Lewandowsky update

Cook and Lew – best buddies

It’s almost impossible to keep up with the flood of articles on the Lew Paper.

From Climate Audit we have:

From WUWT:

From The Air Vent:

And from Jo Nova:

Lewandowsky’s responses can be found here, a website which is coincidentally maintained by John Cook of Skeptical Science. And the UWA Climate Science web page has a link back to Un-Sk Ps-S… So Cook writes the stuff on SkS, and then Lew then says anyone who doesn’t believe it is a nut job! Brilliant.


  1. I deeply regret that Australian scientists have been caught, like American scientists, in the trap of abundant public funds for scientists that will verify politicians illusion of grandeur.

    [snip – relevance]

  2. What a mess. Going well for you, hey Prof!
    Actually, I think that the more of us who contact UWA pointing out to them the lack of credible scholarship, the better it is. They must realise that their continued access to funds and customers is dependent on their maintaining a good reputation. The press the Prof is getting must be causing grave concern at UWA.

  3. “Lew Paper”

    Of course you meant Loo Paper.


  4. It says a lot about the quality of Lewandowsky’s survey if John Cook initially advertised it, then deleted all reference to it and denied having received it as reported by Steve McIntyre [allegedly – Ed]… hmmm, quality science over at SkS!


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