Labor values closer to Coalition than Greens

Extreme and out of touch

In yesterday’s post, Who will Julia alienate next?, I should have included Labor voters in the list of past examples, since her alliance with the Greens after the election betrayed her mainly centre-Left base to a bunch of extreme environmental whackos. New research supports the point, which is obviously a problem for Labor, given they are now completely dependent on appeasing the Greens in order to maintain a working majority:

THE core social values of Labor voters are far more closely aligned with Coalition supporters than Greens, a new social cohesion survey finds.

On a range of questions – such as valuing the “Australian way of life”, concern over immigration rates, the importance of migrants “blending in” and whether climate change is the nation’s most pressing problem – the response from Labor voters was more in sync with Coalition supporters than Greens.

Results from the Mapping Social Cohesion 2011 survey published today highlight the politically delicate nature of the Labor-Greens alliance in Canberra, as supporters of the two political parties value vastly different social policies.

Overall, the survey found the nation’s social cohesion in decline, with trust in government recording a sharp fall since 2009. More people report being discriminated against than two years ago, and volunteering declined from 38 per cent in 2009 to 31 per cent this year.

But it’s the differences between Greens and Labor supporters and similarities between backers of Labor and the Coalition that highlight the challenge faced by Julia Gillard and her ongoing ideological struggle to hold together minority government.

The report, written by Monash University researcher Andrew Markus, says “there is less differentiation between the attitudes of Liberal and Labor supporters than between Labor and Greens”.

“For example, 70 per cent of those who indicate that they would vote Liberal ‘strongly agree’ that it is important to maintain the ‘Australian way of life and culture’, compared with 62 per cent Labor and 26 per cent Greens,” it says.

“(And) 44 per cent of Liberal supporters ‘strongly agree’ that ‘in the long run’ in Australia ‘hard work brings a better life’ compared with 39 per cent Labor and 29 per cent Greens.”

The survey of 2000 people asked questions about culture and identity, including if it was better for the country if different racial or ethnic groups maintained their distinct customs or traditions or if they adapted and blended into the larger society. Seventy-two per cent of Coalition supporters believe it better to blend in, compared with 61 per cent of Labor supporters and 28 per cent of Greens supporters. (source)

Core Labor voters are becoming increasingly alienated by Labor’s lurch to the left on social issues. The reality is that the Greens’ extremism has no place in Australian politics and has no support within the vast majority of the Australian electorate. The sooner this Labor/Green alliance is defeated, the sooner the Greens will be relegated to the dustbin of history, where their policies and views belong.


  1. Rick Bradford says:

    Hard-core Greens & Leftists are driven by a sense of self-loathing and paralysing guilt at what ‘developed’ (usually white) mankind has apparently done to the planet and lesser-developed peoples.

    Their only answer is to smash the entire system, which neither Coalition nor moderate Labor voters go along with.

  2. Only 26% of Greens think it’s important to maintain the ‘Australian way of life and culture.’

    That begs the question … What way of life or culture do the other 74% of Greens voters think is important to maintain?

    Ah yes, the Green culture … sitting in a sustainably grown indigenous tree singing kumbaya whilst wearing a tea cosy, sandals and hemp fabric trousers and eating lentils while calling your basket-weaving class teacher to remind him to book in his Prius for it’s next service because you sold your carbon-fibre bicycle to reduce your carbon footprint. God spare us!

  3. Traditional Labour philosophy simply recognises the need for the rights of workers, the control of employers and the nationalisation of common resources. It has no wish to restrict the activities of mankind to ‘save the planet’, any coincidence with their policies is no more than say the extreme left and UKIP who both want to leave the EU, but for totally different reasons. How normal people can vote for a green agenda simply shows how they have no idea what it plans to do. They should read James Lovelock if they want to see a new holocaust plan against the total of mankind and then see if they support this lunacy.

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