Early US tornadoes will 'become the norm as planet warms'


It was only ever a matter of time. Any unusual weather event occurs and there will be some rent-seeking climate scientist, aided and abetted by a willing journalist who will blame it on ‘global warming’.

This shameless opportunism does nothing to convince people of the need to ‘tackle climate change’, it merely makes the scientists and journalists look even more desperate and callous, especially given the tragic loss of life in these events (39 deaths as of today).

This time we have über-alarmist Sharon Begley and Kevin ‘Travesty’ Trenberth:

When at least 80 tornadoes rampaged across the United States, from the Midwest to the Gulf of Mexico, last Friday, it was more than is typically observed during the entire month of March, tracking firm AccuWeather.com reported on Monday.

According to some climate scientists, such earlier-than-normal outbreaks of tornadoes, which typically peak in the spring, will become the norm as the planet warms.

“As spring moves up a week or two, tornado season will start in February instead of waiting for April,” said climatologist Kevin Trenberth of the National Center for Atmospheric Research. (source)

Once again, this shouldn’t come as any surprise. Climate change is the unfalsifiable hypothesis – nothing can disprove the alarmists claim that every weather event is being affected by it. It therefore helpfully relegates the theory of catastrophic AGW to the dustbin of astrology and pseudoscience.

On reading the rest of the article, however, the true picture is that scientists really don’t know what effect warming will have on these events. But that doesn’t make a very good headline, does it? And there isn’t really a story there at all, is there?


  1. lol, we are still focused on climate, and not on what’s poisoning us and mother earth.

  2. ah like snow will be a thing of the past (uk) and drought will become more common (aus – flannery) uh huh?

  3. Of course, they’ve made no such claim beforehand. Some claimed more tornadoes, some claimed more intense tornadoes; both spectacularly wrong.

    “..the true picture is that scientists really don’t know what effect warming will have on these events”

    In spades.

  4. Ray Anderson via Facebook says:

    Tornadoes are caused when cold air meets warm.. if it is warming we would get less tornadoes not more..

  5. DO not tell the truth ,do not tell the truth, if they say it long enough they themselves will believe it, pity the rest of the world is aware to the false garbage coming from the looney left.

  6. Ian F Somerville via Facebook says:

    What about the coming mini ice age.How will this affect the frequency of tornadoes ? These AGM alarmists will be freezing their cobblers off while the rest of us have a warm fire to sit around!!

  7. I live eight miles from Harvest, AL. Tornadoes are a fact of life around here. Six newsworthy tornadoes, and countless smaller ones, have hit Harvest over my lifetime. The difference between 1950 and now is there are tens to hundreds of times more people living in the paths of tornadoes; so the storms and their damage are more noticed. I’m so tired of the media hype, the opportunists, and the useful idiots exploiting and falling for scams in the name of weather phenomena.

  8. Did this guy not get the memo,climate gate has been exposed for what it is,geez dude,get a clue!!!!!!!Buy a vowel or something!!!!

  9. Greedy Climate Change Scientists Have ‘Become Norm as Money and Politics Warms’

  10. Baldrick says:

    As if early tornadoes have never struck the U.S. before …

    – INTENSE. COLD AND TORNADOES IN US. (60 dead) – 26 February 1934
    TORNADOES ROAR THROUGH U.S. (43 dead) – 12 February 1950
    Schools Wrecked By U.S. Tornadoes (25 dead) – 1 February 1955

    … gimme a break Kev, you’re really wearing thin!

  11. Andrea Smith via Facebook says:

    They need to be held accountable, this is manipulation, geoengineering ……..its criminal

  12. What a crock.

  13. Climate change is also responsible for baldness, whales beaching, graffiti, acne, socks going missing in the washing machine, bad Indian drivers, old people, Watergate, the landing at Roswell, Shane Warne’s sms addiction and, monobrows.

  14. These people who predict doom and gloom need to be exposed for their blatant lies

  15. Climate Change made me lose my car keys yesterday.

  16. Remember that Trenberth is the scammer who claims the key “evidence” for AGW is 20,000 years of rising sea levels. When his lips are moving you know he’s bs’ing.

  17. Incredible to think that there are people out there who still believe the nonsense about “Global Warming” mythology. The Planet is actually cooling. That’s why they have changed their tune to Climate Change.

  18. Dave Coombes via Facebook says:

    What a croc of shit

  19. Richard N says:

    Like Flannery , Travesty is just waiting to the add next natural disaster (eg drought,flood,tornado,cyclone) to the the pot of direct consequences of AGW. Why not? I am still sickened by the memory of Bob Brown blaming cyclone Yasi on AGW.

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