Brendan O'Neill on 'extreme weather' hysteria

Brendan O’Neill

You can bet the farm that if there’s some noteworthy weather event (with the emphasis on the term “weather”) somewhere on the planet, there will be a Green nut-job on hand to say it was all caused by man-made global warming.

Usually it’s couched in weasel words, of course, the most common formula being the “consistent with” ploy.

The floods in Queensland were “consistent with” global warming projections. The drought in south-east Australia was “consistent with” global warming projections. The rains that filled the dams and ended the drought in south-east Australia were “consistent with” global warming projections. The Victorian bush fires (that were actually worsened by a variety of non-climate related factors) were “consistent with” global warming projections. The record low temperatures in Canberra last week were “consistent with” global warming projections. My cat getting fleas is “consistent with” global warming projections. My losing a $2 coin down the back of the sofa last Tuesday is “consistent with” global warming projections. [Insert anything you like] is “consistent with” global warming projections.

As has been said countless times on this blog, it is, of course, the classic example of an unfalsifiable hypothesis: ask a greenie to describe the kind of weather events that would not be consistent with global warming, and you’ll get a stony silence. Because anything and everything is “consistent with” some global warming model somewhere. And I’m almost glad the warm-mongers continue to make these nonsensical claims, because every time they do, it moves them further away from proper science and into the realms of astrology.

Brendan O’Neill has a whale of a time exposing the neo-Medieval view of the planet punishing humanity for its sins:

Greens now constantly promote the wild idea that mankind’s irresponsible behaviour is causing “extreme weather”, and that only by being more meek, by radically overhauling our lifestyles, can we hope to tame this weather of mass destruction.

But haven’t we heard this kind of thing before? Yes. From the biblical era to the Middle Ages, the idea that the immorality of man was responsible for enraging nature or God and causing storms and floods was widespread.

So the modern green claim that floods in Britain are a consequence of our wicked over-reliance on fossil fuels, that is of our daring to live industrialised lives, is just a pseudo-scientific updating of the Noah story.

Genesis tells us it was when God saw “the wickedness of man was great” that he decided to “bring a flood of waters upon the earth”.

Today, greens give us a science-tinged version of that morality tale. Mark Lynas, one of Britain’s leading eco-thinkers, says that with all our fossil fuel-using and climate disruption “we have woken Poseidon (God of the Sea) from a thousand-year slumber, and this time his wrath will know no bounds”.

A columnist for The Guardian says recent floods are a kind of punishment for our polluting behaviour. “The turbulent weather we’ve seen is a warning of what lies ahead for us,” she said, unless we can be “cajoled, led, provoked and taxed into changing (our) ways”.

Here, Gaia replaces God as the sender of floods to reprimand man and “change our attitudes”.

Quick, stone another sceptic…


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  1. Bernd Felsche via Facebook says:

    They used to burn witches for “cooking the weather”.

    Australia’s BoM could never be accused of that because their predictions of weather are seldom near enough to be “cooked”.

  2. Trouble is with all these self-appointed High Priests/Priestesses of Gaia, Poseidon etc, they don’t seem to be aware of the warnings, eg “do not tempt providence”, “do not take the name of the Lord in vain” etc. A hundred years ago the Titanic was “The ship that God can’t sink”.
    Gaia has p***ed all over Flannery. Not sure how Poseidon might react – got a bit of a temper that one. Hope they don’t move on to the Nordic Gods – most of them had an attitude problem.

  3. Having worked so hard via education to make responding from emotion a habit, science instruction weak, and the visual dominant, the media now know just what imagery will get the desired reaction from the typical young person. Who doesn’t recognize a difference between climate and weather events.

    Just keep repeating the desired meme and you change an entire generation’s filtering mindset. Reality becomes what they perceive it to be. And their vote counts just as much.

  4. “Dr Karl” is very similar to “Bill Nye The Science Guy” in the US – corruptly, but conveniently for his junk science career, pushing the trendy politically correct line instead of facts and reason.

  5. Have a look at the book by “Dr Karl”, Science is Golden, starting at page 40, on the climate consensus. For kids. Sickening.

  6. Vivienne says:

    It seems to Greens are copping all the flack for the AGW scam and all that goes with it. The Greens do push these things but they are not the only ones.
    Please everyone remember this, it is the United Nations IPCC that brought the world the scam the fraud that is AGW and it is the United Nations NGO’s who are implimenting ALL of the UN’s programs re the environment, locking up farming land, eroding property rights, closing coal fired power stations, National Heritage Parks etc etc. Aided of course by your the Labor Government, Local Councils (who now call themselves local Government) any other dumb complicit politician of all persuasions.
    The Carbob Tax is the brain wave originally from the UN. Its ALL from the UN’s Sustainable Development Agenda 21. Check the document out for yourselves.

  7. The world was also flat for hundreds of years.

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