The Mutant Radish of climate change

Who on earth designed the logo for COP17 in Durban?

Nightmare vegetables


  1. According to the official pdf blurb the logo is made up of a baobab tree and a globe.

    The baobab tree is supposed to symbolise “…endurance, conservation, creativity, ingenuity and dialoque. Baobabs are very difficult to kill. They can be burnt, or stripped of their bark, and they will just form new bark and carry on growing.”
    The globe in the logo, “…has an eroded look indicative to the urgent need for a positive outcome by COP17/CMP7.”

    The baobab tree may be hard to kill, but I suspect the Kyoto agreement will finally be given its last rights at this fat-cat fest!

  2. Hilarious!! Is it rude that I find the radish so funny?

  3. The mutant radish is pretty bad but have you seen the Megaflicks logo?

  4. That’s not a”mutant radish”, nor a baobab tree, it’s an inverted mushroom. We’ve all heard of the “mushroom syndrome”, haven’t we?

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