Labor's great betrayal

So the carbon tax bills are expected to pass through the Lower House today [UPDATE: The Bills passed the lower house at around 9.30am AEST]. In a strange kind of way, I am glad, because it demonstrates to the electorate clearly what principles Labor stands for. None – apart from its own survival.

If any Labor MPs had shown even a trace of any backbone and stood up for the democratic rights of the Australian people by voting against the Bills, it may have lifted Labor’s support in the polls, and made people reconsider Labor’s principles and values. As it is, however, they act true to form, like a bunch of gutless lemmings, more concerned with keeping their own jobs than respecting the wishes of the electorate.

Julia Gillard’s pre-election promise not to introduce a carbon tax was swiftly forgotten when it became clear that the Greens’ support would have to be bought with a commitment to rapid action on climate change. And clearly, in the minds of Labor, buying support was more important than an explicit pre-election promise. Over the next few months, there was much talk of “consultation” with the public about the carbon tax, but in reality it was all a sham. All the inquiries and meetings were simply a pretence, because if they had genuinely listened to public opinion, they would have abandoned the tax.

And Labor have deluded themselves by believing that global action is just around the corner. Only blind Freddy (and Labor) think that – the evidence is clear that the chance of any global deal is retreating faster than an IPCC-fudged Himalayan glacier.

But nothing was going to stop Labor passing these bills and therefore, with the Green’s continuing support, staying in power.

Because that is all that matters to Labor – power. Forget the wishes of the Australian people or the “national interest” (funny isn’t it how Labor uses this term so frequently), what drives Labor is staying in power.

And as a final insult, demonstrating Labor’s contempt for the people it is supposed to represent, they hope that the electorate are stupid enough to “forget” this betrayal, and “get used” to the pointless carbon tax.

Well this voter will neither forget the betrayal, nor get used to the tax. It will be at the front of my mind when I enter the polling booth at the next election, and I hope it will be in yours as well.


  1. So sad.

  2. I hope its a wakeup call..

  3. Björn Fältskog via Facebook says:

    to the tower with them and off with their heads -_- especially that redhead match that lit the fire !!!!!!!!

  4. It most certainly will, Simon.

  5. SOYLENT GREEN says:

    *I can’t lie to you about your chances, but you have my sympathies* — Ash, from Alien 1979.

    To which the proper response is…

    *I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit…It’s the only way to be sure.* — Ripley, Aliens 1986.

    Don’t take seven years to deliver your answer to Julia.

  6. fred nerk says:

    DEMOCRACY which has been a joke in Australia for some time is now Officially DEAD lets hear a big round of applause for the POLITICAL [snip] in Canberra,sorry I can’t hear you

  7. Elna X Chapman via Facebook says:

    The voters complained about Rudd, now look what replaced him????

  8. Jeremy Hodes via Facebook says:

    I will NEVER forget nor forgive. bring on the election!

  9. fred nerk says:

    sorry that should have read Political HORSE

  10. A Black armband day for Australian Politics, the only good that will come from it is that myself and a lot of other people will never vote labour or green again, consigning both parties at the next election to the bottom of the pile where I hope they both remain for a very long time

  11. Well guys,
    An infamous moment in history.
    The Lower House has just passed the “Carbon Tax”.
    Now we must all concentrate in bringing this to an end next election. ASAP !

    Never give up.

  12. What gets me is the silence and acquiscence from those like Marn Ferson who don’t believe in this rubbish, but are prepared to put the Aussie economy to the torch just to maintain “solidarity”. Over the cliff now, Comrades!
    Can I urge everyone to get active in their own way come the next election, and don’t just assume it will fall into the Liberals’ laps. Labor has a way of squeaking through with dirty tricks.

  13. Can anyone suggest a country with a proper democratic government I can move to? I’m over this. The carbon [dioxide] tax bills have been passed. I want out.

  14. I have written up the legal implications here, maybe someone has a contact in the media who could use it before the story goes cold?

  15. This really brings home the idiocy of the people we elected to be “in charge” of this country, not to mention the green-vote who blindly follow everything “PM Brown” spouts. Not only have Labor killed democracy, apparently they can’t read or understand the mountain of information that’s available supporting the fact man-made global warming is non-existent! They’ve lost my vote, for good.

  16. The fight has only just begun, I believe we can turn this around by forcing a royal commission. Why not insist that every coalition member gives the public an unconditional guarantee that the first thing they will do when/if they get into power is they give us a royal commission into the AWG science and all those associated. We must insist we are represented by the likes of Cory Bernardi & Barnaby Joyce and only then the truth will come out, I believe this will work & you watch the warmists squirm. By the way what is going on with TWIWKI site? Is it another example of democracy in Australia?

  17. I am 66 years old and I have never felt this angry about a political event. This is an act of betrayal such as I would never have contemplated in a so-called democratic country like Australia. And its not just Gillard. They are all complicit in this betrayal, our so-called “representatives”. I was convinced that perhaps two or three of them would cross the floor on this bizarre tax, but how wrong I was. What a gutless bunch of people. They should be ashamed of themselves. But their day of reckoning is surely coming, and sooner than they think.

  18. (snip) (snip), (snip) and whats more (snip) (snip).

  19. There is now proof beyond a reasonable doubt. No one can think otherwise. The results are in. There is no decent upstanding member of parliament for the ALP in the lower house. Even with Mirabella sidelined it wouldn’t have taken much to upset the apple cart. I am still hopeful that this legislation won’t be in effect in the future. There is no environmental need to tax Carbon Dioxide, or plant food. But I get it that the pork barrels that will result are desirable for the pigs in the trough

  20. A day of infamy.

  21. What ever happened to ” A govenment of the people, by the people, for the people.” 70% to 80% of Australians do not want a Carbon Tax. How is this a representation of our wishes. Let us use democracy to vote out this government and all the minor parties in a big way at the next elections and give our polititians something to think about in the future.

  22. No-one who voted with this government today has a political future. Just Watch: Gillard, Swan and Brown (and his proxy Bandt) will become reviled figures in Australian history like Sir John Kerr.

  23. Richard N says:

    Have you noticed the spin the ABC is putting on this treachery. They are calling it a big victory for the Gillard government to get legislation enabling “a price on carbon” (= carbon dioxide tax) through parliment. Lets see how much of a victory it is at the next election.

  24. Gordon Alderson says:

    It is a sad day indeed when Australian laws turn a blind eye to political corruption of science.
    The Liberal’s Direct Action policy is also based on corrupted science. Greg Hunt knows so called ‘mainstream’ climate science is corrupt. Direct Action neutered any effective opposition to this disastrous set of legislation.
    Furthermore, a Liberal dominated government will never bring on a Royal Commission into the science because doing so would reveal that their Direct Action policy is based on corrupted science.
    It’s the first law of politics that you never start an inquiry (Royal Commission) until you know that the answer will serve your own purpose.
    Thus, the only option is to vigorously pursue and reveal corruption of climate science in the public domain.
    A pox on both their houses.

    • Richard N says:

      I agree that the coalitions direct action climate cooling policy is nonsenical . I think it’s so unfotunate that Abbott jumped in so quickly with this ill conceived scheme to somehow prove his green credentials. Mayby it was necessary to appease Turnbullites.The only good thing is that at least a few million trees will be planted ,which possibly will be good for the enviroment.It will also be an easier beast to kill then the carbon tax which will require the dismantling of a huge beurocracy and a double dissolution. But the coalitions direct action climate cooling policy is still bound to cost billions of dollars which could certainly be spent better hospitals,roads, dental care,universities………

  25. You wont be the only one Jeremy 90 % of australia wont forget either…these lowlifes need to be dealt a death blow…..cant wait to see that fat ranga go down!!!

  26. Geoff Cass says:

    Roll on the next “requirement”, the Malaysia-etc. vote due on 13 Oct. If this is lost the government will really be in trouble, and it is virtually certain that if it gets as far as the Senate, the Greens will ensure its defeat.
    Let’s hope that this ,meams the ENTIRE federal government will go !!

  27. gyptis444 says:

    Australia desperately needs a federal election (followed by a double dissolution if necessary) after which a Royal Commission should be established to inquire into this swindle.
    LIEbor’s treachery will long be remembered and not forgiven!

  28. “Like a bunch of gutless lemmings”, come on now, lemmings are cute and furry (and probably not that gutless). They don’t all jump off cliffs together, that is a myth. I am insulted you have compared lemmings with the ALP. I agree with the rest of the article though 🙂

  29. The 74 names who votes for the carbon dioxide tax … remember them at the next election:

    * Adams, The Hon Dick, Member for Lyons
    * Albanese, The Hon Anthony, Member for Grayndler
    * Bird, Ms Sharon, Member for Cunningham
    * Bowen, The Hon Chris, Member for McMahon
    * Bradbury, The Hon David, Member for Lindsay
    * Brodtmann, Ms Gai, Member for Canberra
    * Burke, Ms Anna, Member for Chisholm
    * Burke, The Hon Tony, Member for Watson
    * Butler, The Hon Mark, Member for Port Adelaide
    * Byrne, The Hon Anthony, Member for Holt
    * Champion, Mr Nick, Member for Wakefield
    * Cheeseman, Mr Darren, Member for Corangamite
    * Clare, The Hon Jason, Member for Blaxland
    * Collins, The Hon Julie, Member for Franklin
    * Combet, The Hon Greg, Member for Charlton
    * Crean, The Hon Simon, Member for Hotham
    * Danby, Mr Michael, Member for Melbourne Ports
    * D’Ath, Mrs Yvette, Member for Petrie
    * Dreyfus, The Hon Mark, Member for Isaacs
    * Elliot, The Hon Justine, Member for Richmond
    * Ellis, The Hon Kate, Member for Adelaide
    * Emerson, The Hon Dr Craig, Member for Rankin
    * Ferguson, Mr Laurie, Member for Werriwa
    * Ferguson, The Hon Martin, Member for Batman
    * Fitzgibbon, The Hon Joel, Member for Hunter
    * Garrett, The Hon Peter, Member for Kingsford Smith
    * Georganas, Mr Steve, Member for Hindmarsh
    * Gibbons, Mr Steve, Member for Bendigo
    * Gillard, The Hon Julia, Member for Lalor
    * Gray, The Hon Gary, Member for Brand
    * Grierson, Ms Sharon, Member for Newcastle
    * Griffin, The Hon Alan, Member for Bruce
    * Hall, Ms Jill, Member for Shortland
    * Hayes, Mr Chris, Member for Fowler
    * Husic, Mr Ed, Member for Chifley
    * Jones, Mr Stephen, Member for Throsby
    * Kelly, The Hon Dr Mike, Member for Eden-Monaro
    * King, The Hon Catherine, Member for Ballarat
    * Leigh, Dr Andrew, Member for Fraser
    * Livermore, Ms Kirsten, Member for Capricornia
    * Lyons, Mr Geoff, Member for Bass
    * Macklin, The Hon Jenny, Member for Jagajaga
    * Marles, The Hon Richard, Member for Corio
    * McClelland, The Hon Robert, Member for Barton
    * Melham, Mr Daryl, Member for Banks
    * Mitchell, Mr Rob, Member for McEwen
    * Murphy, The Hon John, Member for Reid
    * Neumann, Mr Shayne, Member for Blair
    * O’Connor, The Hon Brendan, Member for Gorton
    * O’Neill, Ms Deb, Member for Robertson
    * Owens, Ms Julie, Member for Parramatta
    * Parke, Ms Melissa, Member for Fremantle
    * Perrett, Mr Graham, Member for Moreton
    * Plibersek, The Hon Tanya, Member for Sydney
    * Ripoll, Mr Bernie, Member for Oxley
    * Rishworth, Ms Amanda, Member for Kingston
    * Rowland, Ms Michelle, Member for Greenway
    * Roxon, The Hon Nicola, Member for Gellibrand
    * Rudd, The Hon Kevin, Member for Griffith
    * Saffin, Ms Janelle, Member for Page
    * Shorten, The Hon Bill, Member for Maribyrnong
    * Sidebottom, Mr Sid, Member for Braddon
    * Smith, The Hon Stephen, Member for Perth
    * Smyth, Ms Laura, Member for La Trobe
    * Snowdon, The Hon Warren, Member for Lingiari
    * Swan, The Hon Wayne, Member for Lilley
    * Symon, Mr Mike, Member for Deakin
    * Thomson, Mr Kelvin, Member for Wills
    * Vamvakinou, Ms Maria, Member for Calwell
    * Zappia, Mr Tony, Member for Makin

    * Oakeshott, Mr Robert, Member for Lyne
    * Wilkie, Mr Andrew, Member for Denison
    * Windsor, Mr Tony, Member for New England

    * Bandt, Mr Adam, Member for Melbourne

  30. The 12th of October 2011 will be forever known as NATIONAL BETRAYAL DAY

  31. The carbon dioxide tax may have started with self-congratulatory kisses by Julia Gillard … but it will all end in tears come the next election!

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