Quotes of the Day: Michael Mann

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Michael “Hockey Stick” Mann has a new book out, the title of which, The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars: Dispatches from the Front Lines“, hints at the valiant warrior for truth, battling against the evil enemy (sceptics). As we know, this is standard fare for alarmists, donning the mantle of victimhood at the drop of an FOI request.

But this quote takes the biscuit:

“Perhaps “climategate” was the moment when the climate change denial movement conceded the legitimate debate, choosing instead to double down on smear and disinformation, a tacit acceptance that an honest, science-based case for denying the reality of human-caused climate change and the threat it presents could no longer be made.”

Wow, this guy’s been hanging around with trees for too long. And this as well:

“In any case, there is no evidence that Jones actually deleted any e-mails. Nor is there any evidence of any impropriety in his e-mails.”

And they accuse the sceptics of being delusional… Thanks to Tom Nelson for the quotes.


  1. Smear and Disinformation… we learnt it from the Alarmists

  2. Michael Mann is a scientist?? Well that would be news if it were true!

  3. You know that someone has hit rock bottom when the entire book they’ve written is completely delusional.

    On the last quote: Jones said he was going to do it, and encouraged others to do the same. That in and of itself demonstrates a complete lack of respect for the law; it is also impropriety in a nutshell.

  4. This is why you can’t take anything this guy says seriously. Everything he writes sounds like propaganda, designed to smear distinguished and respected skeptical climate scientists.

  5. I would really like to say what I think of mann.

    I would.

    But it would never get published on any Skeptic site.

    (of course, we already know it would never appear on any agw hystericyst site, either)

  6. Rick Bradford says:

    The two conjoined twins — Climate Science and Climate Hysteria — need to be separated, for everyone’s sake.

  7. Thank goodness we still live in a world where we can still question the scientific process instead of blindly accepting everything as fact, as Michael Mann would like us to believe.

    Should we not question the ‘scientific’ thoughts behind this statement, “…even the rain that falls isn’t actually going to fill our dams and river systems,” Chief Climate Commissioner Tim Flannery in 2007, or should we just blindly accept that the recent Queensland and NSW floods, for the second year running, are a mere apparition of the sceptical mind?

    Sorry Mick, but scepticism is part of the scientific process, unless of course its in the name of climate science, where the process has been bastardised!

  8. Nemo Stone via Facebook says:


  9. Here’s a question..

    Who has the LEAST credibility: Mann, Gore , or Flannery?

  10. Michael “Piltdown” Mann seems to think that using quotes of his and other high priests in the Warmism religion is somehow ” smear and disinformation.” What does that say about those who originally uttered the words repeated, including himself?

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