Quote of the Day: Megan McArdle

Quote of the Day

Wonderful quote from The Atlantic on Gleick:

And ethics aside, what Gleick did is insane for someone in his position–so crazy that I confess to wondering whether he doesn’t have some sort of underlying medical condition that requires urgent treatment.  The reason he did it was even crazier.  I would probably have thrown that memo away.  I might have spent a few hours idly checking it out. I would definitely not have risked jail or personal ruin over something so questionable, and which provided evidence of . . . what?  That Heartland exists?  That it has a budget? That it spends that budget promoting views which Gleick finds reprehensible? 

Exactly. Global warming alarmists (and the Left in general) can’t handle dissent, so they try to suppress it at all costs.


  1. Bast has been pretty good at deflecting the accusations against Heartland. The alarmists really are scrambling right now, and their continuing misrepresentations and support of Gleick are only doing them greater harm.

  2. Lew Skannen says:

    As if there ever was even a ‘memo’ before he faked it.

    This is now well into the realms of religious fanaticism. Pretty much everything Gleick accuses the sceptics of applies to his own cult.
    The big joke of course was that he accused HI of smothering debate only for us to discover that a few days before he ran his little scam he had turned down yet another request from Heartland for a debate…

    This has been a very useful occurrence because we can now see who supports Gleick and who still has integrity.

  3. I’m not a big fan of the Forbes Magazine, as they’re squarely on the side of catastrophic human induced global warming, but their piece on the Gleickgate saga is spot on.

    Peter Gleick Sets Back the Climate Debate. “The credibility of science depends on having credible scientists. A scientist who – whatever his motivation – deceives sources to obtain information, by definition sacrifices his credibility in a public debate, and damages that of others making similar arguments.

    Gleick has given them (deniers) a gift: his own head on a platter, an example of the scientist willing to do anything to advance his agenda, including misrepresenting his own identity.

    The fact that the political arena has such low standards is exactly why scientists (and anyone wishing to have a real debate about climate) must maintain the highest standards.”

  4. Rick Bradford says:

    Yes, that’s the point, isn’t it?

    As far as the Left is concerned, there is no such thing as a simple “opposing viewpoint” — it has to be “reprehensible.”

    And Gleick is definitely of the Left — he portrays Jennifer Aniston as some kind of Satanic witch for having had the temerity to appear in an advertisement for bottled water.

  5. If you followed Gleickgate on Un-Skeptical-Psuedo-Science, you’d be forgiven for thinking nothing has progressed in the saga since 15 February. You won’t find any mention of Gleick’s confession or the scientific communities outrage over his actions.

    Stunned silence from the heartland of misinformation, or in this case, no information. Didn’t John Cook write a book entitled, ‘Climate Change Denial – Heads in the Sand’. Perhaps he’s ready for the sequel, ‘Climate Change Gleick Style – Heads in the Sand’!

  6. Confusious says:

    Few grams of lead seems like an idea to cure him of all the ills…

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