Australia goes it alone… as EU back-pedals

Reality bites

The timing couldn’t be better (or should I say worse). Just as plucky little Australia, with 1.5% of global emissions, decides to unilaterally “save the planet” by possibly reducing global temperatures by a few thousandths of a degree Celsius, other, more sensible countries are realising that without a global agreement, punishing emissions reduction targets are pointless – and dangerous.

Just a few days ago, UK Chancellor George Osborne said “we are not going to save the planet by putting our country out of business”, yet that is exactly what Australia has decided to do! Well done, Julia and Greg!

And even the EU’s moonbattish Connie Hedegaard (pictured) is sounding decidedly dejected, as reality finally dawns:

European Union environment ministers — responsible for only 11 percent of global carbon emissions [still nearly ten times more than Australia – Ed] — said they would commit to a new phase of the Kyoto climate change pact, on the condition that nations blamed for the rest join up too.

The environment council conclusions, agreed in Luxembourg on Monday, outline the bloc’s negotiating position ahead of the next global climate conference in Durban, South Africa, which starts at the end of November. [Well I can tell you that there is not a snowball’s chance of China and India signing up to such a restriction on their economic growth – Ed]

“What’s the point of keeping something alive if you’re alone there? There must be more from the 89 percent,” EU Environment Commissioner Connie Hedegaard told Reuters. (source)

There won’t be an agreement in Durban, and there is little possibility of a global agreement in the foreseeable future. Surely these thoughts must occur even to boneheaded politicians like Julia and Greg? Of course they do – privately, when they are alone – but then they suddenly remember, with a cold sweat, that they are being blackmailed by the Greens to take this pointless climate action, and as we have discussed before, desperately clinging to power is more important to Labor that doing what is right for Australia. Otherwise, they would have called another election to let the people decide.

The only consolation is that the longer Labor shows such contempt for the Australian people, the more savagely they will be punished at the next election – and that thought keeps me going.


  1. There’s no any other explanation to Julia’s actions but some evil plan

  2. Britain used to send convicts to Tasmania. Isn’t it time that Australia reverse the trend and send Julia Gillard back to tropical Wales for crimes against the Australian people.

    • Betty Whiffin says:

      Agree, but would go further. She misled the Australian people. What did they do in the olden days? Those who misled the people were beheaded – they called it treason!

    • Yes let’s load up a boat with a bunch of Leftwing Communist Radicals and send them back to where they came from. Make sure that Julia is on that leaky boat please.

  3. After the crash of the Chicago Climate Exchange, the CO2 exchange in the EU also see to be heading down. Back in June of this year, the price for one ton of CO2 was 16 euro, not it is barely 10 Euro.


  4. @ Andrey Baranov …… “evil planSSSS!

  5. [fingers in ears] “Lalalalalalalala…”

    Seriously, Labor couldn’t become any more ignorant. When this truly comes to bite them in their posterior, I won’t know whether to laugh or cry. I live in hope that there won’t have been too much damage done.

  6. It’s got nothing to do with the environment, but everything to do with staying in Government by filling up the coffers and unleashing a wave of spending before the next election.

    • Betty Whiffin says:

      They won’t have anything left by the time they pay out 65% compensation (they very soon won’t have anything left for that and give all the excuses under the sun!!), the UN 10% and then there are all the wonderful “green” things they are going to do and as everything else, fail. Billions of hardworking taxpayers money down the gurgler.

  7. All’s cool, from July 1 next year our sea levels will fall dramdigly, the snow will be up to our earballs, the communidee will not suffer floods, droughts or eggstroieeme events of any kind. In fact a utopian plastoral exsitance will grace all (only) green and labor voders in perpetuity form July 1 because of the new tax.

  8. ^^from ! <- der!!

  9. Of course Australia’s goal of a 0.007 degree cut in global temperatures is worth half a trillion Ozzie tax dollars. Sydney is warming by that amount every 80 seconds, every day, on average … of course it cools down again by the same amount every day.

  10. World economic hard hitting heavyweights, Australia and Norway have put a joint submission to the next UNFCCC in Durban December 2011, on enhancing action on climate change mitigation.

    The submission basically stalls any new legally binding global deal on climate change until 2015, as they realise there is no economic appetite in the global community to embrace a new agreement.

    So whilst the Labor/Green government are happy to ram through a carbon dioxide tax on fellow Australians, who have no appetite to embrace a new tax, they’re happy to let the rest of the world off the hook until 2015 on an issue that, according to them, needs immediate and urgent action!

  11. @rob….I totally agree. People will be fooled by a government that will bribe them with their own money….

  12. I suspect that Julia Gillard and Bob Brown and the Labor and Greens people must have been ‘inhaling something’ and it was not ‘carbon’.

    They are committing both political and national suicide, I don’t care much about their political suicide, it is what they are doing to our country Australia which concerns me.

  13. I wonder about this nasty “Carbon” stuff:
    Combine carbon and oxygen in the atmosphere, and you get carbon monoxide, CO (highly poisonous) or carbon dioxide CO2(plant food)
    But the atmosphere contains around 80% nitrogen. Did you ever wonder what you get when you combine carbon and nitrogen? Cyanide! CN.
    Truly toxic, just like Julia’s “carbon” tax.

  14. Simon – all true, but none of this will make the slightest difference to either the imbecile Gillard or the imbecile Combet.

    The imbecile Gillard is a committed hard left socialist – has been for years, and imbeciles never change their spots. The one distinguishing characteristic of imbecile socialists is that they are all authoritarians – they want to tell people what to do, how to behave, and how to run their lives. The “saving the planet” narrative fits this behavioural characteristic like a hand in a glove – the ends justify the means.

    But please don’t tell me that the imbecile Gillard is being led around by the imbecile Brown. She’s not – they both have an exactly shared set of objectives in this regard.

    The imbecile Combet is just a grubby little opportunist who believes in nothing but the imbecile Combet. You can see this in spades when he is being interviewed on TV. I have yet to hear him give an honest, forthright answer – it’s all duck and weave, so he knows that he’s a lying little sh!t. Unfortunately, I can’t see his career trajectory working out too well for him in the long run. Which is good.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I noticed Combet does a lot of gulping and swallowing when being questioned during interviews. Sure sign of a liar… 😉

      • True – but in the case of the imbecile Combet, the sure sign that he is lying is that his lips are moving.

  15. Confusious says:

    If there ever is an election…..

  16. This treacherous arrogant bunch of backslappers have made a whole lot of people bloody angry.I am old enough to have lived under a few labor governments including the farce of the Whitlam years.I don’t remmember so much raw anger being generated in those times.The only consolation will be seeing so many of them voted out at the next election.A lot of ministers will go including Swan for sure. Now there’s a soothing thought Simon.

  17. Just put up a video talk i made on youtube called AN IDIOT’S GUIDE TO THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING CON. hope you all like it 🙂

  18. So Julia has managed to ‘Snatch Defeat’ from the “Jaws of Victory!”

    How sweet it is!

  19. Louis Hissink says:

    The carbon tax has really nothing to do with mitigating the climate – the actual game in play is to slowly transform our economic system from one based on profit using money, to one based on the exchange of energy certificates of limited lifespan based on carbon emission.

    To understand this one needs to understand what drives the Fabians and their extreme reluctance to specifically outline their policies and goals. Their goal is simple enough, it’s Marxist in which they also believe that ultimately socialism will triumph and that we only need to be patient and allow the natural historical progression to take place.

    Socialists have a serious problem in that economic calculation is impossible under a socialist system, so how to allocate goods and services? Base it on a an energy accounting system and debase the existing money system – which is precisely what is being done here and in Europe. I suspect they hope that by putting in place an ETS that after the collapse of the money system we will be eager to adopt a new system of exchange media, carbon credits, for example.

    It helps to also study the debunked Technocracy movement of the US during the 1930’s – those ideas seem to have been resurrected as the smart grid movement.

    But we need to realise that the left’s goal of a global socialist state remains, and judging from the glee among the ALP and Greens in the lower house this week, they seem to have achieved another step towards that goal.

    Our problem is that we think this is all to do about stopping climate change, and if that ploy distracts us from the real game in play, then so be it, we have been distracted and the agenda continues to be implemented.

    • Louis,
      Spot on. When you understand what you have spelled out here, you realise how absurd the notion is that the imbecile Gillard is the cat’s paw of the imbecile Brown.

  20. Please Australia’s Contribution is 1.5% of 3% of Global Emissions Unless you Discount NATURAL CO2 Emissions (97%) of coarse. Climate Change is Real and Natural.

  21. michaelc58 says:

    A small bone to pick. Your above arguments, used by most of us sceptics, that Australia is a tiny contributor and no one else is acting – so why bother, is thankfully correct but rather cynical and easily dismissed by the well meaning citizen happy to volunteer to be the first even on a suicide mission if it is to save their children.
    IMO, we should always include the real reasons for No Carbon Tax: CO2 reduction and the tax are not necessary in the first place, nor is it effective and it is certainly hugely expensive and destructive.
    I would also add that other countries’ politicians are pulling out not because they have suddenly become irresponsible but because they have realized it is a costly scam but can’t say so.

  22. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Remember Jill Duggan (the EC’s National Expert on Carbon Markets and Climate Change) when she visited Australia a few months ago?

    There she was, talking up the EU’s efforts to halt climate change with its ETS which she declared was working really well. She couldn’t tell Andrew Bolt how much it was all going to cost the EU or by how much the EU’s ETS would reduce the world temperature. Nevertheless, she was adamant that the EU’s ETS was working really well.

    What fools these people are!

    Their faith in the global warming scam is coming unstuck for one damn good reason. These climate change charlatans religiously wallowed in climate model-based scenarios rather than relying on science… real world observational data on climate.

    But they still don’t get it! They are still trying to find every excuse and any excuse to try and justify the hell hole in which they have taken the EU. They simply forgot that someone would have to pay for their scam. Not only did they refuse to believe that their hell hole would be excessively costly, they just couldn’t see it would all be too unaffordable!

    This scam has been underpinned by one thing… tax payer subsidies. When something needs tax payer subsidies, you can bet on one thing… it is not viable.

    Unfortunately, Australia has a fools government, backed by public servants and advisors only too pleased to tell Gillard what she wants to hear rather than what she needs to hear. What Gillard needed to hear was that countries around the world have been distancing themselves from the man-made global warming scam… not embracing it. Gillard has now certainly sealed not only her fate but also the fate of her government for making her biggest ever mistake… introducing an economically damaging carbon dioxide tax.


    They are not trying to stop coal seam gas mining. So where will we get the gas we need from now?

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