Lewandowsky update

Lots of questions…

More on the moon landing denier paper:

I particularly like this bit in Lucia’s post in response to Lewandowsky’s third question:

3. Where do we go from here?

We read the contents of the invitations, note the dates and request copies of the other invitations and compare them. This will provide data to determine whether the method of inviting people was designed to introduce bias.

Precisely what the FOI will show. The University have advised that a decision will be made on 18 October 2012.


  1. Jo Nova has also torn Lewandowsky to shreds, here:


    Which will apparently be followed by more.

    [REPLY – Thanks, added to the list above]

  2. My suspicion is that the University will either find some piffling excuse to reject a proper enquiry or reluctantly beat Lewandowsky with a wet lettuce leaf.
    I do suspect, however, that they are going to tire of having to provide cover for his antics.

  3. “Live Science reports Simon James, a blogger with Australian Climate Madness, has submitted a Freedom of Information request to the university for the release of the blogs involved in the study. Live Science also states Lucia Liljegren, a blogger for The Blackboard, has been encouraging skeptic blogs that were contacted to come forward in order to “reveal whether [Lewandwosky] really even tried to conduct a balanced survey.””

    You may need to ask for a correction!

    [REPLY – That came from The Age/Our Say Climate Agenda project where I used a nom de plume to avoid tainting any results]

  4. “1. When will an apology be forthcoming for the accusations launched against me? And how many individuals should now be issuing a public apology?”

    Winthrop* Professor Lewandowsky must be joking!!
    (* A Winthrop Professor demonstrates distinguished, original and innovative contributions to the advancement of teaching and learning in the discipline and/or university community, including the incorporation of research, scholarship and/or professional practice in to teaching activities.)

  5. Well, you have to say teflon Lewandowsky has answered all objections as much as he is able to (taking into account privacy, etc) and ecah time he has come up smelling like roses. I think that we are being had nu the good professor and he is having fun with skeptics, with all his taunting. It’s a bit embarrassing. I hope something comes up in the next few days that does expose him, but I fear he is getting away with [it].

  6. John from CA says:
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