UK: £1.5bn foreign aid wasted on tackling climate change

Pissing aid money up the wall

This is the brutal reality at the pointy end of dangerous climate policies concocted in ivory towers, insulated from reality. Precious resources, which should rightly be directed towards alleviating poverty and disease, are being frittered away on pointless attempts to tackle climate change. We have suspected for some time that such policies will benefit wealthy countries and damage developing nations, and now it appears we have evidence to back up that suspicion:

Nearly £1.5 billion has been spent tackling man-made climate change by Government department responsible for fighting poverty abroad, it can be revealed.

The Department for International Development (Dfid) has spent the total on projects which they say will either reduce carbon emissions abroad or attempt to deal with the effects of predicted changes in the earth’s climate.

In the past four years Dfid has spent £900 million on climate change projects with nearly two thirds of that being spent in the past financial year under the Coalition. A further £533 million has already been committed up to 2013.

The biggest recipients of the climate change aid are India and Indonesia, two countries considered to be rapidly emerging economies.

The disclosures – made under the Freedom of Information Act – will raise fresh questions over how foreign aid is spent, and comes after an Indian minister described British aid to the country as “peanuts”, which ministers in London had begged Delhi to continue accepting.

Dfid is one of only two departments not affected by the Government’s austerity drive, with a budget last year of £8.4 billion.

The figures released by the government reveal that total spending on tackling climate change overseas has increased from £61 million in 2007-08 to more than £883 million in 2010-11.

During that time, Dfid saw the biggest increase in spending on climate change with funding available for projects now 45 times higher than four years ago. The department now also employs 66 specialist climate and environmental advisers.

Among the aid provided by Dfid was a £4.7 million project in Indonesia aimed at helping the government there provide “more effective leadership and management of climate change programming”.

Another project aimed at encouraging Indian farmers to use manual foot pumps to draw water from underground for their fields rather than using diesel powered pumps – a technology that could be considered a step backwards in terms of the labour required.

In Africa, six businessmen were given financial support to help them produce and sell solar powered lights.

Dr Benny Peiser, director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation, which is sceptical about man-made global warming, also questioned the effectiveness of the money going abroad to tackle climate change.

He said: “A lot of money is wasted on schemes that don’t actually help country’s develop more resilience that would be good regardless of climate change.

“These handouts often come with conditions that appear to be pressure foreign governments into sighing up to global emissions policies.” (source)

A scandalous waste of money when the global economy is in such a dire state, and a heartless betrayal of the most disadvantaged people on the planet.


  1. The waste of human life is pitiful. Those people need hospitals, schools and medicine; not solar lamps. Or, better yet, the gov’t could leave the money with you, the taxpayer, and let you decide how it should be spent. Read more about this in Kids Before Trees at

  2. While the UK plans to spend £1.5 billion (AUD $2.2 billion) over 5 years on useless climate change mitigation and adaption measures worldwide, Australia will be spending AUD$600 million over 3 years on the same nonsense.

    Whilst the Australian contribution may seem alot less, on a yearly basis the UK will be spending 0.019% of its GDP whilst Australia will be spending 0.016%. In terms of per head of population, on a yearly basis, the UK spends $7 .10, whilst Australia spends $8.70.

    So while the UK and Australia are spending roughly the same of their respective GDP’s on foreign climate change aid, Australians are paying much more per head of population, and supposedly we’re catching up to the rest of the world, according the Joolya!

  3. That money wasted could have been used to save lives in the UK this winter…….. how many have been made ill, died…… due to the freezing conditions? How many could not afford to het their homes? And the B’dy Government is wasting how many million? Lord Help Me …… I want to swear!

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