Media's double standards on threats

Chris Merritt writes about the threats endured by those on the other side of the climate debate and politics in general, which, naturally, are rarely reported or mentioned by our PC media, whose self-appointed job is to defend the climate consensus:

At the moment, climate change is one of the “hot button” issues that brings out the crazies. But it’s not just climate change.

Melbourne columnist Andrew Bolt has also had threats of physical violence for criticising Islamism and Anita Heiss’s book Am I Black Enough for You?.

He has even been threatened for opposing a national day of mourning for the Black Saturday bushfires.

Bolt puts it down to the morally superior manner of those who play a leading role in setting the tone of public policy debate.

The most startling incident occurred a decade ago when an activist organisation published his home address on its website “along with an exhortation to burn the house down”.

Two weeks ago a filmmaker, whom he named, used Twitter to urge his followers: “Let’s assassinate Andrew Bolt.” It was later removed.

A Greens candidate at the last federal election used Twitter to publish this: “Andrew Bolt is a vile c … of a man. I openly condone hunting him down and beating him to within an inch of his life.” (source)

But hey, Bolt’s fair game right? In the politically correct, groupthink world of ABC and Fairfax, Bolt is the very embodiment of the antichrist. What’s wrong with saying he should be done in?

Comments from the consensus side about their desired treatment of sceptics is of course all waved through without protests, such as these examples:

And conservative journalists are subjected to much the same abuse and threats as the climate scientists for daring to question shoddy and politicised science, or for having the temerity to question why we should be spending billions on a carbon tax which will do nothing for the climate, but we rarely hear anything about that.


  1. You know, I have to say I am getting really sick of hearing about this BULLSHIT storm in a teacup! No more PLEEZ!

  2. Olivia Castles via Facebook says:

    @ Bikkie Ess: No need to read if you’re so tired of it; just click the “unlike” button. Personally I think that when we have a “Minister for Climate Change”, Government agencies that lie and a Government (read “State”?)-paid media that is so obviously biased and clearly reporting untruths as “facts”, then we have serious problems in this country. Cheers!

  3. evilstoo says:

    Totally. The scam of the Media to rebuke ‘researched critical analysis’ of questionable topics as ‘tin foiled hat wearing conspiracy nuts’ – is what’s considered as an even openminded media debate on important topics today. The fair analysis of important aspects of science hypothesis meets political regime is a hot contention that must be fully researched or terrible legislation can ensue (ie racist eugenics, poisonous vaccines in milk etc), but ‘no’ media just washes its hands of responsible news and feeds out political diatribe … and the naive masses just wallow in the ‘speculative science reviews’ and ‘contentious graph charts’ with a worshipful ‘seig heil’ …. i say question everything government says, or get the government you deserve!

  4. … question everything government says, or get the government you deserve!

  5. I think it is important to keep this going. If we let this go they will just nudge the envelope a bit further. It is not as if we have actually had an admission that the whole thing was a pack of lies yet. I object to having to pay for a government funded campaign of lies. This is worthy of something that I thought had disappeared when the Soviet Union fell apart. More fool me.

  6. Thumbnail says:

    I am grateful that people like Simon, Joanne Nova, Andrew Bolt and Anthony Watts and countless others help shed the light on this massive rort. I never thought I would see the day that the state-media complex would be working so transparently together to propogate this massive lie, so that governments can generate massive coffers. Thank goodness for the world-wide-web. Long may it remain free from government interference, or as free as it can be.

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