Gergis Hockey Stick 'withdrawn'

Watts Up and Jo Nova are reporting that the Gergis/Karoly Hockey Stick paper has been withdrawn. You will recall the original story, widely covered by the lame-stream media, that a new analysis of proxy data showed the warming in the last 50 years was unprecedented in the past millennium. Here is how ACM reported the story:

ACM on 17 May 2012

Thanks to Hockey Stick Breaker in Chief, Steve McIntyre, the paper was put “on hold” after discovery of a “data processing error”.

Now it appears the paper has been withdrawn (see WUWT and Jo Nova).

[crickets chirping]

That’s the sound of the mainstream media’s response to the withdrawal…


  1. stamper44 says:

    Another feather in the cap of the skeptics. Great

  2. Predicable … sickening Global Government Agenda Bollocks.

  3. The climate hypochondriacs have found that what they thought was a mosquto bite, was actually a dot of red ink.

    No need to be alarmed any more guys !!

  4. Will they give back the $300,000 as well?

  5. And what has that climate change [person], David Karoly, said about it?

    What a bloody joke!

    Gergis et al was to be yet another [unconvincing] piece of work, to prop up the man-made global warming alarmism. But damn… the famous hockey stick buster was on the prowl, and busted this one well and truly on a timely basis!

  6. The Gergis/Karoly Hockey Stick paper was supposed to be Australia’s contribution to the fifth Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change report due in 2014. We’ll need another science fiction substitute!

    • No- it’s OK- according to Steve McIntyre at Climate Audit the IPCC will be using the Gergis paper anyway.

      Who really cares if it is withdrawn- just a mob of sceptics. It was peer reviewed before it was withdrawn and that’s what matters most. At least someone is thinking of the children.

  7. It’s a good thing that the IPCC is not a company and Gergis et al isn’t part of a prospectus trying to flog us climate fizz! If they were, they’d be charged for misleading and deceptive conduct.

  8. I guess Gillard was refering to the likes of Gergis when she declared on Q & A last year that every” reputable” climatologist supports the AGW theory .

  9. [snip – agreed, but can’t publish!]

  10. Hey check it out – another extreme ( and loony ) idea – dionsaurs farted themselves to death and caused prehistoric global warming.
    I think the stink might have done more damage than the methane it produced……

    And these people went to Uni , right?

    What killed the dionosaurs – the Fart-o-saursues!!

    What a joke…..

  11. Disgraceful.

  12. I notice Skeptical Science hasn’t made any mention of it


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