Carbon tax to cost Australians $1 trillion by 2050

Labor's carbon tax

And for what benefit to the climate? Zero.

The federal government’s carbon tax will cost every Australian $40,000 in the period to 2050 and a cost-benefit analysis should be conducted before it passes into law, an opposition-dominated Senate committee says.

The select committee on the scrutiny of new taxes on Friday tabled a 361-page report in parliament looking at whether a carbon tax should be brought in at a time of uncertainty about the global economy and whether there will be a concerted international effort to cut carbon emissions.

Labor’s laws to establish in a fixed $23-per-tonne carbon price from July 1, 2012, before moving to an emissions trading scheme in 2015, are set to pass the lower house next Wednesday before going to the Senate for debate.

The committee found that under the government’s own modelling the carbon tax would impose a $1 trillion cost on the Australian economy, or $40,000 per person.

“This is likely to be an underestimate given that Treasury’s modelling relies on the assumption that other countries will act in concert with Australia to reduce emissions,” its report said.

“The government has provided no evidence that its policy provides benefits commensurate with these costs.

“Indeed, without global action, a carbon tax in Australia cannot do anything to mitigate the effects of climate change.

“A carbon tax will be all economic pain for no environmental gain.” (source)

Once again, Labor’s climate policy is pure, undiluted madness.


  1. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    We are in the process of removing the Marxist from the American Presidency. The people are way sick and tired of these Watermelons (green outside red inside).

  2. Bruce Oz Colyer via Facebook says:

    has bob brown shut your web page down ?

  3. @Bruce – over my dead body…!

  4. Lynn Yohana Howard via Facebook says:

    It is called a BS PONZI scheme….not even ponzi scheme….flat out ROBBERY….

  5. …and carbon is necessary for life… usually in the form of CO2 for plants – necessary for photosynthesis…

  6. At that rate…I shall be demanding climate control in my underground box!

  7. Luke Warm says:

    The Govenor-General should sack the Government – oh, but her daughter’s married to one of the Labour ministers.

  8. By 2050 Australia will have spent a massive $600 billion (in 2011 dollars) buying carbon credits overseas in order to produce a 1% cut in global carbon dioxide emissions. (In 2050 dollars that equates to $60 billion annually) These carbon reduction schemes or credits are supposed to offset about 45% of Australia’s carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

    That’s $600 billion of our money not being invested in Australia but in developing countries overseas in the form of carbon reduction schemes, like a clean coal power station in India or a massive solar power array for Nigeria or a geothermal power station in Indonesia.

    All so that we can carry on with business as usual emissions … go figure!

  9. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    When you factor in the expense of the multiple frauds on the world’s various Carbon Exchanges (and when the Nigerians and Mafia/Triad start selling Carbon credits) — it’s NOT going to be anywhere as low as $1Trillion ….. it’ll be ten times that amount.

  10. Bernie Madoff got thrown into prison for a Ponzi scheme smaller than this Bob Brown Gillard one.

  11. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    It now seems inevitable that Australia is going to have a carbon tax. Once this tax is implemented, it will never be repealed… not by the Coalition… and not by any government in the future. It will be here for good.

    This is the most insane economic policy ever considered for Australia. The true science about climate is irrelevant. It has never been about the science. It’s all about political dogma… another way of indirectly creaming off a fortune from tax payers … it is labor/green political madness at its worst.

    Never again should Australians, who care, ever vote for Federal Labor. It is a party of ignorance. It is a party of economic destruction. People who voted for Labor should hang their heads in shame for what is about to happen to Australia.

    If Gillard wants to do something beneficial for Australia, then in the words of Peter Costello, “Don’t introduce a carbon tax.”

    We saw a coup against Kevin Rudd. If ever there was a time to justify another coup in Australia, it is now. But Labor politicians are simply gutless… they represent crap… and they should be treated like lepers for what they are about to infect Australia with… their bloody carbon tax!

  12. If you voted Labour you deserve this outcome! Perhaps Australians will have long enough memories, so that at the next election they ensure Gillard and her economically destructive band will be reduced to political insignificance.
    The UK is still suffering the same madness, with Environmentalist Secretary Huhne (pronounced hoon, a very bad word) obsessed with bird slicers and solar energy – the very two renewable sources in which the UK is deficient. But he’s a millionaire, so wht should he care? Hoon.

  13. Just in regards to the ALP modelling, everyone seems to forget (or maybe not realise) that their modelling was done on the current CPI weightings. The ones that are due for revision this month. The most recent revision was in 2006. Yep, five years ago. And considering the way that utilities have been one of the major increases since 2007, and are due to leap higher the moment the Carbon Tax comes in, we can basically assume that the ALP modelling won’t be worth jack.

    • will it make you happy to know the future? In few years, western democracies will go bely up – China will take charge – the Warmist will stop mentioning global warming – because people will see that is not happening – today’s Warmist will start promoting communism again. The beginning already started – they call it; campaign against corporate greed. The ones that cannot see that: in Africa, Latin America, where is no big corporations; people are not better-off.

      Low carbon emitting countries – people are not better-off. Natural selection will start again in the former democratic west – what is wrong with that. The lower IQ and genera warmist’ supporters will be the first to fall of the truck. Self inflicted wound…?

  14. This just stinks! What are we leaving to our kids and grandkids? This whole carbon tax b/s should have been voted on by the people of Australia, not left up to the “Watermelons – Green outside and Red in the middle” – as another poster just said
    I don’t understand American Politics even after living there fo 10 years, but when something like this stupid law happens, the population have to vote on it! Our Politicians don’t seem to care a fig, what the general public think!

    It is you D**kheads we vote for, but you do nothing for us, except make stupid laws, let criminals off lightly and impose taxes! I am glad I am old and heading out of this world instead of just coming into it! The idiots in power now have no clue how great our country used to be!

  15. Goodbye jobs! Manufacturers will find it’s too expensive to operate in Australia and will have to move their processing offshore. How could this possibly be supported by the unions, who are supposed to represent their workers?

    My husband’s union supports the carbon tax, but it did not ask their members for their opinions. How can that be representative?

    Australia has one of the best economies in the world. Now its gonna get wrecked – and for what?


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