Adelaide cold snap "not seen before since at least 1977"

City of churches (and brass monkeys)

From the Weather Isn’t Climate department:

Adelaide has remained at least seven degrees cooler than average for the past six days, which is a February feat not seen before since at least 1977.

From Sunday 5th February to Friday 10th, Adelaide failed to climb above 22.5 degrees, well below the long term February average of 29.4.

The unusually cool conditions are the result of a persistent flow of southerly air over the city during the past week and lingering cloud cover, which has restricted solar heating from the sun.

The city only managed to reach 20 degrees on Friday, nine degrees cooler than usual and the coldest February day in seven years.

Adelaide’s run of cool days is expected to end next week, when temperatures return to more familiar territory. The city can expect to reach the high 20’s by the end of the weekend and from Tuesday the mercury is set to climb into the 30s for the first time in 11 days.

Looking ahead, a weak change will affect Adelaide in the middle of next week, although temperatures are unlikely to stay as low as they have over the past six days.



  1. So here’s the question, then: if you guys are having such a cool summer, what does that mean for the coming winter? Hot summers supposedly make for cold winters, according to the new group(un)think.

  2. This cannot be correct as according to brains Flannery we were meant to get hotter and drier and not the exact opposite. What is going on? “We will all be rooned” said Hanrahan!

  3. At least they didn’t try and blame it on AGW.. I’m sure someone will, soon..

  4. Greg McBride via Facebook says:

    It’s g/w by STEALTH I tell you!!

  5. Well, since Adelaide also had the hottest start to the year EVER, this will average out to a regular temperature … as always.

    Nothing to see here, move along.

    • Ever? Are we talking, since the formation of the current atmosphere, about 600 million years ago? Or since records started being kept, less than 200 years ago?

  6. Old Sailor Man says:

    I’ll be listening to the yaybeesee radio for today’s cricket. What’s the bet if the mercury rises above say 28, the commentary mob’ll be rabbitting on about ….”unbearable” “stifling” “unprecedented” “intolerable” “blistering” etc words like that…… heat?
    They work for their abc. They know the rules.

  7. Don’t sell your coat! But do buy my book for brainwashed teenagers and friends.

    • Hi Harold, funny I was just reading your book on Kindle when your comment popped up on my iPhone! A review and healthy plug will appear shortly! Best, Simon P.S. Have also added you to my blogroll.

  8. Greg McBride via Facebook says:

    Hottest “since” suggests it was that way before! Usually before the “industrial revolution” i.e man COULD NOT HAVE influenced the climate!!!!!!

  9. Grant Macgill, I farmed for more than 30 years and the climate changes all the time, every day. But the changes are not like Flannery would have us believe.

  10. cold is just weather. warm is now the new hot and proof of agw. dont confuse cold/weather with warm/climate change. and trenberth is suggesting his missing heat is hiding in the oceans (or somewhere we cant see/detect it) and will come back to bite us in the butt…soon…really…our models predicted so…and they are in colour so they must be right, ok, believe me! oh, btw, here’s my invoice!

  11. @greg all these temps are compared against the cherry picked 1961 – 1990 global average, which of course is a compleetly meaningless figure and largely…fabricated! its shocking how these charlatans have got away with and perpetuate this fraud…

  12. Can we expect a Punk Rock renaissance?

  13. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    Just you wait though, Simon. Next week we’ll have 3 days in a row above average, and suddenly it’ll be proof that the world is warming dangerously, and the only thing that can save us is… more tax.

  14. This is probably the coldest spell since February, 1952 when there were 12 days in a row below 24C which included 6 days straight below 22.5C. The lowest was 18.3C.
    The average for Adelaide so far is 23.9C. The record low is 23.6C in 1949.
    After all the huffing and puffing about the warm start for Adelaide in January (beaten by 1900), there has been little mention of this cold spell.

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