BREAKING: UK climate change minister resigns

Just like the Belgrano... (image from Guido)

Yesss! Chris Huhne, UK Energy and Climate Change minister (or Mr Windmill 2011, as he should be named) has resigned after being advised he will face charges relating to a speeding violation – but there’s more to it than that.

It’s alleged he arranged for his ex-wife to take penalty points on his behalf, which I guess you would call “perverting the course of justice”, perhaps?

Huhne will not be missed for a nanosecond, by this blog or the poor suffering population of the UK – his dangerous brand of environmental extremism has done more to damage the UK’s economy and future energy security than anyone else in living memory.

Here is a selection of previous posts on Huhne, just for old time’s sake:

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  1. They need to go to jail!! Isn’t that where they wanted to put us Deniers/lmao.

  2. Heeeeeeewwwwww Haaaawwwwww 1 down, but still far too many to go! But it’s a start 🙂

  3. Shiloh Scott via Facebook says:

    Will they banish him to Fantasy Island?

  4. Rick Bradford says:

    He’s only been charged, not convicted, but he has enough powerful enemies that this alone will probably finish his efforts to destroy the British economy.

    It’s surely unthinkable that his successor could possibly be as narcissistic, grandiose and deluded. Isn’t it?

  5. I wonder if his car was powered by biofuel.

  6. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Chris Huhne… perverting the course of justice [allegedly – Ed]. He loses his job. He’s a lucky man. Anyway my suspicions have been confirmed – he’s dumber than he looks!

    In Australia, Marcus Einfeld knows all about this… he went to jail and lost everything, including his reputation and the public’s respect.

  7. Good riddance, Huhne. If only the likes of Gillard, Combet and Flannery could now be removed.

  8. i smell a diversion…

  9. Can they arrest big AL too!!!!!

  10. reading the article…its a diversion. as in the days of thatcher…some nasty legislation was passed, while the uk was looking else where, this is exactly the same IMO. watch out uk citizens…

  11. Frank Nova via Facebook says:

    Mmmm… fuel consumption per distance goes with the square power of the speed. Driving at 120 km/h burns 1.6 times the fuel it takes to cover the same distance à 95 km/h. And they surely don’t ticket you for doing 120… he must have been doing way more than that.

    • Kevin R. Lohse says:

      Keep those filthy metric measures to yourself, this is England! Anyone clocked doing over 70 Miles Per Hour is automatically fined and awarded points in UK. There are exceptions if it is a first offence, or the first offence in 3 years, but in Huhne’s case, allegedly, he had previous form which meant that he allegedly would have had more than 12 points on his licence and would have been automatically banned from driving. ( OK. ED?)

      Rather than take the hit, Huhne allegedly sweet-talked his then wife into accepting the points. This is perjury under UK Law, and the Law takes a pretty dim view of perjurers, as Jeffery Archer, the former MP, will attest. Order in the pocorn in advance of the trial.

  12. Nice to see you reporting this from across the water!! There will be many Brits inc me downing a few beers tonight in celebration – hope you will join us! Oh and by the way it is absolutely freezing here, I live on the South Coast and it struggled to get to Zero today with -12 forecast in some areas tonight.

  13. Ha Ha! Yesss!! [snip – have to be careful – Ed] Huhne is toast…

    No need either, to waste energy heating his cell in prison. [Snip – If] convicted, Huhne will find some other way of keeping warm in there, [snip]

  14. Ian F Somerville via Facebook says:

    He was trying to catch up with the speed of his windmills….

  15. Apparently, it was his ex-wife that considered it worth putting herself on the same charge to bring this about, or so the story goes anyway. If that were true then she deserves some sort of medal. Whether he actually done it, is rather incidental though , to getting rid of another self serving pollie… Only to be replaced by yet another.

  16. Not sure if Huhne’s replacement will be any better.

    Ed Davey, the new secretary for climate change said here, after taking over the reigns, “I want us to have a green economy where there’s lots of green jobs to help grow our economy.”

    Pity they didn’t learn from Spain where so called green jobs cost the Spanish taxpayer between $752,000 and $800,000. Each green job cost 2.2 real jobs and most green jobs created in Spain were temporary. See here.

  17. Brian Freeman says:

    To the earlier commenter, yes the automatic so-called “safety” cameras DO ticket drivers doing just a few miles per hour over the speed limit. If you get 12 penalty points (4 of these minor offences) in 3 years you automatically “tot up” and get banned for six months. the temptation to pass points on to a partner is very strong rather than lose one’s livelihood. So yes, it is “perverting the course of justice” but it’s hardly in the same league as providing a false alibi for a murderer.

    On the matter of his politics and AGW agenda, good riddance!!

  18. Aww, don’t be so hard on Huhne. After all, he was only applying the ‘principles’ of carbon trading to traffic violations. ie. the ‘bad polluter’ transfers the fine record of the ‘good polluter’ to themselves, thereby avoiding prosecution for excessive ‘pollution’.

  19. I see that his speeding and subsequent resignation is already in Wikpedia.

    Also of interest. He ran for leadership of the Liberal-Democrats but failed and was second to Clegg. With the Lib-Dems one cannot tell these days how far to the left each one of them really is.

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