Quote of the Day: Greg Combet

More tax! More tax!

Trying desperately to justify a pointless tax that nobody wants, Greg Combet plumbs new depths:

“Tariffs were iconic, and even now they instantly reappear in debate as policy responses to contemporary economic pressures.

“But John Button’s reforms made Australia stronger.”

Mr Combet said carbon pricing was “squarely in the Labor reformist tradition” which Senator Button helped to forge. (source)

Allow me to put it simply:

“Taxing people more is what Labor does best.”


  1. Morgan James Davies via Facebook says:

    Combet: Seek psychiatric help immediately. The squirrels are galloping around in your empty attic.

  2. Robert Woodrow via Facebook says:

    John Button sold the car workers out in the 80s and 90s, so much for Labor looking after the workers, and the unions said nothing, bit like the carbon tax to come all the unions are tight lipped, more than likely hoping for a govt job, bugger the workers

  3. Combet and the rest of the cronies, are oxygen thieves and a waste of space!!

  4. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    You know what… the problem with this labor government is that its idea of setting policy is to have a new bloody tax!

    Binge drinking… have a bloody alco-pop tax!

    Mining boom … have a bloody ‘super profits’ tax!

    Non-existent catastrophic global warming … have a bloody carbon (dioxide) tax!

    The only thing that has truly shocked me is they have not yet talked about families … have a bloody INHERITANCE TAX!

    But just you wait… that’s bloody coming!

  5. That’ll get back the votes you lost after announcing the carbon tax. Good one, Greg.

  6. Mr. Noidea. . . . .

  7. Since the Labor government was elected in 2007, it has introduced or increased 19 new taxes:
    1. Alcopops tax.
    2. New tax on Australians working overseas.
    3. Cutting what Australians can put into superannuation tax-free.
    4. Restrictions on business losses.
    5. Changes to Employee Share Scheme.
    6. Cigarette tax hike of 25%.
    7. The Mining tax.
    8. Ethanol taxation increases.
    9. LPG excise increase.
    10. Tightening restrictions on medical expenses before you can claim them on tax.
    11. Increase in luxury car tax.
    12. Flood tax.
    13. Tax increase on company cars.
    14. Abolition of Entrepreneurs’ Tax Offset.
    15. Phasing out of Dependent Spouse Tax Offset.
    16. Disallowance of deductions against government assistance payments.
    17. Removing minors’ eligibility for the low income tax offset on unearned income.
    18. Deferral of Tax Breaks for Green Buildings.
    19. Carbon dioxide tax.

    Yes it certainly is Labor reform tradition at its best.

    • Dont forget the mature age workers tax offset,thats been removed as well.This was a $500 rebate to older workers to encourage them to stay in the workforce.I am not sure that was covered in your list.This labor mob are a bunch of no hopers,the next election can not come soon enough

  8. A survey in the highly biassed SMH claimed 75% actually want the tax. These nut cases deserve what they get … or perhaps this is the mob on social welfare ?

  9. Reforming or killing the economy?

  10. this guy is a complete imbecile ….buried in his own delusions ….[snip]

  11. Is greg singing?

  12. i dont think hes THAT talented…

  13. Jane Cory via Facebook says:

    Cretin, cant stand the arrogant slime ball.

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