UK: Energy prices rise 140% in eight years

Note the curly eco-globe

And we know the reason: misguided climate change policies forcing generators to rely on expensive, unreliable and inefficient renewables like wind, and penalising (or taxing) the use of cheap energy like coal, oil and gas. All to “save the planet”, naturally.

From the UK Telegraph:

The average household’s annual energy bill of £1,252 now accounts for 11pc of a couple’s basic state pension of £11,175 a year, the study by price comparison website found.

The cost of energy is now the top household worry for Britons (90pc), ahead of the rising cost of food (77pc) and mortgage payments (42pc).

Almost a third of consumers (32pc) say that household energy is unaffordable in the UK, the poll found.

While the average UK household income has increased by 20pc from £32,812 in 2004 to £39,468 today, the average energy bill has risen by 140pc, according to uSwitch figures.

Households were spending an average of £522 a year for their energy in 2004, but now pay £1,252 a year – 3.2pc of income or double the 1.6pc of eight years ago.

Britons now have an average of £297 of disposable income left each month after all essential household bills are paid.

The study found 83pc of people believe that rising energy bills have had an impact on their disposable income, with 17pc of these reporting that they no longer have any disposable income as a result and 27pc saying energy bills have reduced their disposable income dramatically. (source)

Shocking. And once the carbon tax takes effect in Australia, the story will be the same here.


  1. Ken Reed via Facebook says:

    I wonder how much this will cost the government overall in increased medical care for cold and stress related illnesses.

  2. Not to mention the old and poor who will freeze to death in the name of Manmade Global warming.

  3. Shiloh Scott via Facebook says:

    Exactly what Obo has set into motion here.

  4. A similar scenario is occurring in Japan where they have closed down their nuclear capability to generate power. Now relying on renewables in particular solar with their power prices double what we are currently paying. This will only get worse and rises of the same magnitude as UK will be enevitable. The Greens would see this country on its’ knees if they ever get the full gambit of their policies. We need an election here to start reversing this disturbing situation.

  5. Streetcred says:

    Hello Australia … this is where the eco-freaks will take us to if they are allowed to continue along the path that we are also moving along. Remove all pseudo-energy subsidies NOW !

  6. So, I don’t imagine residents in the UK will be particularly worried about temperatures rising by a couple of degrees…particularly when they are freezing in winter & can’t afford any heating??

    I’ve come to the conclusion that the so called “Green” environmental movement is first & foremost an “Anti-Human” movement.

    Environment – 1; humans- NIL.

  7. Nothing about the cost of water yet? Often the biggest user of electricity in an urban area is the water treatment organisation. And vice versa, the biggest user of water is often the electricity provider. Increased costs in one are manifested with the other.

  8. Richardn says:

    You have to feel sorry for the poor pons with both sides o politics having made conscious decision to out green each other. Not quite as bad here ,but I sure wish Abbot would drop his ridiculous direct action climate cooling policy. Why not just set up some board or committee to monitor climate change and what the rest of the world is doing about it, before doing anything at all.

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