Man-made global warming at Alice Springs

I certainly believe in man-made global warming in this case, where someone has tinkered with raw weather station data to create an artificial warming trend. As Paul Homewood explains:


Before                                                      After (click to enlarge)


Not content with reducing past temperatures in the Arctic thus creating an artificial warming trend, GHCN have now been up to their tricks in Alice Springs down under in Oz.

A sharp drop in temperatures in 1976, confirmed in B.O.M. records, seems to have convinced the algorithm that adjustments were needed. The odd thing is that a similar rise in temperature in the following year did not do the same.

Other stations near to Alice show a similar drop in temperatures that year proving that it was not an anomalous reading, e.g. Jervois, the nearest station.




The adjustment has been slipped into the latest update, last week, unlike the Arctic ones which appeared in December. Evidently GHCN are still fiddling around with their software.

I have contacted the Ozzie Met for their comments. However, it is apparent that the latest version of GHCN is rapidly becoming a joke.


  1. Some one is always playing with figures so as to procure the desired outcome.

  2. We really need that audit. What is the Ombudsman’s office doing?
    Would a petition help?
    Thanks for your unpaid auditing.

  3. When will there be a fully independent estimation of whether or not there really has been any warming over the past century ? Anything with a Phil Jones, Hansen, IPCC, NASA, GISS stamp on it can’t be trusted. Is ‘global average temperature’ meaningful anyway ?

  4. The claimed accuracy (3 decimal places) of CRU/IPCC temperature data is a farce.

    To me it seems that if I held a forefinger in the air and estimated a sufficient number of readings, I too could claim a 3 decimal place accuracy for my forefinger as a temperature sensor.

  5. Baldrick says:

    Surprisingly the same thing has happened in Brisbane, thanks to The Dog Ate my Data blog.

    The RAW data shows a decline, but the homogenised, politically correct, ADJUSTED data shows an increase. Go figure!

  6. I’m a refrigeration and air conditioning tech and I can simultaneously measure three or more different temperatures inside your fridge!

  7. Blackadder says:

    Baldrick is right, see this figure at GHCN showing how they convert cooling into warming at Brisbane.

    See also Darwin where again cooling gets turned into warming.

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