TONIGHT: ABC Media Watch expected to cover ANU story

I didn't really love it beforehand…

It is likely (although not guaranteed) that ABC’s Media Watch will cover the ANU freedom of information request story tonight.

Regrettably, I think we can all guess that criticism will be reserved for The Australian‘s coverage of the FoI release rather than for the ABC’s original reporting of the story (still, as of 2.10pm AEST, to be corrected or clarified).

See more on ACM’s FoI page here.

Media Watch is at 9.20pm AEST on ABC1.


  1. The Loaded Dog says:

    Yes indeed.

    A dilemma on the decks of the pink propaganda ship bEnterprise.

    How will Captain Smirk deal with it?

  2. Baldrick says:

    I’m sure, if they could, they would blame it all on Tony Abbott or perhaps even some ‘activist’ who dares to challenge the ANU’s scientific community!

  3. How will they spin it? My little heart goes pitter-pat with anticipation. This is almost as exciting as waiting for the next election!

    (Spin is apparently yiddish for something or other- it is also german for “bullshit”.)

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