G20 to Australia: "You're on your own" on carbon

"Congratulations, Julia, on wrecking your economy"

“Courageous” is how the G20 describes Australia’s action on climate change! What a wonderful euphemism for bat-sh*t crazy. Yet Gillard and Combet will no doubt still argue that Australia is being “left behind” and that it’s all in the “national interest” – delusional!

As Europe sinks into economic oblivion, the US debt creeps up by the day, and a GFC Mk II looks ever more likely, the rest of the world is starting to realise that there are more important things than pointless environmental gestures which will be hugely damaging for standards of living but which will do nothing for the climate.

JULIA Gillard’s introduction of a carbon tax has been praised at the latest economic summit for showing the way on climate change but Australia is being isolated within the G20 on carbon pricing as members retreat due to changing priorities and economic pressure.

As the government prepares to cut the carbon tax debate in the Senate to pass the bills with Greens’ support, the final communique from the G20 summit in France recognises Australia’s leading role on climate change.

But with the increased economic pressures from the global debt crisis and a shift in priority to food security, particularly in Africa, climate change action is dropping down the order of importance.

Critics of the G20’s lack of action on climate change have praised Australia’s action as “courageous” and said the diminishing priority for climate change was a “big problem for the G20”.

The shift at the G20 and the praise for Australia expected in the communique highlights the Gillard government’s move ahead of the developed economies on carbon pricing.

While Australia is pursuing the most comprehensive carbon tax in the world to combat the effects of climate change, other G20 members are retreating from emissions trading schemes to cut greenhouse gas emissions, such as Canada, while others are giving greater emphasis to dealing with the immediate effects of climate change. [In other words, adaptation – Ed.]

Australia (and Gillard) are turning into standing jokes on the world stage. How embarrassing.

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  1. It is sad that Australia has elected leaders stupid enough to believe that the planet has no mass. This is even though they haven’t floated off the planets surface into space due to the lack of gravity as they would if one of the many false assumptions made in the “scientific” proof of global warming from CO2 emissions were true.

    • Juliar Dullard says:

      Australia does NOT have elected leaders. It’s currently run by a minority government which is beholden to a handful of Green and Independant MPs. Gillard and her closest chums LIED before the last election. She said “There will be no carbon tax under a government I lead”. She’s flawed, her ‘government’ is flawed and her morals are non-existant. As Thatcher once said “The trouble is Socialism is that, eventually, you run out of others peoples money”. How true! And soon Australians will find out just how true – to their cost.


    “G20 summit in France recognizes Australia’s leading role on climate change”

    I see a morning paper headline “Well at least I am recognized as a world leader”… while we all splutter over our condflakes !

  3. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    The Sir Humphrey Appleby Dictionary of Diplomatic Terminology defines “courageous” as a lack of intelligence, understanding, reason, wit, or sense. Hmm.

    • From the Yes Minister series – Episode Six: The Right to Know
      [How to guide ministers to making the right decisions]
      Sir Humphrey: “If you want to be really sure that the Minister doesn’t accept it, you must say the decision is “courageous”.
      Bernard: “And that’s worse than “controversial”?
      Sir Humphrey:“Oh, yes! “Controversial” only means “this will lose you votes”. “Courageous” means “this will lose you the election”!

  4. Incredibly, this government will still be thrown out of power, even if the carbon dioxide tax was summarily repealed on Monday. Greens leader Senator Bob Brown put the icing on the cake yesterday (on live TV) when he accused the chief executive of Qantas, Alan Joyce, of being “devious” because, in his alternate universe, Brown has no idea about how business works and about the cost pressures killing Qantas. Tens of thousands of people watching got to see for themselves exactly how the Greens are eating Labor alive, egged on by leftwing Labor loonies like Senator Doug Cameron.

  5. Maybe we should carbon date our pm to see which eon she lives in?

  6. Love it! Straight from the ‘Yes Minister’ script!

    When are Gillard and co going to realize that ‘Yes Minister’ was meant to be entertainment and not an instructional video series?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      The absolute comic genius of this government. It’s like watching the comedy channel of a very very VERY expensive pay tv.

      It’s not sustainable to keep watching however. Time to cancel our subscription…

    • Sceptical Sam says:

      But Tony, it is entertainment. I’m laughing all the way to the next election watching and enjoying Labor incompetence heaped on Labor incompetence.

      And then the Coup de Grace (x 2); out she goes and out goes the Carbon Dioxide tax (courtesy of Tony Abbott and Barnaby Joyce).

  7. tff.

  8. Meanwhile, back in Australia, democracy takes a back-seat once again with the Greens colluding with Labor to cut short the debate on the carbon dioxide tax in the Senate, so that the vote can be brought forward and be passed by next Tuesday.

    Last month the Senate agreed to schedule an extra week of sitting to debate the carbon tax bills with Labor Senator Chris Evans, saying, “…the Senate will have more than two full weeks to debate the Clean Energy package of Bills.”

    The Greens throw the bones and Labor barks!

  9. If it were happening in another country it would be bloody hilarious! It’s like an episode of Yes Minister.

  10. Australians didn’t elect Julia Gillard she made a ‘deal’ with some very greedy so called Independents by giving them a heap of cash, when she actually lost the election. She formed an alliance with those creeps to steal our country from us.

  11. CSIRO doing their boss Gillard’s will with their latest pseudoscience http://pindanpost.com/2011/11/04/csiro-pseudoscience-or-voodooscience/

  12. Gillard having now learned from G20, as Rudd did from Copenhagen, we can pray that she (our courageous PM?), will come home and tell the GREENS to poq!

  13. Phil N Lynda Ellery via Facebook says:

    Tell us somethngi we didn’t know !!!

  14. Phil N Lynda Ellery via Facebook says:

    @Rob Griffith..”It’s like an episode of Yes Minister.” – Nah more like an episode of Bassa McKenzi…

  15. Phil N Lynda Ellery via Facebook says:

    Wonder what the Frenchi is thinking… “This witch won’t even look me in the eye …!”

  16. David Johnson says:

    I think you’ll find that “courageous ” is a diplomatic euphemism for “bat sh*t crazy”

  17. Bryan Harris says:

    As Europe sinks into economic oblivion, the US debt creeps up by the day, and a GFC Mk II looks ever more likely, the rest of the world is starting to realise that there are more important things than pointless environmental gestures which will be hugely damaging for standards of living but which will do nothing for the climate.

    They’ve achieved the impossible in Europe and America, these damned socialists – ruined once prosperorous nations and burdened them with huge amounts of debt ….. but until Australia gets its act together and joins a local UNION they’re going to have to make do with a tax to suck the lifeblood out of the economy.

    We should all have realised by now that socialists have only one goal – the destruction of society as we know it …they do it by fiscal means, for they imagine that something good will come out of the rubble – their illogic and insanity know no bounds .

    • Rick Bradford says:

      Socialists don’t set out to cause harm and misery wherever they go, but they are quite indifferent to the harm and misery they inevitably do cause as they pursue their lifelong project of shoring up their egos.

      They are utterly amoral and must be opposed at every turn.

      • Bryan Harris says:

        They are utterly amoral and must be opposed at every turn.

        Absolutely – at every turn

        It may not be at the forefront of their thoughts, but socialist minds are hardwired to oppose freedom and real diversity in whatever shape or form they see it..
        That means they will attack anything that works well or produces good results … they really can’t have others winning, for their biggest fears are that those who are more able than them will use the same control methods they use agaisnt them.

        It’s time socialism was recognized for what it is… and its not a real alternative form of politics – socialism is a sickness of the mind.

  18. Baldrick, got it one. It’s the “worst” political comment you can say to a government Minister. The problem is that this stupid government really won’t get it. Funny thing is a State MP and Minister from the State Labor party once told me point blank that “Yes Minister” is exactly how it is for Ministers and should be required viewing for ALL Ministers as part of their indoctrination. If only that was true, this stupid joke of a government and the pm may have realised that they have committed political suicide.

    • No, they haven’t, kids in all schools are indoctrinate into ”green socialism” Julia will be their hero. Tragic, but that is reality.

      If Abbott wins, Greg Hunt will be the minister for stopping the climate of changing (to dignify bob brown). b] it will be same bureaucracy… If you hope for democracy… must wait 70-80 years, for Glasnost to be reintroduced in ABC & SBS Pty Ltd. Have a nice day…

  19. The amazing thing to me is the number of people who must have voted for this mob , all be it that they were duped by the no carbon tax promise.Who can even stand to listen to her drone on,Now she feels it’s time for her to start lectuing Europe on fiscal responsibility!It feels like being stuck in a theatre watching a bad movie and not be allowed to leave..We are stuck as disenfranchised observers,watching this fiasco until the next election.

  20. Europe is not sinking into economic oblivion.

    • Robert Hoogenboom says:

      Yes. There is nothing repudiating the debt to the bankers and otehr usurers and starting your own interest-free money system won’t cure!

  21. What a joke.

  22. Robert Hoogenboom says:

    At Copenhagen, the elites lost the battle of financial control through a climate tax and a de facto world government to adminster it (mainly because of the Internet!) Only Australia is left, to try and save it.
    People often say “What’s the point trying to fight them?” We must remember that if it weren’t for brave people like ourselves, they would be creating even more havoc. And we fight them mainly by telling more and more people about what’s going on!

  23. Robert Hoogenboom says:

    Julia Gillard shaking hands with the murderer of Gaddafi! One for the photo album! 🙂

    • Robert Hoogenboom says:

      That should read “one of Gaddafi’s murderers”. His great back-slapping friend Obama also had something to do with Gaddafi’s murder and with reducing his Libya to rubble. And behind these hired killers, the bankers, who wanted the Libyans’oil and didn’t want to let Gaddafi get away with an interest-free money system without one of their central banks. (They must be totally regretting allowing North Dakota to do this early last century, and, likewise, to be an example.)

  24. May I respectfully suggest you need an editing-after-posting function?

  25. Andre Lewis says:

    The CSIRO is now promoting research showing climate change will affect the biodiversity in the oceans as ‘… the pace of change means some species may not be able to adapt’. However they note that in some places the oceans will be warmer and others colder (who would have guessed) and they don’t know what the changes will actually be, whether they will be positive or negative or which species will be impacted. How, one wonders, have they come to the conclusion that what they claim will happen is a problem?

    • Bryan Harris says:

      Good point … land masses have been moving around for millions of years, and oceanic patterns have changed dramatically, so what gives these scaremongers the idea that things will get worse.

      They’re just pointing the “make wrong” finger.

  26. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    The Gillard government is sickening. I have been trying to think of a past Prime Minister of Australia so bitterly hated by a large proportion of the population. Nobody comes to mind.

    The saddest thing of all is this awful predicament in which Australia finds itself, no thanks to Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott.

    I no longer listen to what any of these Labor politicians have to say. They cannot be trusted. They create a problem… they blame the opposition for it. They implement bum policies… they waste even more of our taxpayers funds trying to fix up their mess.

    Worse still, you can’t even believe the Prime Minister on anything she says… because she is known to be an unforgivable liar – “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead”.

    The only reason these countries want the G20 meeting hosted by Australia is because they know the Gillard government is stupid enough to want to host it… at great cost, mind you, to Australian taxpayers.

    She’s not a very smart person… or she’s got the worst advisors imaginable.

  27. I told ya… that we are leaders in environmental lunacy – even proud of it. Julia hates carbon tax more than all of you. But, is same as paying a dollar, to go on the roller-coaster – then you are prepared to pay $10 to get of – but you must finish the ride. ABC and the union owners booted Rudd, because he dropped carbon tax. She knows what is going to happen to her, if she doesn’t walk the line. ABC will need to get their share from that tax – they earned it.

    Australian monarch Bob Brown must not be disappointed. Carbon tax is legalizing extortion. Just put-up with it for the next 70 years, then maybe, maybe somebody will introduce Glasnost in ABC & SBS. Live in hope…

  28. uhavitbad says:

    Don’t be embarrassed. Canada empathizes!

  29. I agree, the Labor Party has controlled the Education Department through its ‘Teachers’ for a very long time. Labor’s Union Teachers have been influencing our children and grandchildren for at least the last 30 years. The Teacher’s Unions have been brainwashing our children for that long.

  30. Andrew Muir via Facebook says:

    Funny how no one asks the general public isnt it? i was listening to the Record Europe and one of the Greens said the most serious problem we have in the world today is high c02 emissions! incredible.

    • Bryan Harris says:

      Blinkered vision like this got us into the mess we are in … no doubt they will say that if the euro crashes and many die through the resulting chaos, then it will be a good thing as the planet will not suffer so much.

      These “greens” don’t consider the human race is worthy of being on this planet – but of course that makes them traitors to their own kind…

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