Combet: Australia will sign up to Kyoto II


From ABC comes news that Greg Combet will sign up to an agreement that doesn’t exist yet, as the talks to finalise it are happening next month:

Australia will sign up to the next phase of the Kyoto Protocol on cutting greenhouse gas emissions, despite concerns from environmentalists that carbon reduction targets remain too low.

The current agreement is due to expire this year, although agreement on a new globally-binding deal is not expected until 2015. 

Climate Change Minister Greg Combet has announced that Australia is willing to sign up to the next phase of the Kyoto agreement, which will effectively act as a bridging deal until a new long-term plan can be agreed to. 

Read it here.


  1. Why are we not surprised …. So many blank cheques signed … against taxpayers’ money.

  2. I don’t agree with Combets half hearted measures. I think we should do the job properly and just nuke all major cities and towns. Why much about with half measures when we have decided on the final result we want to achieve?…

  3. Who are the vested interests backing Combet? All climate change agenda is about defining who prospers and who pays, by government force.

  4. “Despite concerns from environmentalists”? How about concerns from people who don’t want to hurt the economy with a treaty that doesn’t affect the two biggest emitters? I guess this is where the ABC’s priorities are.

  5. John Angelico via Facebook says:

    Sigh! Another thing to repudiate when common sense returns to government

    • “when common sense returns to government”

      Returns? That suggests that there has been common sense in a government before.

  6. Glen Balmer via Facebook says:

    Another step in the implementation of the One-World Socialist Government.

    • Glen. The next step is the ‘smart meter’, coupling your home to the control of the ‘echo beurocrats’

  7. They’ll be lucky to get any agreement at COP18 on Kyoto Mark II. Thankfully beer and skittles will still be on the agenda for all those hard working climate leeches!

  8. Because he’s an idiot!

  9. Justin Hoffman via Facebook says:

    Typical politician, anything that seems like a vote grabber at the time

  10. Brendan Murphy via Facebook says:

    More idiocy from an idiot.Surely they don’t really believe this crap.Hopefully when Abbott gets in he will abolish the dept of climate change and use the cash for something constructive,and get rid of that fuckwit flannery.

  11. Richard N says:

    Get ready to throw another truck load of money down that black hole called the UN climate fund.

  12. I would have thought that Scamming was an understatement; The mere fact that so many Despotic individuals have – leached onto the notion of anti Education and Proselytise the Lost sole Philosophy, Scamming is the least of the words in the vernacular to describe it; Osama could only dream of the terrorism our System and Institutions have arranged and created – and the same result will be achieved or Has been achieved.
    Now you can realise the dying days of other Civilizations throughout History , ooo yeh , thats why they died off.

  13. An ideological act of devotion.

  14. Alan Sands via Facebook says:

    these guys are a disgrace,gillard, swann, albasneezeee, combet.These idiots call themselves a government.Judgement day for these fools is coming.

  15. Greg Combet… what an idiot!

    It’s no surprise though. This is the man who you will remember went off to Cancun in Mexico and signed away a proportion of Australia’s GDP to the UN without telling Australia.

    How long before the next election? I think we all know what must be done.

    • Nothing to look forward to. Labour will pull off an Obama; sheeple will vote for their road to destruction. I lived in Africa for 50 years, I know. The more destructive the government/leaders are the more the fools keep on voting for the same clowns.

  16. I suspect the text of the treaty will say

    “We promise to think about maybe doing something, sometime, about greenhouse gas emissions when we can figure out what to do. This shall not, of course, apply to any country that doesn’t really want it to.”

  17. David Chapman says:

    They are crazy.

  18. Can you please change the picture at the top, I am really over looking at that clown,thanks

  19. Why would a Government Minister ( or anyone else) announce they are going to sign an agreement which currently does not exist. By 2015 any stupid thing could be included in it.

    The Law Society should be jumping up and down —think of all the huge fees some its members will missing out on by not being able to review the agreement before giving the nod on it. sarc off/

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