No carbon tax bounce for Gillard

Is Gillard Australia’s worst PM ever?

The vultures are circling. Labor politicians are openly discussing the need for drastic action. Labor primary vote has sunk to 28%. And the carbon tax backflip has a lot to do with it, that and Labor’s desperate agreement with the extremist Greens to form a minority government:

A LABOR senator says today’s disastrous Newspoll should be a “clarion call” to the party to make dramatic changes or face a decade in the political wilderness.

Rudd supporter Mark Bishop said the poll, revealing a three point slump in Labor’s primary vote to 28 per cent, should be a wake-up call to the party to respond to the will of voters.

While stopping short of calling for Julia Gillard to stand down, the West Australian senator said it was clear there was now no prospect of a recovery under current circumstances.

“It is a very, very poor result,” Senator Bishop said.

“It can only be interpreted as a clarion call to Labor to get its house in order and be responsive to the now-firmly established views of the Australian community.

“We’ve now had almost 12 months of polls hanging around 30 per cent, sometimes a couple of points below, sometimes above.

“That pattern is now established. It won’t change. The Australian community are demanding change at a range of levels within the government, and it’s time for the government to heed that, otherwise the outcome will be the destruction not only of the government, but of the labour movement for the next 10 years.”

Despite showering middle Australia with billions of dollars in handouts, the party’s primary vote has fallen below 30 per cent for the first time in three months.

Labor trails the Coalition 44 to 56 on a two-party preferred basis.

Ms Gillard said she wasn’t interested in opinion polls.

“Government is about governing,” she told reporters in Sydney today. (source)

LOL. She can only keep up that kind of BS for so long…


  1. Christian Piggott via Facebook says:

    i love this

  2. i think the alp will be in the political wilderness for a lot longer than 10 years…and brown knows it…

  3. “Ms Gillard said she wasn’t interested in opinion polls.”

    She bloody soon would be if they started to show any improvement

  4. The Loaded Dog says:

    “Ms Gillard said she wasn’t interested in opinion polls.
    “Government is about governing,” she told reporters in Sydney”

    Oh right…it’s about “governing is it? I wonder when she was thinking of doing some of that?

    umm…not long now…surely…

  5. Richard Abbott says:

    Now labor believes that their carbon tax has fixed up climate change in Australia they also reckon that they will win the next federal election with more of the same Midas touch, albeit we all know it more commonly as bullsh!t.

    • Richard – we call it the “sadiM Touch” – everything she touches turns to sh#t, not gold.

  6. Ms Gillard said she wasn’t interested in opinion polls. Then why DID THEY KNIFE RUDD!

    Ms Gillard is not interested in anything. Not wanting to be personal, but she really has not much of a life. No family, never married, not the be all of life, I know, but man! to have like…nothing??? just a string of weird bf’s, Craig Emerson who was married (nice!), Brian Wilson, a thief, and now a hairdresser who suddenly got promoted to some weirdo made up ambassador.

    No life Gillard. :/

  7. Aaron James Duff via Facebook says:

    Taxes being raised makes people unhappy. Shocker!

  8. Mike Jay via Facebook says:

    They don’t care about the ‘polls’ until they are ‘votes’ 🙂

  9. Baldrick says:

    Makes you wonder just what it would take for the remaining, rusted on 28% of Labor supporters, to vote against Julia.
    If Julia asked them to spread dog fæces on their toast, they would!

  10. “Clarion Call?”, Senator, try “Carrion Call”.

  11. Gillard’s foot, meet bullet.

    Her gross insult to the Australian public will sink her even deeper into the mire.

  12. @aaron the american war of independence was about taxes (taxes that did not benefit anyone other than a king). sure raise taxes to provide services. but raise taxes for a non-problem which only benefits the banking system. shocker!

  13. I agree with all the preceding comments. We only have to endure Juliar & Co for at most another 495 days before we’ll rid our nation of them for a generation or longer. 🙂

    And to think I was once a card-carrying union member who always voted Labor. Never ever again.

  14. Hah! Where’s Labor going to find a bigger, short-term dill than Gillard to lead the party to defeat and ignominy at the next election? Hey Labor Party, it’s as good as it’s going to get! Election chances are NOT going to improve no matter who’s in charge. Much as I hate to see Gillard get rewarded, I suspect she’ll keep the reins, get lumped with the blame and get retired to a nice, cushy position on the taxpayer pocket after a thumping defeat at the next election. Hopefully, she’ll take a bunch of incompetents with her: Crean, Combet, Wong, Swan, Carr, Macklin, Ferguson, Garrett, Albanese, Smith, etc.

    • Betty Whiffin says:

      Right. Gillard might as well stay there until the next fatal (for her and Labor) election. The whole Labor front bench are a bunch of incompetents as you say. with nothing between their ears. And you forgot about the grinning operatic idiot Emerson. Rudd is only a Rudd fan and even though they speak of him returning, he might get a few votes, but again has weird ideas of self importance which will not go down well. He has great dreams and straight away puts them into practice without any cabinet meeting. A law unto himself and a nasty piece of works.

  15. AWOI was also about slavery and breaking treaties with the native indians in wich the british wanted to abolish slavery and keep the treaties with the native indians going. In other words the way our government is acting is even worse than the way the british acted and the americans had a war for it.

  16. This is why she is a pathetic PM because she’s not intereted in polls – ie us, the voters and primary stakeholders in our country. Failure looms for those who neglect their troops.

  17. @Scott Wickings partly true. the amercan civil war was fundamentally about slavery…and it was a man who was actually involved in the slave trade who ultimatey saw the start of the end of it and wrote amazing grace… but yes…i fully agree with your last comment…could our govnt be any worse?

    • Percy Phelps says:

      No, he was spot on – it WAS about slavery and the poor treatment of the native Indians. It was also about taxation but that taxation was to offset the huge cost burden on the British tax payer of the protection needed to ward off French and Indian attacks most commonly provoked by the colonists themselves. It was certainly NOT about lack of representation as that was made through the colonial legislature and governor, and the taxation they were complaining about was 1/26th that of the British taxpayer at the time.

      Britain introduced the seeds that eventually abolished slavery in 1771 – and the colonists knew it.

      The American War of Independence as an example of a fight against oppression is, at best, weak, and at most, can be construed as a precursor of the type of spin the present government uses almost on a daily basis. Note also, that there is a very strong connection between the labor party and the US – hence the deliberate misspelling.

  18. Is this all for real? Juliar introduced a new bullshit tax and then expected her popularity to soar? The question “What’s she been shooting up?” springs to mind.

  19. One really has to wonder how it can possibly be that 28% of Australian voters actually vote for PM Julia Gillard and her offsiders. Despite all the evidence regarding her and the entire Labor party’s total inability to do anything right for Aussies. One has to ask, do these rusted-on Laborites really believe the ALP has ANYchance whatsoever of winning the next federal election ? It will in all probability be worse for them than the Queensland election was for Labor, but it mght be a bit better for them if they called a election now – as time passes it will only get worse !

  20. Simon Colwell says:

    We can all laugh and snicker at the impending demise of this most incompetant government ever in “495 days” but the sad reality is that the Liberals aren’t much better. They still want to pi$$ away millions of taxpayer dollars on their direct action plan to address a non-existent problem (ie man-made global warming), not to mention their continued support for renewable energy targets which will only serve to maintain cost of living pressures on all of us, again to address a non-problem. The Nationals are the only mainstream party who are prepared to stand up to this madness. It’s a pity they are the junior partner in the coalition.

  21. Richardn says:

    Just counting the days till the nightmare ends. Thank goodness for the mute button on the TV remote. I am really seriously trying to get to and through the next election without hearing her voice again.

  22. Its just a matter of time…..Labours primary vote in the by-election for just a state seat last weekend was only 33%, and that was without a Liberal candidate. The Greens had 38% but that was to be expected, Labour only won the seat on preferences from the sex party & family first.
    I think that even 28% of support across the broader community is a bit optimistic.
    Even after the conservatives win the next election we have to keep pushing to get them to drop their direct action BS as well as the carbon tax.

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