at the seams.

  2. Karen Griggs via Facebook says:

    Wow…all that chaos over climate when it was just plain old weather all the time…and now we know that even our “scientists” are for sale and will skew the facts so how do we trust any of them…

  3. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Just follow the money, scientists get all their money from government/Taxpayer handouts.

  4. Dave Coombes via Facebook says:

    I find these people continue to insult our intelligence Al Gore what a [snip] !!!!!!!Climate change global warming….Bloody Scam …..

  5. sack climate scientists, employ weather realists!

  6. Six inches of global warming, ha ha ha!

  7. Sherielle Mclarty via Facebook says:

    Karma does prevail, funny how the opposite is happening to what they say! Let’s hope nature proves them all wrong.

  8. Ah Global warming, meanwhile was that a V8 s series merc he was driving?


  10. Well that news makes these people look rather foolish … ‘Six hundred people stripped naked and posed for the camera on a glacier in the Swiss Alps in 2007 to dramatize the need for drastic action to avert global warming.’

    Never before has humanity been forced to grapple with such an immense environmental crisis,” Greenpeace said. Greenpeace is calling on all governments to make “courageous political decisions to radically cut greenhouse gas emissions and stabilize global warming.”

    Oh the ironing!

  11. Mark Weiss via Facebook says:

    Haven’t y’all heard, it’s now called CLIMATE CHANGE. A nice catch all phrase so they’ll never be ‘wrong’. LOL

  12. Surely it’s because The Tipping Point has now been reached, and the planet’s heading into a human-induced Ice Age and we’re all really, really doomed, and if only we’d listened…

  13. Candice Noble via Facebook says:

    Well I don’t know about Global Warming…but it sure does show evidence of God having a sense of humor with the greenies. 🙂

  14. Sharon Knapik via Facebook says:

    Runnnnn!!! We’re all gonna die!!!!

  15. I know, it’s “THE NEXT ICE AGE”! Quick, build greenhouses to grow our food, use your fridge to stop your food freezing… I could go on and on but we were taught in school how to use statistics to say whatever you want the data to. So if high school kids can do it, why not the scientists with their degrees, masters and PhDs?

  16. From the prophecies of non-scientific literature on catastrophic anthropogenic global warming comes this little ditty:
    “Far from contradicting global warming, record snowfall is predicted by climate models and consistent with our expectation of more extreme precipitation events.”
    Written by ‘nobody’s best friend’ Mr. John Cook from Skeptical Science, all the way back in 2010. Nostradamus would be proud!
    Link here*
    (*Warning: May contain unscientific material)

  17. Cathy Myors via Facebook says:

    Greenhouse Warming Climate Changing Snow Generating Intergalactic Solar Flatulence…

  18. no the new term is climate disruption. dont have to warm, cool OR change, just has to disrupt. so a bit of wind, disruption. a bit of wet, disruption. and bit of cold, disruption. bit of warm, disruption. have i missed summat?

  19. From the weird and whacky files comes this and I kid you not:

    British researchers supported by the U.K. government will attempt to pump water a kilometre into the air using little more than a helium balloon and a rubber hose in the hope of offsetting the warming effects of greenhouse gases.

    The SPICE (stratospheric particle injection for climate engineering) program will pump 100 kilograms of water per hour. The idea is that particles injected into the stratosphere would reflect a small percentage of the sun’s energy back into space, thereby cooling the planet.

    Full-scale designs call for as many as 64 pipes spread around the world, each lifting five kilograms of sulfur dioxide or other reflective particles per second—approximately 160,000 metric tons per year. Each pipe alone would weigh 30 tons and would be held aloft by a balloon 100 meters in diameter.

    The project trial is due to start in October 2011. If you don’t believe me see here.

  20. Yep. Geological history shows that every Ice Age was preceded by slight warming. Of course Climate Change Cult D.ckheads such as Al Gore, Garnaut, Flunnary and all the other with their snouts in taxpayer funded through would not accepted. After all there is only one science, their’s…..

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