Ballarat museum indoctrinates children with climate propaganda

Climate indoctrination at work

This is truly astonishing. The Ballarat Fine Art Gallery has an “art trail” for children, which is basically alarmist climate propaganda on steroids. Here for example is the description on the museum’s web site for  A Bore on the Hooghli by Johan Jakob Bennetter (pictured):

A ship captain himself until the 1840’s, the Norwegian born Johan Jakob Bennetter attended the Christiania School of Design in Oslo before venturing to France in 1855 to further his studies. He was best known for his detailed and accurate depictions of ships at sea.

Painted after his return to Norway in 1880, A bore on the Hooghli relates to a natural phenomenon that is known as a bore tide.  These fast flowing  high waters occur following an extremely low tide when there is a rush of seawater into a narrow shallow inlet from a broad bay such as this, where the Hooghli River enters the Bay of Bengal, India.

One of two seascapes by this artist owned by the Gallery – the other, known as The first shot features a battle between a  ship flying the East India company’s flag,  and a French ship.of the Napoleonic era…  Both of these works and indeed several other early acquisitions, came  to Australia through the agency of Alfred Fletcher, an art dealer in Melbourne during the boom period of the 1880’s.

All well and good. But what does the “art trail” for children say?

Climate change, bringing with it an increase in extreme weather and rising sea levels, means that phenomena like the famous bores on the Hooghli at the Bay of Bengal now threaten the lives and livelihoods of literally hundreds of millions of people. This is one of the places in the world most vulnerable to catastrophe arising out of rapid rises in sea level…

What other changes in natural phenomena do you know of as a result of global warming?

How will predicted climate change affect your life?”

There are many, many more in similar vein. Shame on the Ballarat gallery for peddling this blatant, extremist political propaganda at children who do not have the capacity to question it, and who will in all likelihood, accept it as fact.

Tony Thomas at Quadrant Online has the full shocking story here.

You may wish to register your displeasure by emailing the gallery at


  1. Absolutely disgusting. The museum curator should be ashamed… then sacked!

  2. idiocracy rules….

  3. Baz te Hira via Facebook says:

    In Te Papa museum (Wellington, NZ), they still use the ‘hockey stick’ graph in their display on climate change. It really is like a scene out of 1984, train the kids up to dob in their parents, for being naysayers.

  4. Dave Gardner via Facebook says:

    idiocracy is right…

  5. Absolute disgrace. Bet they don’t have any images of the Little Ice Age for the kiddies to ponder.

  6. Sean Trewartha via Facebook says:

    So arts curators are now scientists? Seems like a giant leap outside theory area of expertise.

  7. Blair Giles via Facebook says:

    Can’t remember the last time I actually saw children going into that particular gallery. I might pay them a visit and ask the curator to explain how he came up with some of those fantasies…

  8. says agreed. What’s every bit as sad is that the exhibition in questgion, from an artistic perspective, is absolutely brilliant. Pity it’s been damaged by political interventionism. I wonder what would have been said if narrative had been provided to support the works from what are described as ‘climate sceptics’ – like me!? Cheers.

  9. A useful coincidence ?

    Alberto Boretti, Associate Professor of Engineering at the University of Ballarat’s School of Science and Engineering.
    ” … rise of sea level in the bay of Sydney by 2100 is therefore more likely less than the 50 mm measured so far over the last 100 years, rather than the meter [1000 mm] predicted by some models … the latter of which would appear to be the source of “inspiration” for the Australian government’s pronouncements.”

    The Queensland Interim State Planning Policy on flood etc has 800mm by 2010. So the broom that swept away something like $600m worth of loony expenditure hasn’t gone far enough yet.

    My view is that the stuff being promoted by the museum constitutes child abuse. On the other hand, no one gets prosecuted for images and video showing children being hanged or blown to bits for failing to put their hands up to join “carbon kids” or similar warped enterprises.

    I will email the Museum …

  10. Ranks with the World Bank’s moronic rant. On that note, did you notice that The Australian‘s Cut&Paste saw fit to cite you to-day (for the right reasons)? I dips me lid!

    [REPLY – thanks for that – I hadn’t got to C & P yet today!]

  11. Welcome to the corporate fascists brave new world! Wouldn’t be surprised if there are more like this art curator in the IPCC.
    Science is RIP killed by fanatical political psychopaths speeding down the Communist Manifesto highway, with there lights out in the darkness..

  12. Once the little tackers are old enough to sus out the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy and Santa scams, they’ll wake up to the climate scam. Believing in the former three is a financial benefit. Government’s can’t pay people to believe in climate change for long.

  13. Warmist scaremomgers have absolutlely no boundaries. No ludicrous claim is out of bounds.

  14. Bob in Castlemaine says:

    We are apparently going to have a Federal Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission investigate child sexual abuse in the context of public and private institutions or organisations in Australia. Is it be too much to expect that the Commission’s terms of reference will be broad enough to include child physiological abuse?

  15. Rod Jacques says:

    I was so disgusted by the article in Quadrant, having you point it out, that I posted off a response to Ballarat Gallery immediately. I was polite, even though I was seething, and suggested they could prepare an alternative viewpoint for the children to see/read. Namely that climate change is natural and in fact we are coming out of the last mini ice age, and if we move back into another one it will be worse for all life, as opposed to a few degrees of warming.
    I added that I am sure they will receive many more adverse comments.

  16. Sent my email today expressing displeasure with their child abuse.

  17. Ken Ward via Facebook says:

    Scientists who might dare speak against the Communist partyglobal warming line are cut off from funds and employment.


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