Let's make sure Gillard has to answer these questions

Hang out with the PM? No thanks…

The OurSay website is inviting us to “hang out with the Prime Minister” – nothing I could think of could possibly be worse, but anyway – and you have the chance to vote for the three questions she will be asked [Update: link fixed to show most popular questions first]. You may recall that ACM’s question on OurSay’s The Climate Agenda reached third place and therefore received a full page article in Fairfax – that must have hurt.

Let’s see if we can make our hopeless PM squirm, shall we?

The top two questions as it stands are as follows:

“By how much, measured in thousandths of degrees Celsius, will the Earth’s temperature be reduced through the carbon tax?”

(0.0035C apparently), and:

“You said that you wouldn’t impose a price on CO2 until you had a deep and lasting consensus from the Australian people – When did you receive that consensus? and where is that consensus at now?”

It’s nowhere to be seen. And the public are abandoning you in droves…

Register at Our Say and you have 8 votes. Use them as you see fit – you have just over three days left.


  1. 1st Question; How quickly can she pack up and move out of The Lodge?

  2. Baldrick says:

    If she mentions ‘karban ploshon’ one more time, I’m going to scream!

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      Any of her pronunciations sicken me. “orstrailya is mooving to a clean energy fyootyure”

  3. And when she is leaving the lodge these are the only words I want to hear………”RELEASE THE HOUNDS”!!!!!

  4. Thanks for your support (mine is question #2) which I don’t believe has ever been asked.
    Unlike the off the cuff “There will be no carbon tax etc”, my question addresses the official position taken by Gillard and which she so stridently promoted at numerous press conferences.
    We all deserve an answer to this (and some good follow up Qs). http://oursay.org/s/1p1
    Cheers, Stu

    [REPLY – Great effort, Stu – hopefully we can push yours and #1 through to the end]

  5. Graham Richards says:

    How about;

    Prime Minister is it your Socialist policy, as with the Socialists of the UK & Europe to flood Australia with as many 3rd world asylum seekers as possible,
    and for this reason you government will not lift a finger to stem the flow of boats and in fact your government now escorts as many boats as possible?

    • Graham Richards – that’s a given.
      The more civil disruption the socialists can cause, the easier it is for them to infect our society.

  6. AndyG55 says:

    all my votes are used 🙂 keep pushing guys !!

  7. Suzette Levenston via Facebook says:

    she’s not going to answer the tough questions because she knows she’ll have to lie AGAIN

  8. I’ve never seen her answer a question ever. She will just reply with one of her usual down the garden path waffles until everyone forgets the original question.

  9. Richard N says:

    The only trouble with asking her questions is that I guess you are obligated to listen to her answers……… That’s just too painful.

    • Richard N says:

      On second thoughts one question I would like to ask her is:
      Would you like to see Australia increase or decrease coal exports
      to China ? At the moment they are having it both ways…….. blaming coal for catastrophic global warming and filling their coffers with taxing the miners who are exporting the “evil” stuff to China.

  10. 0.0035 deg C is wildly optimistic … and impossible to measure.

  11. Why would lying again bother her?

  12. Voted, in support of the two already top questions, but it felt good. Oooh yeah. Bring on those lies, Jules Baby.

  13. If you take a look at http://tinyurl.com/ctpyhwd , you can see that we at the International Climate Science Coalition are collecting comments and ratings on the public remarks of PM Gillard about climate change as posted on the Herald Sun Website after her blogging session there 10 days ago. We will be sending the best comments to her office, the opposition and the media, as well as posting a summary of the most useful and interesting comments we get on our Website.

    Problem is, we are getting too few comments to make this project a success. We are only up to 40 now on question #1, for example (about 35 from Australia) and about 80 votes. That leaves only 22,672,236 Australian left to comment as, according to Australian Bureau of Statistics:

    “On 16 July 2012 at 05:45:48 PM (Canberra time), the resident population of Australia is projected to be: 22,672,273.”

    Any ideas how to get significantly more than 1 millionth of your countrymen and women to comment and/or vote?


    Tom Harris
    Executive Director
    International Climate Science Coalition
    Ottawa, Canada

    [REPLY – Thanks for stopping by, Tom. Unfortunately, the Australian electorate is now highly disconnected from anything Gillard says, as she has proven herself to be so adept at evasion and spin that people simply switch off. Reading some of her responses to genuine concerns from voters on your website elicits the same reaction in me – I just don’t want to hear any more lies… Nothing will solve this political vacuum we find ourselves in other than a fresh election, which we may have to wait over a year for.]

  14. Skeptikal says:

    I think the oursay website is rigged. I just went there and it says “You have 7 votes left”. Maybe they made my first vote for me… on the question that THEY prefer.

  15. Thanks Laurie and all others supporting my question. 3 days to go please share the link & remember we each have 8 votes. Cheers. http://oursay.org/s/1p1

  16. Even if the most popular question ends up being the winner, don’t expect a straight answer from Gillard, since she probably doesn’t even know anyway.

    I fully expect her to attempt to dodge it with the usual “Australia is doing the right thing” (or similar) mantra.

    [REPLY – Completely agree. It will be the usual evasion and spin. The BS detector will be off the scale, but I guess the more people see that, the better]

    • The Loaded Dog says:

      I popped over to the Herald Sun “live blogging” experience with that “thing” a couple of weeks back. Reading the half arsed, contemptuous and evading standardised answers to some of the good questions put to her not only made me furious, but tune out and lose interest after about 10 minutes. Was going to send in a question myself but I had far better things to do with my time; I needed to clean out the grease trap.

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