Government climate change staff 'miserable and disengaged'

DCCEE worker?

So the government has spent another $175,000 of your money to cheer them up:

THEY are responsible for some of the government’s most important policies – but staff at the Department of Energy and Climate Change are too ashamed to admit where they work.

Staff morale is so low the government has spent almost $175,000 on consultants to lift staff’s flagging spirits.

A negative public image of the department, changing environmental policies and lack of internal support had left them feeling miserable and disengaged, an internal report has found.

The report was conducted by consultants Right Management in July 2010 when the department was under the responsibility of Finance and Deregulation Minister Penny Wong.

The portfolio has since been taken over by Greg Combet.

The department is responsible for carrying out some of the government’s most critical and controversial policies, including those relating to global warming, carbon emission reduction and promoting energy efficiency.

The findings of the report are so damning the government only released it nine months after it was first requested by the Opposition under Freedom of Information laws.

The report, which also includes a survey of 788 people, found the department to have “low levels” of employee engagement. Staff held a poor view of the department, felt a lack of purpose, were uninformed about changes to policies and procedures, and worried about their future employment. [And so they should be. Come election day on 2013, they’ll be for the chop – Ed]

“Many reported having to think about whether they would tell people where they worked because of the department’s negative image,” the report said.

Opposition Climate Action, Environment and Heritage spokesman Greg Hunt said the report exposed the level of incompetence within the department. (source)

Maybe they secretly realise that their department is an utter waste of money, whose actions will make not the slightest bit of difference to the climate? And just piss people off.


  1. I am proud to say that I turned down a database design contract in Canberra with this department. On a matter of principle I will refuse any work that is funded by the proceeds of scams.

  2. Sceptical Sam says:

    There’s no doubt the Department is for the chop. And good riddance too.

    However, it is usual practice in the Australian Public Service, that if you are a permanent employee you get redeployed, and continue to suck on the public teat. It’s only the contract staff and casuals who get the real chop. But they are also the ones who are more likely climate zealots and Labor/Green apparatchiks. So there’s some justice for the poor old taxpayer there at least.

    Maybe they’ll apply a little more judgement before they swallow the next trendy fad.

  3. A drop in the bucket my friend. Of course, the bucket is ever-increasing and the drops are likewise. It would seem the staff at the Department of Energy and Climate Change are suffering from a little thing called ‘guilt’. Quite simply they are no more than tax collectors, and given that the tax they are collecting is fraudulent…how could they not be feeling so? Poor wee things.

    • Agreed an they are tax department without constitutional pwers to be so which is the whole point – now we have a department controlled by international laws governing an ever increasing tax on Australia.
      Socialism at its best.

  4. Makes you wonder how they do their recruitment. Is there not a large pool of starry-eyed tree-huggers to ensure the departments critical work gets done, and the evil carbon emitters get their just desserts? Is ‘saving the planet’ not sufficient motivation to keep the poor souls processing that vital paperwork?

    Maybe even the “Fern Gully” generation are waking up to the bull$%#@t !!

  5. Baldrick says:

    That’s what happens when you turn a once ‘public service’ into a politicised pseudo-businesses empire that spits of government propaganda by the bucket load.

  6. You know to cheer themselves up they could just start telling the truth. When you live a lie you are miserable…so it stands to reason if the employees would just start being their own ” whistleblowers ” they will then enjoy their jobs and won’t have to live a lie anymore. Heck maybe they will even start singing show tunes. 🙂

  7. As an Australian citizen, I often feel miserable at the thought of the Department of Energy and Climate Change, and wonder if I should tell anyone I am Australian, when asked where I am from. Good thing that Australia is still a novelty to most of the rest of the world…

    Someone should try to cheer me up, maybe by holding a federal election. Sure, it’ll cost more than $175K, but on the up-side, it won’t just be me who would be happy to see the back of this deceitful, anti-scientific, arrogant, and inept Government. (no doubt to be replaced by one equally as annoying, but in different ways)

  8. Richard Abbott says:

    Yet another example of public servants being so pathetically divorced from the real world of private enterprise, where one learns to jump all the obstacles stacked up by those very same hopeless public servants !

  9. Charles gerard nelson says:

    I wonder how the consultants ‘cheered’ them up?
    A puppet show perhaps? Or a Magician maybe?
    Tee hee.

  10. agwnonsense says:

    They have a choice.Either leave or stop whining.

  11. Living a lie is never easy, working in a job that is a lie is soul destroying. I feel for these people, they may have mortgages etc, but no amount of money is going to make them feel any better about doing the sham job they are doing. Shafting the Australian people will never be an easy job, putting fellow Australians out of work based on a quasi scientific religion will always destroy decent people. Maybe they can get some psychologists in to help the staff become completely detached in the same way Bernie Madoff was from his clients.

  12. I feel not the slightest compassion for these parasites. They know or should know that AGW/CC is absolute bunkum, that the carbon tax was introduced on Gillard’s election lie. They were aware they were working for a scam and so their predicament is of their own making. The sooner they are out of a job the better.

  13. I find it very odd that I know the names of more Australian politicians than I do Canadian ones (American, living in Canada 8 years now). Unfortunately, all the names I know are those of the Bad Guys…

  14. I suppose this is what happens when seemingly rational people are charged with taking money from the energy production sector, then after administration costs handing the money over to Centre Link for redistribute as welfare, and then, only to find that this very same money gets paid back to the energy production via the increases in cost of living expenses as passed back to the consumer.

    Once any Government taxes any production sector then it automatically loses all control over the cost of production and the increased supply chain costs that ultimately the end-user will have to pay. Taxing profits on production is one thing but, taxing the production itself is enough to send any rational person off the rails.

  15. What a shameful waste of our hard earnt taxpayers’ money. There’s not one piece of actual scientific evidence to justify their existence. Even the concept of having a Minister for Climate Change is a joke.

  16. Being a puppet must be a pretty dreary existence..
    especially when you know you have people like Gillard, Combet, and Brown pulling the strings.

  17. I’m willing to bet they were promised oranges and sunshine when they were recruited; duped as much as the rest of the Australian public has been. Now they’re realising their folly.

  18. Bob Barry says:

    I bet that carbon tax thing caught them totally off-guard. One minute they was doing nothing much for a few years, the next they are working on a carbon tax lie.

    Its not good thing when the subordinates don’t share the same vision as the department just shows how wrong the policies are.

  19. hyperbowl says:

    No sympathy for them at all!
    Anyone who receives funds based on AGW must be a candidate for “obtaining financial advantage by deception”.

  20. What the hell is wrong with Australia? Countries like the Czech Republic just laugh at this AGW stuff and won’t have a bar of it. That’s how I feel, apparently not everybdy in this neck of the woods does. Time to move.

  21. I suppose working there must be a little like responding to an ad for an overseas modeling job and finding oneself locked in an upscale Kazakh whorehouse or something.

    “But it SOUNDED like such a GREAT idea…”

  22. I bet we can get 10,000 People who think the Greens are Wankers says:

    I have no sympathy for them whatsoever. My sympathy is with taxpayers. They take a huge salary and work their 38 hours with generous sick pay, stress leave, maternity leave, RDO’s, etc etc. Much better pay and conditions than most Aussies would dream of getting. Instead of them whinging and whining and ludicrous amounts of money being spent on them, there is one simple cure – Leave your Cushy Job! Most of us would leave if it were than bad. For goodness sake are these precious poodles so soft in the head they think they are hard done by? Tell them to get a life, get some guts and live in the real world and stop being such hypocrites.

  23. I am an American who has had the pleasure of living in South Australia as a farmer’s wife these past 5 years.

    And, only recently – I have found EXACTLY what is ‘wrong’ with all our governments (not just in the O’bummer White House, as my Yank Friends have named it, sorry! It might be crude to you – but, it’s the nicest one I could come up with! smiles.) If you’d like further information – and I AM serious, here – please contact me by email and I will provide what all of Australia (not just this department) needs to feel normal once again.

    This is NOT a joke. I LOVE THIS COUNTRY AS MY OWN.
    God bless you guys.
    Cynthia Lauren Thorpe
    Kingston SE, South Australia

  24. antifraud says:

    Climate Change fraudsters and the corrupt Labor Party need to be charged with a fraud perpetrated against the Australian People.

  25. carbon worker says:

    I’ve said it before about them ( and I have contact with them for work ) and I will say it again because I’ve never found anything more apt:

    “In the SS, one met a better class of person”

    -Walther Schellenberg, Sicherheitdienst, senior SS Officer

    A typical “unit” of this “department” contains a university graduate whose only previous work experience was as a student “helping” a local council, a public servant with a diploma who previously worked at centrelink (loads and LOADS of these), an ex-sensitivity trainer and someone who used to work at the agricultural department.

    None of them dress appropriately for work, and I have never seen any of them turn up to meetings with “outsiders”, as they call them (ie businesspeople and stakeholders who have to deal with them) dressed in anything other than what we might call university wear.

    Imagine that. Farmers, dressed in suits and respectful, across the table from misshapen, ill-groomed and gibberingly incompetent people who are far more concerned with guess who? TONY ABBOTT than actually working.

    Or imagine this- normal businesspeople needing real advice, as one would expect to get from a normal department, which would be bad enough in most cases. But in the case of this “department”, the advice just doesn’t get given. They offer to assign people to “help”, and that is the beginning of a downward spiral- no help, no advice, or at best- advice that you’re stuffed and will have to cop the carbon tax. And yes, they call it a carbon tax. And rejoice in it.

    They are the SS of the man-made global warming scare. Except the SS looked better with those natty black uniforms and had better discipline.

    Most common cause for not being able to get a response from this “department” is that its denizens are travelling. Usually, overseas. Getting paid well over the odds and travelling the world would depress any of us, right?

  26. Ron OKnox says:

    Living a lie, that’s the problem. The other problem is that the majority have woken up to the lies.
    Department of Climate Scam.

  27. Phil E Steyn says:

    I wonder about all this. Surely ,as public servants, they are guaranteed another job if they don’t like working for the this Department. Do they not get “warehoused’ on full pay/benefits while HR cast around for an alternative position more to their liking?
    If they are not taking further advantage of the taxpayer, then they are sillier than even I thought

    • carbon worker says:

      the worker intake in climate change HQ is not from the general public service in many cases. Therefore many of them can’t be transferred since they lack even the basic mouthbreather skills of the general bureaucrat.

      Given how utterly useless and unemployable by private enterprise normal bureaucrats are, imagine how much worse the climate change untersturmbannfuehrers must be…

      In short, they are not guaranteed to be able to crawl back into the general public service sewer.

  28. Old Ranga says:

    Pity, you know. When the Great Scam (one or more sections of it) finally gets into the Courts, those hypocrites will all plead the Nuremberg Defence.

    Just doing my job, Your Honour.

  29. It’s not only these poor wretches in the climate department who are ashamed, it’s federal ministers who are too frightened of their jobs to speak out against this global warming lunacy.

  30. gasguzzler says:

    All this money wasted. I can’t wait for Tony Abbott to abolish all this nonsense.
    I won’t mind paying for his Green Army and direct action on climate change. How about you?

    • I agree. Tony may feel forced (until we have shivered through a few summers) to do the green army bit but at least the money and jobs stay in our country that way.
      Gillards tax sends a guaranteed (already signed for) 10% of the tax to the UN.
      Giving a despot a standing army is seriously scary. Dollars are a standing army.

  31. Simon Colwell says:

    They’re public servants, so who cares what they think or how they feel. By definition they are expendable, a dead-weight loss on the Australian economy.

  32. Aert Driessen says:

    And we’re supposed to feel sorry for them? They could begin to familiarise themselves with filling out Centrelink forms.

  33. Australia – no, make that the world – needs more people like Keith Levet.

  34. Richard N says:

    Hey warmists , why so sad? Could it be the lack of warming that”s getting you down , or perhaps the fact that our dams are full ?


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