Freaks of Nature: The amazing "AGW bird"

Research cost peanuts…

It grows, and it shrinks, at the same time! From Junk Science:

A myth that lasted a month.

Last month we spotlighted a study that claimed global warming would shrink animals by causing them to grow faster and stop growing sooner, leaving them smaller.

Scarcely 30 days later, however, San Francisco State University researchers report that global warming is making birds get bigger.

Here’s the media release.

An each way bet, just like everything else in the climate scare machine.


  1. Cost peanuts? The research is certainly full of nuts

  2. Now come on guys, we all know that birds are shrinking due to global warming. The Australian National University and CSIRO have told us that. So how can they now be getting bigger?

    Basic Science Principal No: 327:
    “A scientific theory (human induced global warming) cannot prove or disprove opposing results (bigger birds – smaller birds).”

    In summary – bigger birds / smaller birds = junk science!

  3. bigger chickens.. yum..

    but serious, this idocy in always bringing climate change in has to stop. It points to an absolute brainwashing of the scientist doing the research.

    first, prove climate has changed …. in many cases like this, it hasn’t, certainly not enough to cause what appears to be happening !!

    second, look at other possible causes..
    eg, better, cleaner food supply and environment due to controls on real pollution.
    eg, increased food availability due to increased CO2
    eg, better control of predators and hunters
    I’m sure if I could be bothered I could come up with several more possibilities, none of which seem to even envisaged by the tiny brain of this supposedly intellegent person.

  4. We should be grateful that they are not growing. Just imagine an Eagle or a Bull ant the size of a Dinosaur. Heck it sounds like a horror movie. Or Giant Sea Monsters destroying ships, and shrinking cows and sheep. What about if Carnivorous Plants became Gigantic. We already know that the brains of certain Climate Scientists seem to shrinking.


    She’ll be right here in OZ! ….. ‘cos shrunken emus will replace our shrunken chickens.

    Only problem will be if emus continue to produce those whopper eggs…

  6. just a side issue i know , but have you heard they’re raving on about rising sea levels wiping out entire islands yet again ,,, there must be eager new ripe young ears to convert

  7. rukidding says:

    The only thing is they say these things with such a straight face almost like thet believe what they are saying.


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