CSIRO's Climate Change science kit

"Seriously real science"?

More indoctrination from our national scientific research organisation. Reader KA sent me a photo of the kit on sale, which sadly doesn’t provide many details of the materials inside. However, I thought we could have a pretty good guess, so here we go:


  • 1 hockey stick (broken)
  • 1 climate change calculator (multiplies everything by a fudge factor automatically)
  • software for deleting emails (Windows and Mac)
  • phone numbers of editors of all sceptical climate journals with handy script for threatening voicemail message
  • model windmill (self-combusting)
  • Himalayan glacier ice cube kit
  • application form for government funding (pre-approved)
  • plastic polar bear to create your own Al Gore-style weepy animation
  • model pink batts insulation experiment, with fire extinguisher and pro-forma writ for negligence
  • fake carbon credit certificates (actually real ones, but hey, they’re the same!)
  • guide to Freedom of Information legislation in 50 major jurisdictions
  • application for IPCC lead author status (pre-approved)

Have I missed anything?

A bargain at just $29.99 (or $48.50 after the carbon tax).


  1. Missed the property deed for pristine waterfront property, the fake Nobel Prize (or it might even be a real one, I think they devalued it to the level of cereal prize a couple of years ago), and the light globe covered with fur (to give them all that warm fuzzy glow from making sure we all do the ‘right’ thing, while they still get to burn all the electricity they need).

  2. william martin says:

    how come I can’t see comments on this post ??? pick up your game climate madness !
    maybe we need to raise CSIRO standards – shouldn’t be too hard, give CSIRO are the lowest of the low !

  3. That is one of the funniest things I have ever read.

  4. Ugh, I used to get that Double Helix magazine as a kid.

  5. This is more indoctrination for the upcoming adults in our societies.
    “Aimed at 10 years up”, gives by 2020, – 19, 20, 21 year olds with these messages firmly implanted in their brains.
    And from these 19 – 21 year old students will come the teachers, lawyers, judges, politicians etc. etc, all with this biased ‘post normal science’ slant.
    It’s quite frightening really, if you have kids and grandkids that are growing up in this ‘atmosphere’.

  6. John Angelico via Facebook says:

    Found at CSIRO Double Helix site
    Product Description

    Climate Change explores why our climate is changing, how the changes affect life on our planet and what we can do to adjust to them. The kit is full of hands-on activities to learn about ecosystems, greenhouse gases, alternative energy sources, rising sea levels and much more.

    Kit includes all the requisite equipment and chemicals not usually found in the home.

    Ages 10 and up

    Yeah, right!

  7. Perhaps it should include a bottle of the new fragrance called`DECEPTION` by Heidi Deklyne, Which has the extremely unpleasant aroma of fermented bulls manure blended with the unique bouquet of burning data files.

  8. william martin says:

    oz might be the last frontier of the scam – lot’s of money here, propaganda in place.
    we need to find politicians willing to speak out .
    climate madness ! how about setting up a petition to politicians ?
    possibly you have legal friends/connections willing to go pro bono in some law suits ?

  9. Good one Simon … very amusing!

    Here’s a link to the actual contents of the box. For the princely sum of $29.95 you’ll get:
    – Safety goggles – 2 balloons – plasticine – 1 pair vinyl gloves – 2 straws – a tea light candle – incense cone – 2 thermometers – food colouring – Bromothymol – template of a wind turbine and a 63 page full colour booklet.
    (Probably about the same contents as Climate Change Minister Greg Combet’s briefcase)

    Not quite sure how it all goes together but I think by the end you should end up looking like this!

  10. you mean the csiro wont give this info for free, y’know, in the name of saving the planet and all humanity? hummm…me thinks they are a bit desperate for funds…

  11. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    CSIRO – used to be “Commonwealth Science & Industry Research Organisation”, but now it’s “Commonwealth Socialist Indoctrination & Reimposition Organisation”


    I would have thought you missed a “wanted dead or alive” poster of blogger Mr Anthony Watts for exposing on his site all the holes in the “climate science”

  13. What next? Warmist show bags for the kiddies .

  14. The last decade of the “climate skeptic” blogosphere talk-fest has achieved almost as little as the alarmist Durban and Copenhagen talk-fests.

    Surely now with the carbon tax signed into law we ought to be way way past the talk stage and into the vigorous task of taking back our country from the watermelons.

    Don’t be a denier, be a skeptic. Define for yourself what standard of evidence you would need to see to convince you that Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming was a real problem, and be prepared to change your mind if such evidence is ever found. If you are sure such evidence does not yet exist anywhere, you are ready for the next step.
    Then get some ideas… (eg: http://pastebin.com/tVjEw40q )
    Take action on your own. Don’t wait for anyone else. Be the change you want to see in the world.

  15. yes, or “regulation”


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