Durban climate agreement threatens to unravel

Figueres does her "Humph" face

From the fantasy world of the ABC’s balanced reporting to the fantasy world of climate talk-fests, as the chances of globally agreed action on climate change have slipped further into the mire, with even the flimsy Durban deal looking shakier still:

CHINA has accused Australia of working to undermine negotiations for a new international agreement to cut global carbon dioxide emissions.

A new war of words between developed and developing countries over who should be responsible for cutting carbon dioxide emissions has threatened to derail talks on the so-called Durban platform being held in Bonn in Germany.

The dispute means high hopes for talks on a new, legally binding agreement that includes the US, China and India, agreed to in Durban, have descended into infighting between developed and developing countries at the first hurdle.

The Bonn talks were scheduled to appoint key officials and agree on procedures to negotiate a new agreement by 2015, to take effect by 2020.

Institute of Public Affairs spokesman Tim Wilson said: “A bad outcome at Bonn will have a huge impact on the attitudes and enthusiasm for an outcome later in the year and beyond.

“It seems clear that in Durban everyone agreed that something needed to be done but the hard point was the detail and there has been no resolution of the detail.

“If this is the outcome at Bonn it bodes very poorly for any substantive outcome at Qatar later this year for the detail of a second Kyoto commitment period which will cascade into problems for the Durban platform and a post-Kyoto agreement as well.” (source)

Even the Guardian cannot spin the failure.


  1. Hmmm. Why would China want to extend Kyoto?

  2. ilma630 says:

    It seems the more the unelected bureaucrats look to try and enforce emissions and CAGW based agreements, the less people agree. Same with the EU/Euro, as demonstrated by the economic mess Europe is in.

    So, if trying to enforce (force) rule and regulation CAUSES disagreement, surely the logic tells us that if we abandoned this vain and impossible cause, we would all then get along together. Each country would then concentrate on its own economic efficiency and technological advancement, not worry about, i.e. blame the others, which would naturally improve matters for everyone.
    It’s a bit like trying to enforce equality. It’s an artificial and false construct against which people rebel. If you don’t try and fit people/countries into moulds, there’s no rebellion. We are all different.
    As to emissions, if not hassled, the developed nations will work out their own improved efficiency for energy use, e.g. moving from coal to gas which has done MORE to reduce emissions than any carbon (CO2) trading system, and in a far more cost effective way. So, the Figueres, Jacksons and Hedegaards of our world need to back off, go and find useful, productive employment, and leave us in peace to determine our own destinies. And not going to Durban will save us all a fortune.

  3. RexAlan says:


  4. uhavitbad says:

    Collectivism at it’s best.

  5. I think it’d time they had the climate conferences/meetings in an large party tent in northern Canada around January or the Antarctica in July – After all they are melting and equate to the tropics, or so the alarmist tell me.
    Sarc off.

  6. cleanwater says:

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  7. Christiana Figueres can put on as much Hmph face as she likes. She is still an Al Gore Climate Reality Project connector, and was part of the Antarctic “expedition” to see all the melting ice there in Feb 2012 (southern hemisphere summer no less – when the sea ice normal diminishes)

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