Australian Labor chaos: new Liberal advert

Remember Kevin O’Lemon? Now we have a new advert, just in time for Labor’s leadership ballot tomorrow morning at 10am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (11pm GMT): “Lemons never change their spots”:


All I am hoping for is that whoever wins will be so damaged that there will be a general election and the Coalition can dump the carbon tax.


  1. Gillard will press forward with the introduction of a carbon dioxide tax in July this year.

    Kevin Rudd has said he would look to move sooner to an emissions trading scheme, but the carbon dioxide tax would still be introduced in July this year.

    Neither Rudd nor Gillard has learnt that the Carbon Dioxide Tax is political suicide, so it doesn’t matter who loses tomorrow, because the other will be sure to lose the next election. They will be both eventual losers!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “Neither Rudd nor Gillard has learnt that the Carbon Dioxide Tax is political suicide”

      Yet here we have Rudd saying he’s Labors best chance of beating Abbott. Doesn’t matter who’s leading their TOXIC party. They’re history unless they dump their toxic tax..

      Losers and clowns the lot of em..

  2. john cleese and connie boothe couldn’t write a more funny farse than aussie gutter politics…

  3. Will Liberal really get rid of the Carbon Tax? Maybe, but they still on the whole believe in the sham except MP’s such as Abbott and Dr Dennis Jensen and also Senator Cory Bernardi. It is a worry.

    • Simon Colwell says:

      Vote for the Nationals then, I don’t think any of them believe it.

      • I live in a seat that lies in suburban melbourne. At the last election it was either Labor, Liberal, Greens or Family First.

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