UNBELIEVABLE: DeSmogBlog: Gleick 'deserves our gratitude and applause'

Littlemore (get him off my monitor)

Make sure you have a bucket nearby when you read this disgraceful rant by Richard Littlemore on MeDog’sGob:

While admitting that he impersonated a third party in order to induce Heartland to confirm its own ongoing questionable conduct, Gleick has effectively caught Heartland squarely in the headlights, proving that the Institute has dissembled and lied.

Whistleblowers – and that’s the role Gleick has played in this instance – deserve respect for having the courage to make important truths known to the public at large. Without condoning or promoting an act of dishonesty, it’s fair to say that Gleick took a significant personal risk – and by standing and taking responsibility for his actions, he has shown himself willing to pay the price. For his courage, his honor, and for performing a selfless act of public service, he deserves our gratitude and applause.

Heartland, in the meantime, deserves to be stripped of its charitable status and laughed out of the professional “think tank” fraternity for its amateurishness and the far-less-than-credible position that it has taken in the last week, denying its own responsibility in this “leak,” dissembling about the origin of the material and going out of its way to “fail” to authenticate documents that it knew all along were legitimate. (source, Webcite backup)

Thank you, DeSmogBlog, for confirming what we knew all along – that you reside in the gutter, and should be flushed into the sea with all the other excrement.


  1. I hope Littlemore appreciates the extreme irony in claiming that Gleick outed HI as “liars”, but I doubt it. Both belong in the moron bin.

  2. The problem with Littlemore’s argument is that Gleick is not a whistleblower.

    Whistleblowers don’t engage in criminal activity themselves, particularly when it turns out the organisation they’ve exposed, hasn’t done anything illegal!

    What is it with Littlemore’s 16th century mentality of ‘trial by ordeal’ for the Heartland Institute, when clearly the guilty party, Gleick, has already confessed as much?

  3. Lew Skannen says:

    Keep it up guys!
    It is only the alarmist reputation that is suffering now. I can’t wait to see what the BBCs Richard Black makes of it all.
    Deafening silence is my guess.

  4. I don’t agree that excrement should be flushed into the sea, it should be recycled and used as fertilizer.

  5. Littlemore just proves once again that his bullsh!t is too little rather than more to save his asinine nonsense.

  6. Sean McHugh says:

    Beautiful. So be it. Let all the supporters at DeSmogBlog (and their kind) be described as gleicks for evermore. Let their science be called gleick science and let their activities be called gleicking.

  7. Kevin R. Lohse says:

    Littlemore’s rant is merely the latest attempt of the uber-alarmists to draw parallels with Climategate. This one demonstrates with startling clarity that the CAGW advocates just don’t, or more likely refuse to, understand the implications of Climategate, where after years of investigation no evidence of criminal activity has been found, and the present situation , where presumably the same forensic techniques used in Climategate have quickly produced one culprit and would seem to be in reach of producing a second.
    It is worth noting that the CAGW advocates stance is straight out of the Marxist playbook and is intended to convince the hard-of -thinking in a confused situation. Gleike is being dressed up as the Che Guavera of post-normal warmist science – invisible clothes to the increasingly sceptical public.

  8. What a friggin dork ! He’d be the perfect tool to green up the planet, what with all the s**t that dribbles forth from that fat lying mouth…

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