Australian auto manufacturers should be "retooled to produce wind turbines"

We don't need cars. Build more of these!

The Socialist Alliance is an extreme anti-capitalist rag-tag bunch that strives for a “socialist Australia”. Fortunately for the rest of us, they will never see it. But they do provide plenty of Looney Left amusement. Their latest press release will cheer up the struggling motor vehicle manufacturers in Australia no end:

Workers in the car industry have the skills and expertise in logistics, production, engineering, designing for production and quality control that could be applied to help us break from a fossil fuel dependent economy. This is urgently needed to address the climate change crisis.

The industry can be retooled to produce wind turbines and other equipment for renewable energy production, as well as trams, trains and other vehicles and infrastructure for a sustainable transport system.

You have to laugh!

Read it here (Webcite archive – not giving them any of my traffic…)


  1. Carl Cord via Facebook says:

    This is willful de-industrialissation and economic warfare.

  2. I’ll bite.. who is going to pay for their production? And who is going to pay when they don’t live up to expectations?

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I know.. They’ll pay for it with the sale of Unicorn droppings…which are highly sought after for fertilising those areas at the “bottom of the garden”

  3. John Smith via Facebook says:


  4. trouble is we are socialist now in any event

  5. Nemo Stone via Facebook says:

    Count the number of orange bellied parrots at the base of each wind mill. Wonder if the socialists will want a roast, or a wake? At least the emus will be safe.

  6. The problem with the auto industry right now (aprt from the high dollar and carbon tax), is that they aren’t making the kinds of cars that people want to buy. Wind turbines pose the same problem. No one wants them.

  7. Wilhelm Law via Facebook says:

    just show them wind turbines on fire, and wind turbines that have blown up. scary stuff really.

  8. I think they meant ‘red’-tooled to be socialist ‘workshops’ eh comrade? Not all that productive and if you disagree its the Gulag (or Melbourne in this case) for you!

  9. Bit of an irony this comment. On the one hand Australian auto-makers have failed to capture the resource-wasting urban SUV (never used for its purpose) market, and mainly offer large cars that are less in demand. Toyota makes a hybrid Camry (government supported) that’s easily blown away by Euro diesels for CO2 emissions. So it’s resources out to be diverted to produce inefficient and intermittent power creation? My belief in windmills was created 5 years ago, on King Island, with a reliable? supply of roaring 40’s winds they had some wind turbines but mainly relied on diesel fuel for their power.

  10. Bruce Oz Colyer via Facebook says:

    Bobs a tool

  11. Funny how the Australian Greens want the same for the car industry. Green MP Adam Bandt said here,“”The car industry needs to go green if it is to survive.”

    Who would have thought the Socialist Alliance and the Australian Greens had that in common!

  12. Then all the cars that would have been made here will be replaced by ones that will be imported on giant oil burning ships creating extra emissions that the said windmills wont even come close to offsetting…

    When will the idiots realize they are idiots?

  13. Th esocialist alliance is a sack of plundering pirates and cluless looting bastards, ; lets not confuse the isseue here ; just state the facts

  14. Maybe they could retool to make nutcrackers. Plenty of nuts around these days.

  15. QLD Sceptic says:

    Am I the only one wondering what ‘other equipment for renewable energy car manufacturers could build? Also, I like that now trams are cars are equally simple to build. We must tell the rest of the world!

    On a more serious note, is there an asylum somewhere we can put these crazies? Just think of the electricity and paper these tubes waste! (To use their own logic).

  16. Yea, I agree they should be retooled for wind tubines. You don’t want Australians working independantly for their own profit, you want them under the thumb of government making turbines for taxes. That’s the Australian way.

  17. Pete the Geo says:

    since when has the loony left had to explain HOW they’re going to pay for any of thier bizzare and pointless schemes? So long as they’ve got the red-head puppet who’ll do whatever they say to cling to power they’re set!

  18. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    They say we should trust the experts. I’m still not 100% convinced, but when the AGW mob start talking about Tools, I honestly do believe they’d have some knowledge in the area.

  19. the NWO war on dissidents ,,, wait ’till they ‘retool’ the detention centres for us ” dirty deniers ” ,,,,

  20. Supertramp said it best – “Crisis? What Crisis?”

  21. That’s it! They running a candidate anywhere? the Senate. Any candidates suppoprting this lot or being supported by them?

    They have my vote!

    The sooner this type get power, make decisions and wreck the place. The sooner the population will learn what it is to play with these idiotic ideas, and not do it again!

    They’ve won me. But for only lateral and long term practical rerasons. Something they’ll never understand or be able to explain.

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