30% of OCD patients worry about "global warming"

Scaring the population

I assume that those 30% also get their news from Fairfax, the ABC, BBC, Reuters, AAP etc, and believe every word of the government’s alarmist climate change propaganda.

Having whipped up so much fear over the past decade, it’s little wonder that such a high proportion of those with a predisposition towards anxiety and OCD behaviour cite “global warming” as a major concern:

A new study has found that many people with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) are worrying about the effects of climate change and global warming.

Researchers from the University of Sydney looked at patients attending an anxiety disorders clinic.

They found one-third of the patients had anxiety about the effects of climate change.

Their behaviours included checking and rechecking pets water bowls, light switches, taps and stoves.

Researchers say while these behaviours are common in obsessive compulsive disorder, the rationale was unique.

They said they were checking appliances to reduce their global footprint.

Researchers say theirs is the first study on the impact of climate change in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder.

They recommend that doctors be aware of the anxiety in the community about climate change. (source)

What a world we live in, where the mainstream media (abetted by the government) literally scares thousands of vulnerable people out of their wits.

Maybe there should be some kind of media regulator after all… /sarc.


  1. Torturous.

  2. So the propaganda machine is making the mentally ill worse. Brilliant.. Let’s hope they’re held accountable for that.

  3. John Smith via Facebook says:

    Quite true though. I didn’t grow up as a child worried about climate, cancer, or any other downfall ooh there was of course the cold war and the fear of being blown to kingdom come. That didn’t happen either.

  4. I speak as a professional therapist, and all the elements of neurosis and psychosis have been induced artificially by the IPCC and its branches, based on an irrational fear and associated paranoia against deniers. It’s classic divide and rule politics so they can rob us while we’re either so scared we hand the money over like a street robbery or fighting each other instead of the bloody crooks who set this all up in the 80s.

  5. Toscamaster says:

    Beware of numbers!!
    It follows that 70% of OCD sufferers (those who are pre-disposed to being irrationally anxious) are NOT worried about Catastrophic Global Warming, let alone CAGW.
    Via Google – “The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that more than 2 percent of the U.S. population, or nearly one out of every 40 people, will suffer from OCD at some point in their lives.”
    Let’s say 3% are OCD sufferers at any one time, and those are American numbers.
    Thus 100% minus 30% of 3% = 99% percent of US people are “NOT worried about Catastrophic Global Warming, let alone CAGW”.
    That’s 99% could care less.
    Would this shrinking cabal of alarmists please just go away.
    Their stupid games are being seen for what they are – MASSIVE FRAUD.
    By the way, those who can detect illogic in the above are welcome to expose themselves by responding to this comment.

  6. Baldrick says:

    Scientific studies into the Lunar Effect, (a theory that there is correlation between specific stages of the Earth’s lunar cycle and deviant behaviour in human beings) fail to show any relationship between the two.

    Yet amazingly, the A Climate of Suffering effect (a theory that there is a correlation between specific stages of the Earth’s climactic cycle and deviant behaviour in human beings) has been confirmed.

    It’s just a shame they can’t link lunar cycles with climate change. I’m sure somebody could get a grant to investigate that!

  7. My Grandmother use to call it as she saw it. Her words still ring in my ears as I read this. Crackpots then and Crackpots now!

  8. The state employed shrinks would have it that OCD is a medical condition.

    A typical “OCD” sufferer is a person who has been subjected to threats and warnings (by guess who) from an early age. They have been told that they will burn in hell, be mutilated, eaten, sent to an orphanage etc by the age of 4 or 5. They have Stockhausen Syndrome and have grown up to be good gullible citizens.

  9. Old Sailor Man says:

    I’ m obsessive about this stuff. On a veteran’s pension, who can afford to leave lights etc on is not actually needed? Be OK if I was an illegal immigrant.
    Oh and BTW Toscamaster…
    “That’s 99% could care less.” Surely you meant…………….That’s 99% could NOT care less. Think about it

  10. the reverse may be true. Others are suffering anxiety as society embraces the fraud

  11. uhavitbad says:

    ” the impact of climate change in patients with obsessive compulsive disorder.”
    Maybe should read,
    The impact of obsessive compulsive disorder on climate change patients.

  12. The alarmists have a lot to answer for. Hopefully in time there will be an inquiry into the lies they have told, and be punished for it.

  13. It’s also surprising that with this relatively modern impending disaster that we haven’t had a corresponding increase of alien visitation. It wasn’t that long ago that the shrinks were telling us that there was no such thing as truth and that whatever a person “experienced” was real.

  14. Simon Colwell says:

    I would imagine that most global warming nutters suffer from some kind of disorder…

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