Bloggies: Congratulations Jo Nova

Well done, Jo Nova

Congratulations Jo Nova, for winning the Best Aussie or NZ Blog – a great blog that fully deserved to win.

As soon as I saw you were nominated I knew I didn’t stand a chance!

Thanks to all my readers who voted for ACM.



  1. You can’t be too dissapointed with being pipped by JoNova, Simon, Surely?

    You may just get there, though. Great Site and keep it up!

    [Reply: Not at all disappointed! Glad a sceptic climate site won! Simon]

  2. Lew Skannen says:

    Jo is really good. No shame in being beaten by her. Congrats to all.

    [Reply: Yes, she’s in a different class – Simon]

  3. If you had to lose to anyone Simon, Jo would have been my choice. Either way it’s a victory for climate common sense!

    • The real issue here is that the sites questioning CAGW have made a clean sweep. With our Gleiky friend across the puddle providing some entertainment I say it has been a good fortnight for common sense and, all the hard working people running this site.

  4. Love both Jo Nova and ACM blogs, keep up the great work guys…

  5. You guys should team up. Take on the world, although Anthony might have something to say about that lol

  6. Anthony Watts says:

    Simon, maybe next year. It was a tough call. Thank you for your support in helping my category of best Sci/Tech which given the other really big websites, I thought WUWT didn’t have an ice cubes chance in hell of winning.

    There’s one more award yet to be announced: “Lifetime Achievement” where WUWT is nominated.

    It WUWT wins that, it will be a clean sweep for skeptic blogs.

    • Thanks, Anthony. Great to see so many climate realist blogs in the winners and nominees. And many congratulations on your Best Sci/Tech win. Wishing you all the best for the Lifetime award! Simon

  7. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Definitely congratulations to Jo Nova, a very deserving recipient.
    But don’t sell yourself short, for me it was down to a toss of a coin whether my vote went to Jo or ACM. To ACM as it turned out.
    Thank you for very aptly helping keep the focus on the spin and lies of the CAGW crowd.

  8. A class act Simon, congratulating the others like that; a real credit to humanity and the ‘climate madness’ field as well.

    Thanks for all your support on the Bloggies this year too!

    _Jim/WUWT regular

  9. Good to see you were up there in the finalists for best Australian blog. All up with WUWT taking out the lifetime achievement as well a great win for sceptic blogs. Your hard work is turning the tide.

  10. Andrew McRae says:

    To even be nominated puts your blog above the crowd. Take heart, there’s plenty of social, economic, political, and legal shenanigans which you observe and highlight here which usually don’t appear on Jo’s site. It takes all kinds to cover the full spectrum of this issue.
    The science side is fundamental but people do have to see a consequence that makes them angry before they will be motivated to act on it.
    Therefore… keep the madness coming. (In the nicest possible way.)

  11. It was a tough choice. For what it’s worth I voted for you.

  12. Congrats Simon, there are no losers in this.
    I visit this site every single day. It has a wondeful mix of facts news and humour.

    You are a credit to blogs everywhere. Proud to be a fellow sceptic.

  13. Tim french (UK) says:

    Dont feel put out Simon [I certainly don’t! – Ed] you are doing a first rate job, As long as you are getting the message out you can consider yourself a winner for truth when the warmist yoghurt knitters didnt even get a look in, Keep it up mate!!.


  14. SOYLENT GREEB says:

    How’s this for “consensus?”

    Best Science or Technology weblog: Watts Up with That
    Best Australian or New Zealand weblog: JoNova
    Best European weblog: Tallbloke Talkshop
    Best Canadian weblog: Climate Audit
    Lifetime Achievement Award: Watts Up with That

  15. Simon,

    Thank you. You might have been sure of the outcome, but I sure wasn’t (after all, I read ACM!)

    It’s great to have such a strong skeptical contingent in Australia.


  16. Donal McCaffrey via Facebook says:

    My earnest congratulations and keep up the good work

    [REPLY – Many thanks!]

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