Climate Commission's 'manufactured drivel'

Regurgitating propaganda

Judith Sloan rips the Climate Commission’s latest propaganda to shreds:

Sadly, I do not have space to address the deficiencies of another recently released government report, the Climate Commission’s The Critical Decade: International Action on Climate Change. (Note: the hyperbolic title.) This intellectually dishonest report paints a picture of international action on climate change that is at odds with reality.

Even the earnest environmental reporters in the mainstream media could not take its content seriously, pointing out its many gaps and misinterpretations. The report makes the most of countries’ commitments and a possible global agreement, while ignoring the soaring emissions from China and failing to recognise that the lower emissions growth in a number of countries is primarily due to weak economic conditions.

It states that “it is in Australia’s interest to tackle climate change”, which is an incorrect statement in the absence of global efforts to tackle climate change. Unlike trade liberalisation, going alone inflicts only economic damage on a country such as Australia and makes not a jot of difference to world temperatures.

The appendix of the report also contains a number of extremely misleading vignettes of climate-change policies, both in operation and those proposed (the two are deliberately mixed up), in a number of countries.

It waxes positively about the New Zealand emissions trading scheme, while failing to note that any further extensions have been indefinitely delayed and the local price on carbon emissions is currently well south of $10.

The Climate Commission is nothing but a mouthpiece for government climate propaganda.

Read it here (paywall).


  1. Could it be “There will be no Kyoto 2 under a government that I mislead?
    Greg Hunt wants to sign Kyoto 2, while Climate Con Commissioner Greg Combet is sitting on the fence.

  2. Mike Richard via Facebook says:

    Nice graphic….the kindergarden kids at it again we see….Unfortunately the masses will buy it.

  3. Geoff, the correct quote is
    “There will be no government I lead.”

  4. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    New Zealand’s carbon dioxide tax at less than $10/tonne is less than half of the $23/tonne which Julia Gillard has inflicted on Australia. But even if we ignore this large disparity in tax levels, the economic impacts in the two countries are truly chalk and cheese. New Zealand gets around 75% of it’s electricity from hydro generation which is untaxed, whereas Australia gets around 90% of its electricity from coal and gas generation which is taxed. Julia Gillard’s Australian “Carbon Tax” is nothing other than an economy crippling electricity tax.

  5. There are 5 main points to the report.
    1. The world is moving to tackle climate change. More needs to be done but momentum is growing.
    WRONG … think COP17 – no agreement.
    2. Australia is a major player and is important in shaping the global response.
    WRONG … Chinese emissions dwarf those of Australia. Even if Australian emissions were cut to zero, it would make no discernible difference to world temperatures.
    3. We already have the technologies we need to tackle climate change. 
    WRONG … Coal fired generators are still required to supply base load power. Even if we had the technology we don’t have the money for expensive ‘green’ power.
    4. It is in Australia’s national interest to tackle climate change.
    WRONG … Do we really want an economy like the European Union or the U.K. and drag ourselves back to the middle ages?
    5. This is the critical decade. 
    WRONG … There is no evidence of rising sea levels and temperatures above the normal variants. If this decade were so critical why did COP17 decide to do nothing except look at the problem again in 2017?

    You’re correct Simon … 100% Government sponsored propaganda!

    • Thank you Baldrick – as usual you have succinct explanations to rubbish the lies we are served.

  6. Mervyn Sullivan says:

    Greg Hunt wants to sign Kyoto 2!!! What?????

    The Coalition really worries me when I hear of this sort of nonsense.

    Honestly, when it comes to the next election, unless I see the Coalition come out and put an end to all this action against climate change nonsense, I might as well just vote for Labor.

  7. Only the religious green herds.

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