Snowfalls in New South Wales – in October…

October in the UK? No, Australia. (ABC)

Another from the Weather Isn’t Climate Department. October is Spring down here in Oz-shire. Snow isn’t unheard of, but it’s pretty rare. Global warming sure is tricky – as we all know it can cause any weather phenomenon you care to mention, so I guess it’s only a matter of time before someone blames climate change.

What did we do before climate change came along? All those extreme weather events happening for millions of years – for no reason at all! Must be the gods. Thank goodness for AGW – now we can blame everything on that. Phew.

Snow has been falling right along the New South Wales ranges, in places that didn’t see snow all winter, for some it is the heaviest in several years.

The heaviest falls on Thursday night and Friday morning have been between the Blue Mountains and Canberra. Snow has been falling in Orange and has been heavy in Oberon, Crookwell and Bowral. As much as 20 centimetres has reportedly settled on the ground in the Crookwell area.

The Canberra area itself also had snow on Thursday, the national capital’s coldest October day since 1968, stay below nine degrees all day.

Snow has also been heavy in the Blue Mountains, even a few centimetres worth settling on the ground in Katoomba. According to locals, it is the heaviest snow in four-or-five years.

Further north, snow has fallen in Glen Innes and Armidale, unusual in winter, very unusual in October. Residents woke to white ground in Glen Innes and the cover has been about five centimetres deep in Guyra. It has been five years since snow has been this evident in Glen Innes.

October snow in Guyra typically only occurs once every five years, but this is unusually heavy, more like a one-in-20-year event for this time of year. (Weatherzone)


  1. Good2c Godz still at work 🙂 He confounds those who think they r wise in their own eyes 😉

  2. Speaking of snowfalls … “2012 is the best season in the Snowy Mountains for a long time … (since the) famous 2000 season. Others mutter about 1990.”

    But there’s a catch …” The CSIRO predicts that compared with 1990 levels, there will be 60 per cent less snow on the slopes by 2020, under a high emissions scenario, which is what we’re tracking.”

  3. Gods are a more satisfactory explantion than AGW theory.

  4. Bernd Felsche via Facebook says:

    Clear signs of global warming.

  5. We’ve even had snow here in the hills behind Adelaide, with ice on the roads at Mount Lofty.

  6. Brian Venten says:

    I can remember seeing tiny snow flakes falling in the CBD of Melbourne at lunchtime somewhere around 1968,69. It was amazing.

  7. I agree Bernd. Coldest day in 40 years can only be warming causing extreme cooling weather. It’s going to get real cold if the warming continues.

  8. Lee Lakai via Facebook says:

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