Bwahahahaha! Peter Gleick recommends Skeptical Science

Recommendation you could do without

In a YouTube video (here), Gleick, he of Fakegate fame, says:

“There are some excellent websites that have debunked them one by one. I believe is one that has a list of the favourite problems and misconceptions about climate change and the scientific refutations of those.”

I really wish I could get an endorsement from someone of Gleick’s standing in the scientific community… But I guess it takes a special kind of website to deserve such a recommendation, and Un-Skeptical Pseudo-Science fits the bill perfectly.


  1. Lol I have skeptical science on my page and whenever they post something about climate I always comment on how they are shameless propagandists, they actually know me by name now lol I despise that lot, they act so high and mighty and whenever you point out anything that contradicts what they are saying they just delete it tut tut!!!

  2. I expect he likes eating GM food as well. Out with the rubbish!

  3. Mike Bromley the Canucklehead says:

    Bwahahahahahaha! Indeed! There is a video out there of Gleick being introduced before a talk, but he can’t wait to point out that he has a degree in climate science. Uh, what? A hydroclimatologist?? Some department is reeling from the sudden realization that they offer that degree program. A Haughty Pretender, that Gleick. “ I believe is one that has a list of the favourite problems….”. Sounds like you didn’t bother to actually check, though.

  4. Respected climate scientist Pielke Sr won’t engage with SkS after past dealings with them. Recently he said

    “My conclusion of their weblog is that it is a place for the “convinced” to vent their views and, for some, disparage those who do not (e.g. see their small links on the upper left of their weblog home page – Christy Crocks. ect). To my knowledge, most people do not pay any attention to their weblog because of their tone and arrogance in some of their posts, and certainly in their comments.”

  5. The esteemed (notorious?) Peter Gleick got a mention (as a Water Resources Specialist) on the ABC Science Show, as he’s now part of a team at the US National Centre for Science Education designed to help teachers fight the “pushback on the teaching of global warming”.

    The link to the audio is here, and it runs for about 11 minutes. Couldn’t find a transcript, though didn’t look too hard. Be warned, it does contain superfluous analogies and references to creationism vs evolution which might raise your blood pressure a bit.

    Thankfully the Science Show still has other decent content which doesn’t involve pushing the alarmist angle, its just a pity about the stories that do…

    • The transcript is there, you just have to click “Show”. Robyn Williams’ last line was classic:

      “And did you notice the name she mentioned, Peter Gleick, now helping them at the Centre, is probably the same fellow who was involved with those papers from the Heartland Institute in the news last week.”


  6. Baldrick says:

    Would the winner of the 2011 Eureka Prize for the advancement of climate change knowledge, please step forward to claim the 2012 Gleickmeister prize for maintaining the support of criminal activities in trying to discredit climate skeptics …. John … John … that’s you!

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