More indoctrination: Future Sparks website will 'fill classrooms with the buzz from the clean energy future industry'

Get 'em while they're young, right?

New Scientists wants climate indoctrination in schools, so it would be very proud of Australia, where such propaganda is disseminated widely thanks to Labor’s “Clean Energy Future” legislation. Yes, you read that right – a new website aims to indoctrinate school children with political propaganda on climate change.

This email popped into my inbox earlier today from the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency:

Engaging our future bright sparks

Australian teachers and students can now harness the kinetic energy of a soccer ball to charge a mobile phone or power a light bulb, as part of ‘Future Sparks – our clean energy show and tell’ program, which was launched on Tuesday 21 February 2012.

Read the full story ‘Engaging our future bright sparks’ about the Future Sparks program on the Clean Energy Future website.

So here’s the flannel from the website:

Green Cross AustraliaCSIRO and the Clean Energy Council have joined forces to showcase the latest scientific and engineering developments to inspire and amaze students about the transition to cleaner sources of energy.

This initiative is proudly supported by the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency.

The Future Sparks website is now live and has been designed to fill classrooms with the buzz and excitement from the clean energy future industry. The website features a video and persuasive writing competition giving students the chance to flex their creative muscle and participate in the wider clean energy future conversation.

CSIRO have provided lesson plans that are flexible and fun, catering for a wide range of school settings. Future Sparks is compatible with the Australian Curriculum, particularly with English and Science, and the cross-curriculum priority of sustainability.

This website also provides core information on clean energy options, climate change science, emerging technology and includes many links, videos and games enabling students to explore further. Schools can readily access most videos and animations as they do not require YouTube access. (source)

Wow – the “buzz and excitement from the clean energy future industry”. I can hardly wait. You want indoctrination? We’ve got indoctrination. In spades. And when you visit the website, which is colourful and pretty and instantly attractive to youngsters, the climate propaganda is all there:

The Earth’s climate has changed dramatically since the beginning of time, but evidence now shows that human activity is creating a sharp increase in the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Scientists agree this causes the temperatures on Earth to rise, which influences the climate – more extreme weather events, more often.

In some areas, the sea level will rise – and this is very worrying for people who live on small islands, particularly our Pacific Island neighbours.

There are now 7 Billion people on Earth – more than any other time in history – and this number is expected to continue to rise, putting further strain on the planet’s resources and adding greatly to climate change.

Animals will have to seek out climates to suits them – this will be a problem for alpine species in Australia!

Diseases will spread to new areas where the changed conditions will now suit microorganisms that can cause them.

So the change in climate will bring widespread change to our way of life and environment.

Take a look at this really cool video made by some other students to explain climate change.  It is a perfect example of a Future Spark video – make sure you keep yours under 3 minutes for this competition. (source)

Click the video link (if you can stand it) to see how some children have been totally brainwashed already. It’s truly, truly shocking. Links to CSIRO propaganda feature prominently, as do photos of polar bears and bush fires.

This tidal wave of propaganda will continue until our government is changed, finally, and this kind of political indoctrination is taken out of the classroom. It is utterly disgraceful.


  1. Cyndi Rose via Facebook says:

    Round up the mentally insane. They should NOT be running the asylum people!

  2. Bernd Felsche via Facebook says:

    Gang-Green: Making electricity unaffordable

  3. i don’t see what the problem is: they are just trying to counteract the lies the Heartland Institute wants to put into schools with their massive budget for such things…


    • Are you for real? Compared to the billion dollar industry of big Green, the Heartland institute is one small paddle of sanity trying to turn the tide against the zealous alarmist machine.

  4. The same Labor/Green climate change grant money (our taxes) that funded the ‘DirtGirlworld’ production, to the tune of $150,000 is also funding this Green Cross ‘Show and Tell’ campaign in Australian primary schools, to the tune of $200,000.

    So that’s $350,000 of our money being spent on propaganda to brainwash Australia primary school children! Who says this pathetic government isn’t a joke?

  5. Lew Skannen says:

    I clicked. I puked.

  6. I’ll be having some chats with the teachers if they start feeding my boy this crap.

    • Veronica Dawber says:

      Good for you Tony…I thought for a second I had got the date wrong….Thought it was 1st April…… Pure madness…… X

  7. I think it the ‘clean energy’ industry has a strong financial interest in do ing this, since their products are far too expensive to survive with substantial subsidies in a mass market. They have been funding websites targeting children for some time now:

    Adults of course are hard to win around, or leave undisturbed, since they pay the bills and can often spot a scam when they see one. But the children are easier to get at, easier to convince, easier to scare, easier to get on board with their pester power to help win their parents over to ‘the cause’. The cause in this case being the enrichment of a few at the expense of the many – which would be just fine and dandy if it were not also going to cripple other enterprises which need low cost energy, or even those which those on modest incomes might have saved up to start or spend money to support.

    On a more positive note, Judith Curry has started a new thread on climate education in schools, and it seems to be attracting a fair amount of interest with 420 comments in the first day or so: She is one climate scientist who is not afraid of discussion, and who clearly cares deeply for the integrity of her subject. Unfortunately that type of climate scientist has been all but swamped out in the eyes of the establishment by other types, not least those for whom political action is the be all and end all, and for whom a little creative scaremongering is no bother at all.

  8. OMG.. go to the Green Cross website.

    “Australian affiliate of Green Cross International
    founded by President Mikhail Gorbachev “

  9. Comfortable leftist elites raising the prices for electricity in an orgy of feel-goodism is among the reasons I wrote my book.

    I want to read my first skeptical book about climate change.

  10. It’s the same in Germany. My friends 10 year old son recently came home from school and told his mum that he wished he had never been born. When she asked why he said we are killing the planet, I don’t deserve to live.

    That’s what this brainwashing is doing to kids. Kids who should be looking forward to life, as I was at his age.

    It’s a crime against the young and vulnerable.

  11. The only thing that Eric Arthur Blair (aka George Orwell) got wrong was the year; 1984 is clearly with us NOW.

  12. Funny that the Government can get away with pushing its own agenda, but private enterprise gets a beating if it does the same thing.
    More ABC madness.

  13. Louis Hissink says:

    “This tidal wave of propaganda will continue until our government is changed, finally, and this kind of political indoctrination is taken out of the classroom. It is utterly disgraceful.”

    Unfortunately no, changing the politicians won’t change the system under our conventions and mores, since it is the system itself that engineers the politicians offered for our election.

    A second interpretation is based on the fact of group thinking, for which there is good empirical, experimental evidence, which concludes that birds of a feather congregate together, and conclude the same result together.

    Then are we debating the content of compulsory State education policies which are only guided by political goals. Religious instruction in schools isn’t any different either – and fair enough for the faithful, but to expect the rest to be forced to to “learn” ideas that in the absence of State force they would never willingly acquire, is another matter but just as important.

    • Luisa Vanco says:

      Religious instruction in schools may not be everyone’s cup of tea but they teach morally good principles which we all should hope our children will be empowered with, whether at home or in the school yard.

      That a child is taught to understand their lives are guided by more than just personal gain or materialism; that understanding our morality and spirituality gives us great strength of purpose, is surely not a bad thing.

      In any case, no one gains anything from this except a different point of view. Great sums of money are not exchanged for the right to indoctrinate our children to a particular cause that only a handful of people subscribe to with spurious data and corrupted science.

  14. Luisa Vanco says:

    I am so pleased that my children have finished school. The last few years of my youngest son’s schooling where virtually every subject he took was prefaced by the AGW mantra, were starting to not only irritate me but him as well. Particularly in Geography, where Al Gore apparently knew everything and in Year 12 were MADE to watch “An Inconvenient Truth”. Needless to say, following the screening, most of the students tore the whole thing to shreds with decorum, logic and application of scientific principals. They continued to pursue the subject with their teacher over many weeks in an effort to bring unbiased debate to this most criminal of enterprises.
    I was very proud of him for such a display of maturity but, unfortunately, for final assessments, in order to gain a high OP score, he had no choice but to toe the ‘party’ line.
    With the education of our children being seen as such a ‘corrupt cause nobilis’, I hold great fears for our future

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