Bob Carr's ecotard maiden speech

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Bob Carr’s cock-up laden first week culminated in a maiden speech which confirms him as a total climate moonbat, to add to his talent for foreign policy gaffes. Not a great asset in a Foreign Minister. Here are a few select quotes:

“Human activity is changing our planet,” he said.

“Each decade has been warmer than the previous one since the 1950s … the Earth that we knew has changed.”

Senator Carr said it was up to Australia to protect the islands of the South Pacific and take bold Australian ideas to the world stage.

Proving he is well read, he referenced many historians, climate scientists and quoted from several books in his speech.

“When I first started reading about it in the late 1980s, what was prophecy is the way we live now,” Senator Carr said.

“Bill Clinton described global warming as nature’s weapon of mass destruction and the brilliant author Bill McKibben in his book Earth reminded us that this is the way we live now, this phenomenon is upon us.” (source)

Pass the Kool-Aid, Bob. Now f**k off. Sorry…

UPDATE: I should explain that having suffered under Carr as premier of NSW when I first arrived in 2005, and then his equally hopeless successors, Morris Iemma, Nathan Rees and Kristina Kennealy, who ground my home state into the dust with their spectacular incompetence and arrogance, I feel more than a little annoyance with Carr now lording it up in the Senate, spouting the same old crap he spouted in Macquarie Street. Grrr…


  1. “Senator Carr said it was up to Australia to protect the islands of the South Pacific and …”

    The Pacific Isalnds aren’t a protectorate of Australia. Australia doesn’t govern them, nor is a “colonial” attitude appreciated by the islanders, AFAICT.

    “take bold Australian ideas to the world stage.”

    Well, yes Bob. That’s pretty obvious. It’s not like the Sri Lankans will be doing that for us. But really; that’s ALSO not the role of government.

  2. Richard Abbott says:

    Well I can not call Carr a bloody silly old fool,…….. because he is younger than me !

    • I don’t see the problem. When I was a boy I used to say “there’s no fool like an old fool” and now that I am deserving of respect in consideration of my great age, I still say “there’s no fool…”.

      (We also used to say “never trust anyone over 30” . Advice which has served me well all my long life.)

      (Although younger than the poor silly old bugger.)

  3. “Pass the Kool-Aid, Bob. Now f**k off”. Um can I use that under license 🙂

    I had some hopes for Bob, then he opened his mouth about how “Australia needs to be saved from an Abbott led Government”.

    Then his Labor cronies started rabbiting on about how ‘hugely intelligent’ he was. This dipstick wouldn’t last five seconds in the real world. He couldn’t create and run a successful business if his life depended on it.

    A “Hugely Intelligent” person would have said “Australia needs to be saved BY an Abbott led Government”.

  4. STRIKE 1:
    Bob Carr admitted he was completely wrong on the issue of NATO-led intervention in Libya. “I am happy to have been completely wrong on that issue.”

    STRIKE 2:
    He also admitted he was wrong to threaten sanctions against Papua New Guinea. “It was a mistake and I’ve learned a lesson.”

    STRIKE 3:
    Bob Carr admitted his views about imposing sanctions on Iran were wrong saying, “I think I’ve been persuaded out of the view that the sanctions are wrong. The more recent evidence is that the sanctions are working.”

    That’s 3 strikes Bob – now what was that you said about global warming …

    • He was wrong to back down on point two- PNG is a totally corrupt society run by totally corrupt elites.. The corrupt cadre recognise each other and although they form factions and sometimes bicker among themselves, they always prey on the powerless.

      Anyway, it is lucky they put this fool into a bullshit portfolio because his (and his party’s) grasp on economics and science is non-existent.

    • Luke Warm says:

      excellent post.

  5. Wow… “pass the Kool aid… Now f[snip]k off”…You sure torn bob carr’s argument apart there… That will teach that book-reading moonbat.

    • Yeah, well, annoyance gets the better of me sometimes. I could have gone into the reasons why what he was saying was bull, but I couldn’t be bothered. At least I asterisked out the middle letters of the F-word.

      • I agree with you Simon – it’s getting to the stage now where I tell them they are f@#kwits for believing in the CAGW religion. The problem is that logic and facts don’t faze the dickheads.
        They rabbit on with all their “CO2 = evil” bullsh#t and when you ask for proof – never has been forthcoming.
        I am a mechanical engineer, pushing 60, and have had a lifetime of dealing with reality, including the Laws of Nature.
        I am sick of being nice to the morons – I am sure that it only encourages their stupidity.

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      “You sure torn bob carr’s argument apart there…”

      The more we see of Blogger Bob, the more we witness him tearing his own arguement apart; the incompetent, conceited old fool.

      He needs no assistance from Simon in that regard…

  6. Dudley Jones says:

    I increasingly look to Australia to save us all from Climate Change.

    I hope that you will take this brave course of ‘tackling climate change’ all the way and in so doing pursuade the UK government of the stupidity of it all.

    I also hope that Australia survives this crazy time, but I have to hand it to you, you really do have a rare and complete collection of crap politicians.

    Jula et al are not just stupid, help me with an adequate description of these dumbos.

  7. Bob Carr was also talking about these wacky scientific experiments that supposedly prove that AGW is happening and causing significant affects.

    “”But what if this shock, this chemical experiment with the Earth’s atmosphere is only the first of a series of shocks we might sustain?” he said.
    “What about the change in the chemical composition of the oceans as they absorb more and more of the carbon our civilisations have been emitting?”

    The amount of crap he came out with blew my mind.

    • It is scary (or how is it possible) to have people like this “governing” this country!

  8. Quoting people who are wrong doesn’t prove someone is “well read”

  9. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    Maybe the “Cash for Clunkers” get rid of old cars scheme is one failed LaborGreen policy that should have been retained?

  10. Luke Warm says:

    The funniest thing about Julia Gillard’s selection of Bob Carr as the replacement senator is that he is clearly past it. He is a slow, mentally stumbling & bumbling old man these days. It’s plainly obvious every time he appears on camera. More genius from Gillard – Australia’s first sheltered workshop (affirmative action) PM – and doesn’t it show. What’s next Julia, bring back Gough? or Hawkey? One thing is for sure, Julia only picks lackey’s who don’t challenge her in any way and geriatrics fit the bill perfectly.

  11. Rodrigues says:

    The problem as I see it with Australian politics (or any other countries politics for that matter) is that anyone with any real brains wouldn’t get involved in that convoluted mess. It’s usually only those with big enough inflated ego’s that would sell their soul to get to the top that actually manage to get to the top. My take on it is that if they are willing to sell their own soul to get there then everyone else’s soul is of little consequence. In a way party politics is bad for politics. If all politicians were independents then at least we’d have an honest debate on issues not this toe the party line crap!

    • Luisa Vanco says:

      It’s the independents that got us into this mess in the first place remember? I groaned in disbelief when KRudd was first elected and watching the misery he imposed slowly descend on the Australian people but there was hope with the next election until the INDEPENDENTS got a shoe in. It has been downhill from there. This (Carr) moron can barely string two words together. We have descended into the pits of hell. God save us!

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