CSIRO: oceans are changing


The latest “ocean report card” is published today from Australia’s scientific sausage factory:

Key findings show

  • warming sea temperatures are influencing the distribution of marine plants and animals, with species currently found in tropical and temperate waters likely to move south
  • new research suggests winds over the Southern Ocean and current dynamics are strongly influencing foraging of seabirds that breed in south-east Australia and feed close to the Antarctic each summer
  • some tropical fish species have a greater ability to acclimatise to rising water temperatures than previously thought
  • the Australian science community is widely engaged in research, monitoring and observing programs to increase our understanding of climate change impacts and inform management
  • adaptation planning is happening now, from seasonal forecast for fisheries and aquaculture, to climate-proofing of breeding sites for turtles and seabirds.

Led by CSIRO, more than 80 Australian marine scientists from 34 universities and research organisations contributed to the 2012 report card. The report card draws on peer-reviewed research results from hundreds of scientists, demonstrating a high level of scientific consensus.

As with anything from the CSIRO, we have to be very wary of its alleged impartiality. CSIRO has become a highly politicised, environmental activist organisation rather than a free-thinking scientific body, which is funded by a government that accepts the pronouncements of the IPCC without question and is committed to taking action on climate change. Readers can make up their own minds.



  1. Interestingly, all of those key findings could be accepted without there being any influence by humans.

  2. So some fish which have a life span of a couple of years are aware of global warming despite the fact that the planet has not warmed for fifteen years.
    I assume they learnt all this from chats with their grandparents etc.

    CSIRO should just concentrate on writing fairy stories and dispense with the expensive science stuff.

  3. You’d have to wonder about a report entitled “2012 Marine Climate Change in Australia Report Card”, particularly when it is funded by the Australian Government Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, which describes a naturally occurring gas, carbon dioxide (CO2), as ‘carbon pollution’!

  4. rukidding says:

    So are the fish moving south or expanding south I would think there is a differance.
    I assume the fish in the Northen hemisphere are moving north or are they moving south too.

  5. Keith says: “CSIRO should just concentrate on writing fairy stories and dispense with the expensive science stuff.”

    No sarc/ /sarc Keith? Be careful what you wish for, even in jest.
    CSIRO are already writing fairy stories and the results are more frightening than anything the Brothers Grimm produced.
    http://futuresparks.org.au/ (with others)
    Search CSIRO schools here on ACM and elsewhere ….

  6. robert barclay says:

    You can’t heat water from above on this planet, surface tension will not allow it’ The scientific community assumes that the second law of thermodynamics is universal, it is not the exeption is the ocean because of surface tension.

  7. Charles Gerard Nelson via Facebook says:

    CSIRO…weren’t they the people that brought Cane Toads to Australia?

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