US: no link between floods and climate change

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But, but, but… we all know climate change causes more “extreme weather” – Bob Brown said so, it must be true! Unfortunately, a new study in the US has found no link between climate change and floods:

A new study conducted by federal scientists found no evidence that climate change has caused more severe flooding in the United States during the last century.

But [there’s always a “but” – Ed] scientists at the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), who published their findings in the Hydrologic Sciences Journal Monday, said they will continue to examine the issue, noting that more research is necessary to better understand the relationship between climate change and flooding. [In other words they’ll keep torturing the data until it gives them the result they KNOW is right – Ed]

And where there is a link found, it’s in the wrong direction – oops:

[…] the study was able to identify a clear relationship between flooding and climate change in the southwestern portion of the United States. In that region, floods have become less severe as greenhouse gas emissions have increased, the study says.

It’s all meaningless – another classic case of correlation being interpreted as causation, as usual. And it should be noted that the study focussed on the link between flooding and concentrations of GHGs – meaning the whole thing is based on the flawed assumption that CO2 levels are a direct driver of “climate change”. Since CO2 may only be a very weak climate driver, it’s hardly surprising that there’s no link to flood severity.


  1. Basic scientific principle 457:
    Short term weather trends or singular events do not make a climatic system.

    It’s not the weather that’s getting weird, it’s the humans who think they can control the Earth’s climatic system from on office in Canberra by turning on or off a carbon dioxide emissions switch in the form of a tax. That’s really weird!

  2. These people all need to look up the definition of “weather”, or meteorology, and the definition of “climate” or climatology. Then a brief study of statistics and what min, max, mean and median mean, then figure out what confidence limits are and then figure out what an “anomaly” is. That would be a good start for debunking the current baloney about climate change.

  3. rukidding says:

    So which comes first the horse or the cart.
    Does the weather change the climate or does the climate change the weather.

  4. Betty Whiffin says:

    Why don’t these people read history. They would see how previous civilizations, even those ancient civilizations, adapted to climate change. Climate change has occurred since the planet began. There have always been extreme conditions in warm as well as cold weather and disasters have occurred no matter whether the climate was warm, cold, mild, wet, dry, floods or typhoons or any other natural disasters. This IS NOT new phenomena and nothing to do with a changing climate.

  5. There’s also no link between:
    Torandoes and Climate Change.
    Hurricanes and Climate Change.
    Drought and Climate Change.
    In fact, there is no link between any extreme weather and climate change.

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  7. Uhavitbad says:

    I don’t know if this has been posted
    It doesn’t seem to compute. Go Donna

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