Carbon dioxide "driving fish crazy"

Pissed again…

You have to hand it to the humble CO2 molecule, it certainly is multi-talented. Not only can a few extra measly parts per million allegedly wreck the climate of a planet that has been in existence for 4.5 billion years, and turn the oceans into corrosive battery acid, but it can make fish drunk as well:

Rising human carbon dioxide emissions may be affecting the brains and central nervous system of sea fishes with serious consequences for their survival, an international scientific team has found.

Carbon dioxide concentrations predicted to occur in the ocean by the end of this century will interfere with fishes’ ability to hear, smell, turn and evade predators, says Professor Philip Munday of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies and James Cook University.

“For several years our team have been testing the performance of baby coral fishes in sea water containing higher levels of dissolved CO2 — and it is now pretty clear that they sustain significant disruption to their central nervous system, which is likely to impair their chances of survival,” Prof. Munday says. (source)

Mine’s a CO2 and tonic, please. No ice (‘cos it’s all melted).


  1. Barbara Homrighaus via Facebook says:

    oh to be a fish – they don’t have to listen to the eco drivel and they get to drink swim.

  2. because it wouldn’t feed more vegitation growth almost instantly, or help coral reefs grow.

  3. Interesting how the concentration they were testing with is never mentioned, thousands of times any realistically possible levels I will bet

  4. Is it just a coincidence that they happened to use the “Nemo” Clownfish for this latest scare, Or is it because he happens to be a hero of kids cartoons I wonder?.

  5. …and ask any, serious, owner of tropical fish in a home tank how they keep the food these fish feed on alive…by bubbling elevated levels of co2 in the water…

  6. Curious what “elevated” actually means. Did they inject absurd levels of CO2 into the water, like scientists did saccharin into rats to produce a desired outcome? Given the warmists track record there is almost nothing they could report that would restore their credibility.

  7. It ‘aint just the fish that are crazy! It is NOT science to instantly increase CO2 levels for baby fish & extrapolate the observations to be relevant to CO2 levels that would rise gradually over many hundreds or thousands of generations of fish. This is clearly another example of researchers & media jumping on the “global warming” bandwagon to serve their own self-interests. Download a copy of Kids Before Trees to find out more about the deceit & lies we’re being fed; you can get a copy at

  8. curious what “global average” actually means too? you should be as none exists! still co2 concentrations can be measured in water prepared for tanks for tropical fish. it then can be supplimented by additional air supply. the food in the tank can be enhanced by addition of, elevated, co2 supply. i didnt make this stuff up, unlike the eua cru, nozz, giss, niwa, bom and ipcc etc…

  9. Nemo Stone via Facebook says:

    Of course they are drunk, You’d be giddy with delight too when the five major measures of marine health; calcification, metabolism, fertility, growth, and survival all point to a slight benefit with a decline in pH well into the land of IPCC myth and only turn badly for the critters beyond the fevered imaginings of the IPCC.

    Below is a link to the summary of over 1100 papers on the effects of ocean acidification due to an increase in CO2.

    Click to access acidification_co2.pdf

  10. Ocean carbon dioxide levels change daily and even hourly, much like land temperatures but as a very basic rule, the current levels are generally said to be about 450 μatm.

    This university study based it’s findings on a concentration of 950 μatm, which is more than double the current levels.

    The chances of that happening are in the realms of impossibility but let’s not get that fact in the way of junk science!

  11. Lee Lakai via Facebook says:

    We drink CO2 in sparkling wines and soda water and its safer than the water itself. The truth is that governments and corporations mandate adding more toxic chemicals like chlorine and flouride (aluminium waste product) to chemically constaminated water supplies and then allow the chemical soup of human sewage, pharmaceutical, industrial and agricultural chemicals to be disposed of in rivers and oceans. Its not safe to drink or shower in tap water, or to swim in heavily polluted city rivers, and the overwhelming smell of effluent at many beaches is evidence of how much sh*t the corporations are allowed to freely pump into the ocean.

    Corporations have more rights than humans do, and if they want to blame essential C02 to cover up their toxic dumping, the government will regulate to allow it! List of water contaminants and potential health effects, EPA approved so it must be safe?

  12. Can you really take any one that uses the word “fishes” seriously?

  13. The crap they come up with just keeps going on and on doesn’t it? How can anyone take these guys seriously any more. Man they are so desperate to keep their funding going and until the end of the century as well.

  14. Please give me a link and I will send a picture I have taken of a healthy pair of “Nemos” in their Anemone at Dobu CO2 volcanic seeps – surrounded by CO2 bubbles leaking from the sea bed. Guess they must like it there.

  15. How can there be rising CO2 levels in the oceans when warmer oceans hold less dissolved CO2? Are they implying that a warmer world brings cooler oceans? Doesn’t add up to me. Nor does much of the other global warming rhabdomancy.

    But they will always disappear down the rabbit warren of catastrophist apologetics and pop up a short distance away with another bunny.

  16. This concept makes no sense at all, a large predator swimmming through the co2 enriched water is likely to be more inhibited compared to the tiny clownfish.. i guess these scientist got intoxicated by the 950ppm co2 level spewwing from their experiements to come up with their conclusions and should check themselves into an oxygen bar. Otherwise they are going spend money trying to prove fish in water heated to 50c would be so exhausted they wont be able to swim away from predators

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