Alan Jones interviews Simon on 2GB

Simon discusses the ANU “death threats” story and the freedom of information request with Alan Jones on 2GB.

See the previous stories on this subject:

The Freedom of Information appeal decision is here.


  1. Baldrick says:

    Good one Simon … well done.

  2. alcock says:

    congratulations simon

  3. That’s one Pom welcome in Oz 🙂 Well done Simon. radio interviews can be daunting, you did very well.

  4. Jan Armstrong says:

    Hi Simon…just loved listening to you and Alan. Thanks for perserving with the FOI – just goes to show the the truth will surface every time. Keep up the great work for the sake of us all.

  5. Richard Abbott says:

    Koo- eee mate….Where is the unbiased Media Watch report on the errant journalism? Old aunty just may need a prod and brought kicking and screaming to report the fact!

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