Gillard facing 'carbon tax revolt'

Stop burning that money! It's bad for the climate!

By the law of averages, there had to be a few MPs in the Labor party who were smart enough to question the nonsensical reasoning behind the carbon tax (and possibly the futility of any kind of unilateral climate action).

The Sunday Telegraph reports that there may be rumblings on the back benches:

JULIA Gillard faces growing backbench unrest over the carbon tax with sceptics quietly planning to push for changes to the incoming tax – or the leadership.

Labor MPs have voiced concerns about the level of the July 1 fixed carbon price – $23 a tonne – and the timetable to transition to an emissions trading scheme in 2015.

A new caucus sub-committee, created to cool MPs’ anger over the government’s foreign-worker deal with mining magnate Gina Rinehart, is set to be a forum for sceptics to push for change, several Labor MPs suggested.

“I just hate the carbon tax. Never wanted it,” one Labor MP told The Sunday Telegraph.

‘We might have a few like-minded sceptics coming out. If I had my way we wouldn’t be having a carbon tax but that’s not possible.” (source)

Now this would be a fight I want ringside seats and a ton of popcorn for.


  1. this is all a stunt ?>???this is being run by the u.n and other elite people in power around the world?????shiyt people do your own home work..if you dont care your kids will.anyway it might just be to late to save it????

  2. AndyG55 says:

    “If I had my way we wouldn’t be having a carbon tax but that’s not possible”

    Gutless moron. !!

    It only takes one or two to ALP members to bring up the issue to cancel the CO2 tax in Parliament and then cross the floor.

  3. Old Ranga says:

    Have just emailed my Labor MP expressing the hope that he will be part of this dissident group. His winning margin was minimal, but even that might not be enough to do it. Still, we hope.

    Thanks for the prompt, Simon.

  4. Old Sailor Man says:

    “I always hated this tax” said some Liebor members. Bullsh*t.

  5. to all the australians who did not bother to attend the rallys over the last year and half don,t complain on the 1st july about the tax that will bleed you dry and live like Russian people did in the 50s and 60s

    • Sean McHugh says:


      Rallies will never be big enough to represent the majority of Australians. They aren’t the only way to express public anger and they aren’t always safest or best way. I’m not against rallies, per se but if a lot more had taken the trouble to find out what’s going on with this global warming scam and inform others, the polls would be screaming a lot loader against Labor than they presently are. The fact that the Labor/Greens 2PP can still command over 40% of the vote, is either a perplexing display of popular irrationality or ignorance. I hope it’s the latter.

  6. Any Labor MP who publicly criticises the carbon tax, and tries to at least modify it, would at least give themselves a hope of being re-elected.

    The rest will go down with the ship…

  7. Betty Whiffin says:

    I wonder what hold Goldman Sachs has over Turnbull. Surely a man of his intelligence could see that more and more of the so-called “scientists” are changing theiir mind on so-called global warming Gillard & Co state that they believe that “climate change is real” and that is why carbon dioxide has been taxed. Carbon dioxide is the lifeblood of crops, forests and all greenery and even all life itelself. Sorry Julia but climate change “is real” as you have stated and has been real since the world began and even existed in the pre-industrial ages. People still are concerned about your lie to them that “there wuld be no carbon tax under the government I lead” And as for the compesnsation (bribes) that will soon dry up as the government will not be getting anything like they think they will by from the mining and carbon taxes. Wake up Australians. This is a hoax and this country will be down the drain with this imept wasteful government. Turnbull should wake up or leave the Coalition and join the unintelligensia.

    • Simon Colwell says:

      In decades past Turnbull’s seat of Wentworth was a solid, blue ribbon Liberal electorate. These days, however, it incorporates suburbs such as Bondi, Paddington and Darlinghurst, which are all full of the young, hip, right-on crowd who believe in gibberish such as man-made global warming. Consequently the seat of Wentworth is now a marginal electorate and any Liberal member is probably going to have to suck up to these groovy halfwits to ensure being re-elected.

    • gyptis444 says:

      Exactly right Betty.

    • The line that the Coalition should run now is that so much doubt and uncertainty has emerged about the role of anthropogenic CO2 emissions and any link to climate change that the claims that “the science is settled” are false, and that they will commission a Royal Commission to assess the science in a quasi-legal environment. That is, with a capable judge, rules of evidence, representation from each side, cross-examination. The aim would be to establish just what evidence that there really is that anthropogenic CO2 is the major contributor to observed climate change (if there is any), and that natural factors and land-use factors have minimal impact.

      It is worse than tragic that this government is imposing such a burden on our productive industries with the Carbon Dioxide Tax. And worse, the inevitable high cost power resulting from the freeze on new coal fired power stations (and nuclear) while bringing in high cost and unreliable solar and wind power, which needs expensive 100% spinning reserve operating as well. That is, we are paying not once for the so called renewables – we are paying twice. How b….y stupid!

    • I understood Turnbull had many interests in ‘clean green energy projects’, so he will push for a continuation of the Carbon Reduction Plan because it benefits his financial interests

  8. I have a particular dislike for MLM – Multi Level Marketing. The small person at the bottom does all the work and the big person at the top makes the most money (put simply).

    Another name for this way of doing business is a Pyramid Scheme.

    Promoters at the top of the pyramid make their money by having people join the scheme. Then they pocket the fees and other payments made by those who join under them.

    It seems to me this new Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme is a similar way of doing business for Our Government. They are the only ones who benefit financially when all is said and done.

    So as I see it the Carbon Dioxide Taxation Scheme is simply another Government Pyramid Scheme… where they make the money and we pay for it!

  9. AndyG55 says:

    Surely they MUST be realising that only way they even have a possibility of retaining their seats at the next election is to stop the idiotic CO2 tax NOW, before it starts. An ALP member in a seat that wasn’t close already might just give themselves a very slim chance !!

    What can Gillard do if they decide to cross the floor? disendorse them?
    stop their pre-selection. SO WHAT !.. They are going to loose their seats anyway.

    Grow some backbone.. lily livered saps !!!

  10. Richard N says:

    Juliar has made their bed and now the gutless wonders can lie in it. I will always remember the cheers and backslapping that accompanied the passage of the worlds biggest carbon tax through the house of reps. That was the time to speak up.

  11. Are you telling me that labor politicians revolting?????? hehehehehe!

  12. Robert of Ottawa says:

    If the unamed MP was opposed to the CO2 tax, why did they vote for it?

  13. The way I see it is that the Labor members who are now making noises about the tax are a bunch of cowards. They’ve had ample opportunity to make their views known, but they thought they were cruising on the Titanic. It’s only now when they realize they are in evident danger of being political short-termers and the ship is going down by the bow, that they are starting to break with the party and are looking desperately for the life boats. Delegate the lot of them to the dustbin of Australian politics. They won’t get any mercy from me.

  14. Baldrick says:

    Over the next 3 years the Carbon (dioxide) Tax is expected to raise $25 billion and the Resource Rent Tax will raise about $11 billion, which equates to approximately $36 billion added to government coffers.

    Meanwhile Treasurer Wayne Swan proudly boasts he will deliver a surplus totalling $6 billion in the next 3 budgets.

    And these mealy mouthed Labor backbenchers are more worried about their jobs than the waste of $30 billion which could go to schools, hospitals and law enforcement or tax cuts to small business.

  15. Skeptikal says:

    Backbenchers wont revolt because they know that they’ll lose their seats if the Greens were to end their support for the Government and force an election now. Most will end up losing their seats anyway, but at least this way they still get another year before that happens. The thought of losing a 6 figure income and all the goverment perks is a really good incentive to NOT cross the floor.

    I just live in the hope that Abbott will be good to his word, and scrap this stupid tax when he’s elected.

  16. agwnonsense says:

    the MP’s are revolting ? They certainly are.

  17. Who cares what some ‘unnamed’ backbenchers) have to say only now about the Carbon Tax. He/she/they didn’t have much to say last year when they were ramming it through Parliament playing the big ‘gotcha’ moment while kissing, cuddling and high-fiving each other. Greg Combet says that, even in opposition, they will still oppose its repeal, so maybe we are headed for a D.D. come the election. I just want them gone, like lemmings over the political cliff into oblivion, I want their numbers reduced to such levels that all future caucus meetings can be comfortably held in a combi-van. The arrogance of them to completely ignore public opinion on the Carbon Tax, the condescending ‘we know what’s good for you’ attitude delivered by a bunch of Cabinet people who have never even earned a dollar outside of a Labor Union or Labor Law firm. Is it any wonder they are already acknowledged as the worst government in our history!

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