NASA captures Cyclone Iggy

Cyclone Iggy (click for full size)

ScienceDaily (Jan. 27, 2012) —

NASA satellites are providing valuable data to forecasters as Tropical Cyclone Iggy nears Western Australia. NASA’s Aqua satellite provided visible and infrared data on Iggy, observing colder cloud tops and strengthening storm. Iggy has already triggered warnings and watches along coastal areas.

Meteorology (ABM) has issued a Cyclone Warning for coastal areas from Mardie to Ningaloo including Exmouth and Onslow. ABM has also issued a Cyclone Watch east to Port Hedland and south to Coral Bay. In addition, a Blue Alert has been posted for “People in or near coastal and island communities between Mardie and Coral Bay including the communities of Mardie, Onslow, Exmouth and Coral Bay need to prepare for cyclonic weather.”

Because of low wind shear and warm waters, Iggy is expected to continue strengthening on its approach to the Australian coastline. The Joint Typhoon Warning Center forecast as of January 27 takes the center of Iggy’s center very close to Learmouth on January 30 and 31 before turning to the southwest and heading back to sea.

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  1. … and while in the subject of tropical cyclones, here’s a report from the Bureau of Meterology saying we’ll have more tropical cyclones …”The whole Australian Region has an 80% chance of having more than the long-term average number of cyclones.”

    Here’s another report from the Bureau of Meterology saying we’ll have less tropical cyclones “… there has been a growing number of studies that indicate a consistent signal of fewer tropical cyclones globally in a warmer climate.”

    And here’s another report from the Bureau of Meterology saying we’ll have about the same number of tropical cyclones …”The modest available evidence points to an expectation of little or no change in global frequency.”

    No wonder their 100% correct with climate change predictions!

    • Simon Colwell says:

      Hahahahahahahaha. That is outstanding, Baldrick ! Reminds me of those idiots who bet on every horse in the Melbourne Cup and then act all smug because they’ve picked the winner.

  2. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    I’ve got folk in Perth. I looked up Mardie on Googlemap and found out that it’s 1500 km from Perth, or over twice the distance from Lands End to John O’ Groats. Big place, Australia.

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