Alarmist scientist found guilty of smearing journalist

Rahmstorf - smeared journalist

Again, standard operating procedure for alarmist scientists on the climate change funding bandwagon: smear your critics. Except this time the journalist didn’t stand idly by and do nothing, she took legal action – and won. From No Tricks Zone:

Der Spiegel today has a story on IPCC bigwig and ultra-alarmist Stefan Rahmstorf, who is also a lead scientist at the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and elite member of the Hockey Team. For those of you who may not recall, Rahmstorf is the outlier oceanographer that projects a sea level rise of about 1.4 meters, even when the rest the world, including real observations, all point to something that is about 1/7 of that.

It’s a bit late at night here and so the main points only. Der Spiegel starts:

“Renown climate scientist and German government advisor Stefan Rahmstorf was found guilty of a blog attack against a journalist.  According to the opinion of a state court, he made untruthful assertions. Also the ‘Frankfurter Rundschau’ has come under fire.”

A State Court says he’s guilty of making untruthful assertions. Interpret that how you wish. The Frankfurter Rundschau is a sort of daily that former East German comrades lean towards. On the Rahmstorf ruling by the court, we reported about it here.

To make a long story short, journalist Irene Meichsner wrote a critical report about the IPCC, which appeared in the Frankfurter Rundschau daily, to which Rahmstorf reacted quite nastily. He asserted at his blog that the journalist had been dishonest, sloppy, had never read the IPCC report, and that she even lifted text from another source (Richard North and Jonathan Leake). For a journalist, such accusations are of course career threatening and thus deadly serious.

Meichsner didn’t stand for it, took the case to court, and won. (source)

Telling the truth about the IPCC is so uncomfortable for those involved that in desperation they resort to this kind of action. Maybe those promoting “the cause” should be a little more careful of smearing their opponents in future. Play the ball, not the man (or in this case, woman).

See here for an earlier story on the alarmism of the Potsdam Institute.


  1. jounalist won their case too! that judge deserves a vb!!! thin edge of the wedge….

  2. Tip of the iceberg so to speak

  3. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    A sad little man by name Al Gore
    In climates name became a whore
    The year 2000 his mind went black
    The peoples rejection made poor Al crack
    The sky is falling he told one and all
    The liberal media got on the ball
    Als face was always in a frown
    We must act quickly or all will drown.
    Polar bears falling on our head
    If Al cant stop it we’ll soon be dead.
    .The people looked up and all around
    they tested ice and tested ground
    But nothing had changed except Als stash
    He turned his scare into major ca$h
    When truth be told Al Gore had LIED!
    along with Obama by his side
    The people revolted and said NO MORE
    Throw those Commies in jail and lock the door.

  4. The hypocrisy of the warmists continues unabated.

    Stefan Rahmstorf is a one of the main contributors to the website, yet he fails to apply the rules required by that website regarding comments, to his views elsewhere.

    According to realclimate’s comments policy “No flames, profanity, ad hominem comments are allowed. This includes comments that (explicitly or implicitly) impugn the motives of others, or which otherwise try to personalize matters under discussion. We may choose to screen out comments that “muddy the water” by introducing erroneous, specious, or otherwise misleading assertions. These comments may be sent to “The Bore Hole“.

    After reading some of Rahmstorf’s alarmist articles on I think his comments relating to Irene Meichsner are not the only comments of his that should be assigned to the “Bore Hole’!

  5. I can remember reading his website, and the article there in how to summarily dismiss any who dare argue against the faith, much of which requires the use of misleading assertions and impugning the motives of others. Have had no respect for him for a long time. Quite frankly, if he criticized anyone, it would only ever make me more inclined to believe them.

  6. good on her , you go girl 🙂


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